Highlights from the interview of Mr . Adnan Oktar dated February 4, 2011

Kocaeli TV, 4 January 2011 

  • Religion is metaphysical right from the outset. It is a huge, huge error to try and interpret religion using sociological terminology. In that event a materialist perspective enters the equation. Looked at through materialist eyes, communist thinking is the most correct. One can look at the world in two ways, either metaphysically or materially. If you look at it metaphysically, you can no longer interpret it materially. Because there are djinn and angels, and resurrection after death, and paradise and hell, and these are all metaphysical. If you try to evaluate these as sociological phenomena then a very different American or Chinese model of religion emerges and it stops being religion at all. For example, our Prophet (saas) foretells events regarding the future. If you look at that from a materialist viewpoint, you will not believe in any of them, but if you look metaphysically, you will see they are all true. For example, if we look at matter from a materialist perspective, then we see a cup at a distance, but if we look metaphysically, we see it is actually in our brains. Which is right? The metaphysical interpretation. There is something that sees it as an image in our brains. That sees an electrical current as an image. How can a materialist account for that? It is something entirely metaphysical. There is one that sees, but one can never make contact with it. One cannot touch it. There can be no contact with the soul. So everywhere is a matter of metaphysics. If you say religion is sociological, you destroy it, and the result is generations prone to affectation.
  • Now, in recent times some of our Muslim brothers have developed the belief that modernity will produce the most stupendous results. You cannot be a Muslim if you approach matters materially. If you are going to adopt materialism, then there is fascism and communism and many other ways of thinking, so why be a Muslim? One has to think metaphysically, not materially, in order to be a Muslim.
  • Muslims believe in Islam because it is true, because it is the true faith. We believe in Allah because He really exists. We do not believe in Allah because we need Him, but because He really exists. We believe in the deen because it is the true faith. And we talk about the End Times because they are true. We believe in the events of the End Times, Hazrat Mahdi (as), the dajjal, the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as), Gog and Magog and all of them, because they are true.
  • Death is a part of Islam. A Muslim needs to die for Allah. One needs to be devoted to Allah with such a fervent passion. How can someone who does not think metaphysically, who has no depth, possible make such a sacrifice? Life is very important for people. If a Muslim is prepared to give up his life for Allah, that means he thinks metaphysically. It means love has enfolded his heart. Love is also a metaphysical emotion. We cannot account for love. It is a feeling. We look at a cat and really delight in it. The intensity of this grows in life with our faith and conscience. Not everyone has the same power of love. It is really powerful in some people. I mean, their ability to like, their artistic ability, their power to be influenced by love is very, very great. It is weaker in other people. They talk about love just for effect. But they do not feel it in their hearts, though they tell people they do.

  • Turkey, our nation, is particularly enlightened. They are spotless people and live by Islam very finely. Look, it is very noble and clean here, and does not resemble the Islam in Egypt or in Saudi Arabia. Our Topkapı Palace is spotless, for example. Go to Dolmabahçe and that is also spotless. I thought they took very good care of the Kaaba in Mecca. But the Sevr cave, that cave where our Prophet (saas) suffered, the places where he hid, they have turned that into somewhere covered in horrible oil paint, tins and rubbish of all kinds. For one thing, it is an offense to throw even the tiniest thing away in such holy places. Places like that should be totally spotless. Our Prophet’s (saas) hand prints are there, in that cave. Entry should be dependent on various conditions. One should be physically clean and of sound mind. Attention must be paid to good manners. Not a bit of rubbish should be dropped there. They are tearing down historic buildings and putting up hotels everywhere. They brought me a picture. There are giant hotels like skyscrapers. The Kaaba looks really minute there. The Kaaba is surrounded by buildings. What impudence! In Ottoman times it was immaculate and well-maintained. The Ottomans were very careful. Now that area will come under the control of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Mecca and Medina and Hejaz, all of them. You will see how well ordered and spotless it is then. There will be no more skyscrapers there. They should make it into a garden and expand it. Put the hotels up 50 km away and build a fast train system. Move the city away. Put it back to how it was. Put lawns and grass down everywhere, gardens. You must carefully preserve the places where our Prophet (saas) walked. We must be able to feel our Prophet’s (saas) breath there. His breath has entered the fabric of that cave and those places. From what I can tell, they are following a policy of gradually ruining it without letting on. From that point of view, Hazrat Mahdi (as) is important in all regards, and the need for him can be felt.


Kaçkar TV, 4 January 2011

  • The Islamic world is not achieving results because it has no head. Otherwise there is nothing complicated about it. They are also unable to attain results because of excess. Because people look favorably on the global dominion of Islam, but the global dominion of fanatics is terrifying. And since fanatics are always ready to pounce, only Hazrat Mahdi (as) can resolve this difficulty. Otherwise, a very grave danger is at the gate. Either irreligion or fanaticism. Irreligion and fanaticism are two different disasters. Hazrat Mahdi (as) stands between them. He will permit neither irreligion nor fanaticism. He will preserve the balance. That is why the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is very important, insha’Allah. The absence of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is creating sickness everywhere.

If We had directed them to kill themselves or leave their homes, they would not have done so, except for a very few. But if they had done what they were urged to do, it would have been better for them and far more strengthening. (Surat an-Nisa’, 66)

If We had directed them to kill themselves…

Kill yourselves without hesitation.

Or leave their homes

Leave your work and homes and go somewhere else

They would not have done so, except for a very few.

A few would do it. People of such superior character are the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The prophets are the mahdis of their own day. Therefore, the believers of those times are like a kind of followers of the Mahdi. Since there are no people with that kind of character, Allah bestows no beauty upon them. Allah is clarifying the origin of the situation.

  • They stand aloof when told either to kill themselves or leave their homes. And what do they say? I do pray, they say. They say that fasting is good, as they lose weight. Fasting seems more practical to them. They also like praying, because it does not cost them anything, may Allah forbid. Giving alms also makes them feel better, as long as they do not give too much, and they say they can cope with doing that. “I can recite the name of Allah until I fall asleep” they say. But what does “kill yourselves or leave your homes” mean? This is the way of the Mahdi. What does kill yourselves mean? Give up your youth. Give up your whole lives. Withdraw from all social aspects of life. It also means you must submit fully. “And leave your homes” means leave your parents, your family, and if necessary your job and work. When told to do this and strive on Allah’s path only a few people do so. Very few. There are 313 people in the community of the Mahdi. Those who are passionately devoted to Allah, even unto death, are always in the minority.

But if they had done what they were urged to do, it would have been better for them and far more strengthening.

  • Allah says He would heave bestowed global dominion. How else could it be? It is not fertile and healthy. The current system is collapsing everywhere. There is a huge decay going on. States are decaying, and nations and systems. But pain and suffering are increasing all the time.

In that case We would have given them an immense reward from Us

  • Allah is imparting the glad tidings of paradise. And of plenty, abundance, dominion and beauty in this world.

and We would have guided them on a straight path.

  • They would have gone to a straight path, and would have encountered no hindrances. They would have had perfect and delightful lives, Allah says.

2011-02-11 14:15:39

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