Highlights from the interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar dated February 6, 2011

Kanal Avrupa; Çay TV, February 6 2011

  • It is very dangerous to approach religion using modern thinking. The world is metaphysical. If Allah is greatly loved and respected, if it is made clear that He is very important and if all attention is directed toward Allah, then a special system is set in motion in the world by Him. World events begin to change. But if attention is withdrawn from Allah, if no importance is attached to Him, then Allah sets another system in motion in the world. Unbelievable scourges will come, rebellions, murders, diseases, cancers, unhappiness and suffering will follow on one another’s heels. The other way, an exceedingly happy and joyful life results. People must choose one or the other, but whether they wish it or not, Almighty Allah will still impose His will, and we will see this, insha’Allah.
  • (How will the different sects disappear when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes?)Those who say that every sect should act as it wishes, who impair the namaz, are different in every school. What is lawful in the Hanafi school is unlawful in the Sha’afi school, so harmony is impossible. When Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes he will open the Qur’an, gather the scholars together and pronounce on every subject individually. “If you hold any different opinions, tell me” he will say. There can be no different opinion. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will bring world-renowned scholars together and will pronounce on this matter in their presence.
  • In worshiping Allah, one must do so for His approval, not for paradise. That is what Allah regards as acceptable. If He bestows paradise as a blessing, of course we will be delighted, but our real aim is Allah’s approval, insha’Allah. That is the essential thing. How excellent it is to worship Allah without seeing Him and to be prepared to give up our lives. What a fine love that is. That is what pleases Allah. For example, we give up our youth and life and belongings, and that pleases Allah very much. Angels accept Allah. Angels have no alternative but to worship Him. But for human beings, they see two alternative paths. They may turn to disbelief or to Islam. They act for Allah and love Him so passionately that they can give up their lives for Him without seeing Him. This pleases Allah very much, and it pleases us very much. This is the finest and truest image in the world. It is the finest adornment in the world. The finest emotion is love. And this is the finest expression of it, to give up one’s life. To give up one’s life, or one’s youth, possessions and belongings, for Allah, because one loves Him. This is a most noble action, the finest expression of love. Many forms of love are reciprocal, but there is no expectation of reward in this form. You just want Allah’s approval, and that is most excellent. Otherwise, if one does not love Allah, then chairs, vineyards, gardens and everything else are all meaningless. They are meaningless if one has no fear of Allah.
  • The path leading to happiness is very important. When Allah bestows that, a great comfort descends on the heart. It is like being reborn. They say, “a power created the universe from zero volume and infinite density.” Zero volume means nothing, doesn’t it? “A force brought this about” they say. That is a very childish, showy belief. They are all aware of the existence of Allah. We see and experience the whole vast universe in a space in our brains no larger than a lentil. None of us have ever seen or know the outside world. But scientists say, on the basis of the data available, that this is how it is. Nobody has ever seen matter. But we believe, scientifically, that matter is transparent. We believe that matter on the outside has no color and is pitch black. Nobody has ever stepped outside their brains and spoken. Whatever Allah shows, we see it in our brains, like a video tape. They cannot pretend not to understand what I am saying. I read in a book that “scientists are aware of this, and are terrified of it.” Of what I am saying. They realize it, but they are reluctant to tell society as a whole. But all modern physicists are aware of the truth of it. We can only believe in the existence of matter on the outside.
  • We must constantly describe this metaphysical aspect of the world. One subject to be described is the dead-end of Darwinism and materialism, and this is the other one. Allah wants an enlightened world. He wants a world made up of people who are passionately devoted to Him, who long for paradise and worship Him. “If you are good natured, I will open the doors of abundance for you” He says. People whose faith is weak have strayed toward materialist methods. That is not Islam. The result is a totally different ideology. They end up adopting a different ideology entirely. You cannot have a deen that is not the deen, Islam that is not Islam.

  • Our Prophet (saas) was the sweetest man in the world. His language and approach were perfect. Our Prophet’s (saas) cleanliness and humanity were absolutely wonderful. We must come to the same state of spirit. We must have the same warmth, forgiveness, honesty, sincerity, reason, perfect ability to explain matters, fortitude, courage and lofty character. Our Prophet (saas) was an immaculate person, insha’Allah.
  • Allah giveshelp. But they reject His help. Allah has given His help. He has sent Hazrat Mahdi (as). Our Prophet (saas) has described it. Allah’s greatest form of help was the coming of the Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) has described all this in great detail. But they reject it. They do not respect and believe in the Prophet (saas). They say, “I act according to my own ideas, not according to what the Prophet (saas) said.” In that event, may He forbid, Allah may visit afflictions on them. Listen to our Prophet’s (saas) words for a day. Follow him and believe in him completely. Believe in his every word.

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