Call from Mr. Tayyip Erdogan to the Islamic Union

Adıyaman Asu TV, 31 May 2010 

Adnan Oktar: If once in one corner of websites they say, “Oh Lord, preordain us the Turkish Islamic Union” , the isse will be over. If you want it; if you really want it by heart, Allah is the One Who accepts prayers. Allah does not make it happen because they do not pray for it. Notice that if they pray for it, it will happen. They do not pray. I exempt those who pray, of course. They will only say, “Our Lord, make us the Turkish Islamic Union happen.” That is all…If you do not pray, Allah does not help. In the verse Allah says that He answers prayers. Since you do not pray, since you do not have such a request, Allah does not answer, right? Does not Allah state in the Qur’an that He answers everyone’s prayers? This is the verse, Allah tells the truth. Allah does not depart from His words.

Yeni Şafak, 16 November 2010


In his speech in the Sulaymaniya Mosque our Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said, “Eid Mubarak. May Allah make it instrumental in strenghtening our Nation, our brotherhood.” May Allah make it instrumental in AWAKENING OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD AND ITS UNION, and in the peace of humanity.

2011-02-17 10:30:54

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