The leader will be Turkey, if the world order is to change


Vatan TV, 20 December 2007

Adnan Oktar: In my opinion the world in general will have a better state of affairs. Especially a union will come into existence in the Turkish Islamic world. TURKEY WILL BE THE LEADER OF BOTH THE ISLAMIC WORLD AND OF THE TURKISH WORLD. I HOPE THIS WILL HAPPEN IN 10-20 YEARS. But I think the the EU will disunite and go through a social collapse. I also think that America will feel ease that will arise from the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union and the two super states, namely America and Turkish Islamic Union will be very instrumental in maintaining the balance of the world.

Radikal 3 January 2011

Davutoglu, Minister of Turkish Foreign Affairs: If a new order is to be established in the world, then its pioneer will be Turkey.

If a new order is to be established in the world, then we will be one of the leading countries that will lay its basis. We have the right for it. We have the experience for it. We have adequate power for it.”


2011-02-19 21:20:37

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