Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated February 19, 2011

Kocaeli TV; Aba TV, 19 February 2011

  • (Report concerning the events during the protests in Libya and Yemen)

I say the dajjal has come. They say, “where do you get that idea from?” The dajjal has made the Islamic world captive. They are spitting blood and giving Muslims no peace. If Muslims raise their heads the tiniest bit they are beaten bloody. That is how it generally is, a dictatorship or a state of emergency, people wielding batons. And Hazrat Mahdi (as) not appearing just reinforces these things. Allah shows Hazrat Mahdi (as) to those who need him. To those who cannot live without him. Allah shows that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is  a basic need, like bread or water.

  • A Muslim wishes solely for Allah’s approval. A Muslim will only say, I Love You, O Lord. I want Your approval alone.” Of course the mansions and gardens in paradise are delightful. But love of Allah is far superior to them all. We love someone because of his faith, his reason, his affection, his courage and loyalty and because he lives for Allah. That is why a person is loved. And that is why we will love in paradise. One would have to be bad to love someone for their flesh and bone. How can you love flesh and bone? We love people the way we do because Allah is manifested in them. The most delightful thing of all is therefore Allah’s approval. The greatest pleasure. We enjoy things because of Allah’s approval. I mean, because we hope for that approval.
  • We do not know the position of hell. We will see when we get there. Of course a person will go to hell if he is not a follower of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) and does not strive willingly and deliberately with his full conscience, even though that conscience knows the truth and sees the genuine nature of our Prophet (saas). There is no other way. Who, seeing Our Prophet’s (saas) innocence, manners, moral virtues and delightful and lofty character, his heroic nature and his miracles, the delightful language of the Qur’an, and the fact that it is revelation from beginning to end, will say, “No, it is all a lie”? May Allah forbid. When I meet a devout Jew we open the Qur’an together. “This is clearly the word of Allah” he says. And regarding our Prophet (saas) he says, “He is clearly a prophet.”
  • The thing is to try to save Christians and Jews from hell, rather than to insist they go there. We must love them, with affection and compassion, with worldly friendship and worldly brotherhood, [however,] friendship or faith in the Islamic sense, in the sense of faith, in the sense of the brotherhood of faith is only possible between Muslims. Brotherhood is only possible by being a Muslim, but you can be a worldly brother [to Christians and Jews]. You cannot tell people about Islam if you are hostile to them in this world. You cannot say, “Unbeliever, I will correct you''. You must talk to them with love and in the hope they will be saved. In any case, unless there is something terribly wrong with them, otherwise they will accept Islam. They may be afraid or think they will be betraying their own faith. Yet [when he/she accepts Islam] a Jew becomes a real Jew whom the Prophet Moses (pbuh) will embrace in the Hereafter. Otherwise, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) will demand to know: ''why did you not become a follower of Muhammad (saas)?” in the Hereafter. That will cause an intense anger in the Hereafter. If one loves the Prophet Moses (pbuh) one has to be a follower of the prophet Muhammad (saas). The Prophet Moses (pbuh) knows they will be real Jews when they follow the Prophet Muhammad (saas). Christians can only be real followers of the prophet Jesus (pbuh) when they follow the Prophet Muhammad (saas). Otherwise, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will hate them, may Allah forbid. They will say to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) “You are Allah” (may Allah forbid) in the hereafter. But he will say, “May Allah curse you. May Allah turn you into wood in hell.” “When did I ever tell you such a thing?” he will ask. “I always said Allah is One, let us pray to Him, didn’t I?” he will ask. Everywhere in the Gospels he speaks of the oneness of Allah, of worshiping and serving Allah. Nowhere does he say, “I am Allah.” They must not be surprised if he demands to know ''Where did you get these terrible ideas from?”  That is why, when they become true followers of the Prophet Muhammad (saas), they will have done something that makes them very happy. They will have earned Allah’s approval and that of the Prophet Jesus (as), for Allah’s sake.
  • I fall in love with all things that are excellent manifestations of Allah. Anything else would be an abnormal act. I am passionately devoted to them all. I passionately want to protect and watch over them, I pity them and want them to be well. I want no harm to come to them. One wonders what they are eating and drinking and whether they are at peace. Some people just imitate real love. They do not care whether the other person is at peace, nor about their safety or health or what they are eating and drinking. One should think about whether a person is exercising, whether they can sleep and what they are wearing or if they are feeling cold. How can you have an uninterested love? If you love someone you have to protect and think about them. You must think of all the best things for them. But as images created by Allah, of course. Images  created by Allah manifested in your brain. Of course you will look at them with love, How else? If you do not, then you are in any case not in love. I love madly. I take the most enormous delight from beauty. I am amazed how people do not take much pleasure from it. Beauty has a stunning effect on me. Beauty has an intense impact. It raises a storm in my soul. I feel a most profound excitement. That goes for beauty in women, and in children, too. It applies to animal beauty and plant beauty, everything, insha’Allah. Allah is manifested in them all. A pretty picture or view. I really like the sea, as well. I could look at it for 2 hours and still want more. I really love it. It is the wisdom of Allah. Allah is the most exquisite being in the world. It is the manifestation of Allah in women that has such a profound impact. A modest woman, polite and chaste, who is intelligent and fears Allah, who is good natured and full of passion has a huge impact. Otherwise she would be just flesh and bone. Allah would not bestow that delight and impact. Flesh and bone have no impact. Disbelief is all about flesh and bone. When people are just flesh, they disgust one another and become enemies. The other way, there is devotion and deep affection. What is affection? A mixture of love and pity. People just say I love you. But that is not love. You must have affection, feel pity as you love. Then you have a huge feeling of protectiveness. You do not want the other person to be sad or angry or offended. So you are careful what you say. You choose your words with care. Because Allah tells us in one verse that “human beings are created weak.” The slightest word can cause hurt and make people uneasy. The other party then doubts one’s love. The look in one’s eyes is also very important in love. And the tone of one’s voice. The wrong tone of voice can cause unease. One must use a tone of voice and facial expression that instills complete confidence. You cannot do that by being insincere. It has to come from within. One has to feel it in the soul for Allah to reflect it in the soul.

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