The only organ that can regenerate itself: the Liver (I)

The human body is an entire world by itself which we can liken to a “city.” In this city there are highways, buildings, factories, infrastructures, equipment incomparably more advanced than the equipment that are the work of state-of-the-art technology. There are also other elements (cells, hormones, secretary glands) which are fully-equipped soldiers and more. The liver that Allah creates with great artistry has many functions. Some of these functions are as follows:

The liver is a perfect filter of the blood: Kidneys  purify the water-soluble simple waste products while wastes with complex chemical structure such as drugs and hormones can only be purified by liver. Had liver not existed, or only if this feature had not existed, the chemical wastes in question would seriously poison the body.

The liver produces the sources of energy in the body: One of the features of the liver is to produce glucose which is one of the most important sources of energy in the body. Glucose which is taken from nutrients is converted into glycogen and is stored in the liver. The liver constantly checks the glucose ratio in the blood. During the times between meals when no food is taken, the glucose ratio in the blood starts to fall. At such times liver converts the glycogen into glucose again and resends into the bloodstream. This is a precaution taken to prevent the glucose level to fall down to critical levels. The liver is also able to produce glucose from fat acids and amino acids. This aside it can also convert other carbohydrates that cannot be used in energy-production into glucose. Meanwhile it sensitively monitors whether the body has sufficient energy. It has a special communication system for this end and all the organs in the body are related with the liver.

It provides logistic support to the immune system: The liver is not only a filter for metabolism and other wastes. It also produces globulins which are elements of the immune system and enzymes. These substances are of vital importance for human life.

It stores blood: The liver has a structure that can expand and contract. By means of this feature it can store the blood in the bloodstream or release it. In a healthy body the liver holds 10 percent of the total amount of blood in the body. In some certain conditions, for instance when cardiac insufficiency is in question, the amount of the circulating blood in the body proves to be too much for the heart’s functioning capacity. In this case the liver holds twice as much blood and stores a total of 1 liter of blood, enabling the heart to function without effort. When more blood is required by the body (for instance during heavy work-out) the liver releases the stored blood and provides relief to the whole body.

The functions of the liver are not limited to those mentioned above. With these examples, our Lord calls us to ponder over His Might and to properly appreciate Him. In one verse our Lord makes mention of those who cannot appreciate His infinite power as follows:


They do not measure Allah with His true measure. Allah is All-Strong, Almighty. (Surat al-Hajj, 74)

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