The only organ that can regenerate itself: the Liver (II)

Allmighty Allah creates hundreds of organs and tens of systems that enable us to lead healthy lives. One of these organs is the liver. There are some very important functions of the liver some of which are as follows:

It cleans the bacteria: Kuppffer cells in the liver are specialized macrophages located in the liver that swallow microbes existing in the blood, especially the ones entering the blood from intestines. In case the number of particles in the blood or other by-products increase in blood Kuppffer cells also increase their number in order to filter them.

They work efficiently: During the use of glucose in the muscles lactic acid comes out as a waste product of the metabolism. As long as lactic acid remains in the muscle, it causes pain and prevents its functioning. Liver collects this acid from muscles and converts it into glucose.

It produces new red blood cells replacing the dead ones: Liver and spleen are the organs in the body where new red blood cells are produced, a great part of protein is broken into pieces and are reused as amino acids for other purposes.

The most capable storage of the body: Liver stores all minerals, proteins and little amount of fat and vitamins. When the body needs some of these materials it sends them via the shortest way.  

These are only some of the functions of liver. Normally a liver cell is able to perform more than 500 functions. Furthermore these functions are mostly carried out simultaneously.

Why is the spongy structure of the liver important?

The main function of the liver is to process the nutrients it receives from the blood. For this reason it has to have a structure able to preserve the blood within itself. Indeed liver has a spongy structure that always keeps 800-900 gram of blood. It is Allah Who creates the special position of the organ that gains weight in the body and makes it able to function in a way that does not give any harm to the other organs:


Everything in the heavens and everything in the earth belongs to Him. Allah is the Rich Beyond Need, the Praiseworthy. (Surat al-Hajj, 64)

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