Surah Maryam 68-69 (Wisdom from Surah Maryam)

(Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview dated December 7, 2010)

Your Lord, We will collect them and the satans together. Then We will assemble them around Hell on their knees. (Surah Maryam, 68)

He says He will question them all in the hereafter. First, he makes the unbelievers kneel down in order to break their pride. He makes them kneel around hell. Muslims also come to that region, to the lands of hell, but the unbelievers kneel down. Allah sets the Muslims aside. There is light to the Muslims’ right and in front of them, and an angel to help them at their side. But unbelievers are made to wait on their knees; while Muslims are taken to paradise the unbelievers are kept waiting in the lands of hell.

Then We will drag out from every sect the one among them most insolent towards the All-Merciful.(Surah Maryam, 69)

He says he will drag out their real leaders, the most fanatical of them, people such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

71- There is not one of you who will not come to it. That is the final decision of your Lord.

Everyone will enter the lands of hell. It would be wrong for us not to know hell. Allah creates it, so we must know it. Allah takes us there and shows us, saying this is the hell He refers to in the Qur’an. This has happened, but we do not remember it. Allah will show us.

72- Then We will rescue those who had taqwa and We will leave the wrongdoers in it on their knees.

Those with takwa [fear of Allah] are set aside. They know themselves because there is light to their right and left and in front of them. There is an assisting angel beside them, and their souls are taken gently.

74- How many generations We have destroyed before them who had finer furnishings and a better outward show!

People in ancient Egypt and at other times were very showy and well adorned. Kufr engages in a race for goods and possessions in this world. It elevates technology and opportunities in America. It is Allah Who creates America and technology and opportunities. It is Allah Who creates weapons and military power. It is Allah Who creates the atom bomb. If you see what is called the atom bomb on the outside, there is a vibration when the atom bomb is launched, but nothing happens. It is the brain that perceives the atom bomb and its devastating impact. It is the brain that perceives light. For example, when an atom bomb explodes, a brightness like that of daylight is given off. Where? In the brain. Otherwise, it is pitch dark on the outside. No light is given off there when an atom bomb explodes. Nor any heat. Just vibrations. It is Allah Who creates this vibration as heat and light in the brain. And Allah also creates the impact of the atom and all other kinds of bomb.

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