Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 27 February 2011


Kanal Avrupa, Çay TV; 27 February 2011

  • (About Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan)

I see no other such great man with a cause in the world at the moment. Insha’Allah, his colleagues will take up our teacher’s work where he left off. I expect great things from Fatih [his son] in particular. Because his father brought Fatih up very well. He has excellent manners, moral virtues and character. He is also well educated.
What our teacher Erbakan used to talk about (his words regarding Turkish-Islamic Union) are essential elements of the way of the Mahdi. Look at the hadiths. His words are identical. He perfectly described all the elements of the way of the Mahdi. Peace, brotherhood, justice, Islamic Union, the unification of the Islamic world, opposition to war. I always thought Turkish industry would grow slowly. It was dependent on overseas. An industry based on assembling things. That was what I used to think as a child. But then Erbakan Hodja said we were going to move toward heavy industry. That really delighted me. And he really did what he said.

May he live in paradise. In my opinion, he and Rasulullah (saas) have sat down to eat together at a table in paradise, insha’Allah. He was a very sweet, fine man. Someone I liked very much. I loved him and he loved me, masha’Allah. He always recommended my books at all his meetings. Erbakan was famous for always recommending the books of Harun Yahya. No other leader has ever recommended books. I have never seen them say you should read this or that and be enlightened. But wherever he went to Anatolia, he would always tell people to read books by Harun Yahya, to distribute them and tell people about them. The whole community knows that, masha’Allah.
I now expect Fatih to appear like Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror [Fatih]. I hope he watches out and takes good care of himself. Because he [Fatih] is very important to and precious for us. He is a legacy to us from Erbakan Hodja.

  • I say we must bring about Islamic Union while we have such leaders. I say the next 10-20 years will be crucial. And if I say that, it means I must know something about it. We can easily establish Islamic Union while we have such leaders, while we have the opportunity. Because everyone wants it. The whole Islamic world wants it. The decision just needs to be made.
  • Let them take Gaddafi and bring him to Turkey. The Turks are very affectionate and compassionate. Things need to calm down. His son needs to rein in his language and they must set up a new government. But it should to some extent be under Turkish control. They should not completely get rid of Gaddafi. They need to set up an interim government. Turkey can establish just what the man owns. The people of Libya can take that, and can then use what they own for their own good. All his money will go and they [other countries] will pillage it. He must silently withdraw all his money from Britain, America and Switzerland and send it to Libya. Things need to calm down. He should listen to Turkey and stop all this madness, and when the situation calms down he can remain as a spiritual leader. He must sit at home. But let us at the least save the Libyan people’s assets and money. They will seize that, too. Turkey needs to get involved to cool things down. Turkey must go as a guarantor nation. Otherwise there will be bloodshed and terrible things will happen. But it will all be resolved if Turkey takes over, insha’Allah.

Gaddafi is very proud. It would be dangerous to humiliate him. We need to find an answer, not by humiliating, but by letting him keep his pride. If he were humiliated, he would go crazy. He could kill himself, or anything. He might commit suicide. By letting him keep his pride, by calling on him to do the rational thing, to be reasonable. It is important to get Turkey involved. Things will then calm down. It is important to say he will maintain his spiritual leadership. Otherwise it would be very humiliating. He would regard going to a foreign country as being thrown out. That would terrify him. His life also needs to be guaranteed. Both his and that of his family. And a guarantee needs to be given that his honor will be protected. If he thinks or feels he will be humiliated, he will panic. If he panics, he will go crazy. And you have seen what he does when he goes crazy. He loses his mind. But if he is told he will stay on as a spiritual leader. He could be quite comfortable in Turkey. Someone who likes him, an intermediary, has to be found. Someone he will listen to. Because he has a tendency to bad behavior stemming from madness. That could reach a peak and he might say crazy things. But an intermediary might calm him down so he speaks rationally.

From Imam Jafar:
"Compared with other works, SPENDING ONE DIRHAM FOR THE IMAM AZ-ZAMAN (HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)) IS THE EQUIVALENT TO SPENDING TWO MILLION DIRHAMS (ON OTHER CAUSES).  Pray for his coming. There is no doubt that this is for our good. A person is not a true believer unless he regards the life of the Messenger of Allah (saas) as more valuable than his own and unless he regards the line of the Prophet (saas) as more beloved than his own family and, finally, unless he also regards as valuable the things our Prophet (saas) regarded as valuable ."
(Sheikh Sadik, al-Amal, p. 274; Majlisi 54; al-Haq, Vol. 9; p. 392-393)

Serving the cause of Hazrat Mahdi (as), handing out books and other things. These are 2 million times more valuable, he says. This is for us to attain happiness.

When the Qaim appears (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) there will be no postman between people and their imam. HE (HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)) WILL ADDRESS THEM FROM HIS OWN ABODE, AND THEY WILL LISTEN TO HIM SPEAK, AND WILL EVEN SEE HIM.  (Muntaqab al-Azhar, p. 483)

There will be no intermediary to establish contacts. Envoys would go out in the time of our Prophet (saas). But it says there will be no need for them in the End Times. There will be no need for envoys carrying news or walking around and saying that the Mahdi (as) said this or that. He will address the world from his own home. It is not like in my time, he says. There were envoys and postmen in my time. People on horseback used to spread reports of what the Prophet (saas) had said. It will be different in the time of the Mahdi (as). He will speak from his home. People will hear him speak. It says they will even see him. What does that mean? It means television. We have that technology in this century, insha’Allah.

Erbakan Hodja was a kind of Mahdi. He was instrumental in millions of people coming to faith. He was instrumental in their loving the Qur’an and Islam. He was regarded as the spiritual leader of all Muslims across the world. Everyone was agreed on that.
There is goodness in Allah taking Erbakan Hodja to Him as there was in his birth and service. But that does not lead us to grieve. That would be an abnormal belief. Allah does what is best and most auspicious, insha’Allah. Allah does nothing bad. The life of this world is in any case very brief. The Day of Reckoning is imminent. Will we be staying behind? No, we will go, as well. Bediuzzaman says, “The Day of Reckoning will come around 1545.” The important thing is to build Islamic Union without delay, insha’Allah, to prepare a climate that will embrace Jesus the Messiah, to dine with Hazrat Mahdi (as), to listen to him and to soak up his love. And these are excellent things. The global dominion of our Prophet (saas) will be most excellent. There will be Islamic Union. What best befits the glory of our Prophet (saas) is coming about now. The Prophet Jesus (as) will rule the Community of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) and the whole world, insha’Allah.




Surat an-Nur;

11- There is a group of you who propagated the lie.…”

This means that there are cheats and liars among Muslims. The Qur’an is referring to that. It says there may be a community acting together, from within you.

“…Do not suppose it to be bad for you; ...”
The subject of gossip is unhappy and says he has been disgraced and that has turned out in his disfavor. But Allah says that is not so. “Do not suppose it to be bad for you…” He says.

“rather it is good for you.” Allah says that this is good, since it is instrumental in your earn merit and the other side being put down. That person will have earned Allah’s approval in the Hereafter, because of his fortitude.

12- Why, when you heard it, did you not, as men and women of the believers, instinctively think good thoughts and say, ‘This is obviously a lie’?

When Muslims hear reports against one another, some of them are very interested and criticize what they have supposedly done and that kind of thing. Yet Almighty Allah says that when you hear an accusation, do not believe it at once. Look into it, investigate it, and only believe it if it is true.

“think good thoughts” That means one can either think the best or the worst.
“This is obviously a lie" Should they not have said that?” Allah tells us to emphasize that, very clear, when an accusation is made.

13- Why did they not produce four witnesses to it? Since they did not bring four witnesses, in Allah’s Sight, they are liars.

Allah wants four witnesses. That guarantees the lives of women, men and people living among Muslims. What a woman fears most is sexual imputations being made against her. Because that will annihilate all her honor, and women are terrified of that. It may be hard for men, but it is much harder for women. Allah has built a most perfect system. Four witnesses are needed, otherwise nobody may speak against anyone. That is a crime. “Since they did not bring four witnesses, in Allah’s Sight, they are liars.” And they are not to be believed any more. They cannot bear witness again. Because they are liars in Allah’s Sight, and known as liars.

14- Were it not for Allah’s favour to you and His mercy, both in this world and the Hereafter, a terrible punishment would have afflicted you for your plunging headlong into it.

Allah says he could have inflicted a terrible punishment, but that He did not.

15- You were bandying it about on your tongues,
He says you were gossiping. People were telling one another things. “Your mouths uttering something about which you had no knowledge.” But one must possess very certain, substantiated knowledge. “You considered it to be a trivial matter;” People think this is a trivial matter, something that everyone does.  “but in Allah’s Sight, it is immense (a great crime).” But, Allah says, they are mistaken.

 16- Why, when you heard it, did you not say, ‘We have no business speaking about this. Glory be to You! This is a terrible slander!’?

Right from the start, they say this is nothing to do with us. We would never utter such a slander. That would be totally unbecoming. Emphasis is very important in speech. You are committing slander, and the facts are different. You must say that they are committing a terrible slander, that you must come to your senses, as you are behaving disgracefully, you are behaving ruthlessly. Emphasis is very important in the Qur’an. Almighty Allah attaches great importance to emphasis. Because that opens up the human mind.

17- Allah warns you never to repeat the like of it again if you are believers.

If a person is irreligious, he will do it. He is irreligious. But if you are a believer; “Allah warns you never to repeat the like of it again if you are believers.

Allah does not permit you to do it a second time. He says you must not do it again. That is a good thing for social order. There is no gossip, so everyone can relax. No young girl can be defamed. That is a very good thing. It means people can be perfectly secure.

22- Those of you possessing affluence and ample …to their relatives and the very poor…”

This refers to all those around one, be they relatives or friends or people one sees; the reference to poor people needs no clarification.

“and those who have migrated in the way of Allah,” give food and money, They should rather pardon and overlook. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

“and those who have migrated in the way of Allah …” Some people may try to force their parents or children to be immoral. They may try to force people to commmit incest, to live irreligiously and without faith, to impair their morals. In that event, they have to leave and go to their friends, to Muslims.

“should not make oaths that they will not give...” They do not want to give much, so they give only a little. Allah tells us not to do that.

“They should rather pardon and overlook...” They should forgive if anyone says something wrong. Do not hate or seek revenge. Because vengeance damages a person and destroys their joy and fervor. It devastates the spirit. One may say something wrong or make a mistake, but one should not speak out against everything. Allah tells us not to become obsessed if the sin is not a specially vile one, not to demand accounts from everyone. Allah commands tolerance.

“Would you not love Allah to forgive you?” Then I will forgive you, He says. But if you do not forgive others, I will not forgive you, He says. You want Me to forgive you, but you do not forgive others. That is unacceptable. Muslims must be forgiving. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

26- Corrupt women are for corrupt men and corrupt men are for corrupt women, Good women are for good men and good men are for good women.

Women with no virtue get along very easily with men with no virtue. But immaculate, quality women are rational and noble; they are devout and full of love for Islam and the Qur’an, and they can easily get along with Muslim men. Allah has created their natures in that way. Otherwise, the result is a kind of disgust. And Allah has in any case made that unlawful.

  • Erbakan Hodja was a blessed and holy person. I regard him as the leader of the whole Islamic world. To grieve would mean that Allah has done something wrong, may He forbid. I rejoice that Erbakan Hodja has gone to join Rasulullah (saas). I rejoice that he has gone to the tables of paradise. I rejoice that he has gone as a martyr, because Erbakan Hodja was a martyr. Whoever dies in a state of struggleş is a martyr. Did he or did he not die in a state of struggle? Yes, he did. To grieve for a martyr is to misunderstand what martyrdom is. That is very wrong. If Allah takes a person in a state of struggle, then that person is called a martyr. If a person grieves for a martyr, then he misunderstands the faith.

    Preparing the way for Hazrat Mahdi (as) was one of Erbakan Hodja’s greatest dreams. Those close to him knows. It was his special dream.

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