Allah is very considerate of people -2-

A person who takes a simple glance around him can see countless manifestations of Allah’s flawless artistry in creation and His might of creation. For instance, every time a person looks in the mirror, he generally sees a symmetrical and beautiful appearance but he also notices his weaknesses and inadequacies.

Human beings make a constant effort to eliminate the defects and weaknesses in their bodies and to attain a cleaner and healthier appearance. Indeed, many factories engage in a lengthy process of research and production  in order to provide products which will become instrumental in meeting the various needs of human beings.

An important point deserves mention here; being aware that Allah is the Creator and Possessor of everything.  Believers know that it is Allah Who creates these products and each phase of their production.

As a requisite of His trial, Allah creates human beigns with many weaknesses. He also shows how these weaknesses can be eliminated and how, by His Will, He can create flawlessly .

A believer who thinks about the details, both in physical appearance and chemical content of these products,can better grasp Allah’s artistry in creation. A person who does not look with the eye of faith may be unable to conceive these details. However, being aware that every thing is  perceived in Allah’s Sight as a “moment” and every thing is created by Allah, a believer knows that a product is in fact created even before he is born. He further knows that it has been preordained in which market and on which shelf  that product will be offered for sale. Being  aware of how Allah is concerned with human beings, a believer continuosly gives thanks to Allah.


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