Hungarian President Pal Schmitt: All for the better that we remained under Ottoman rule for 150 years

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MPL TV, November 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: THE WORLD NEEDS A NEW, MODERN OTTOMAN IN THE WAY HUMAN BEINGS NEED WATER. In other words, the Turkish-Islamic Union, a great Turkish-Islamic Union supported by the Turkic states and under Turkish leadership. That will literally make a heaven on earth. It means amazing economic prosperity for Europe, America, Russia and China, because the oil and mineral wealth of all Islamic and Turkic countries will flow to them. They will also develop their commerce with the technical equipment and means obtained from there. They will come and build hospitals and facilities and roads. We will go and engage in useful activities in their business. There will be a mutual exchange of technology, science and art. Terror will come to an end in a moment. It will be overonce and for all. No expense will be made for terror. Since peace and stability will prevail as a result, it is related in the accounts that plenty and abundance will rain down. There will be a glorious welfare. Our age is the Ottoman age. Our age is the Turkish age. The age of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The age when the social justice and moral values of Islam rule. We will see all this in the next 10-15 years, insha’Allah. 

Habertürk, 27 January 2011

All for the better that Hungray remained under Ottoman rule for 150 years.

President Schmitt stated that he considered being under Ottoman rule for 150 years as an opportunity. He added that had his country remained under the rule of another nation, his country would have been forced to convert to another religion and speak another language and thus would ultimately be assimilated. He also said that for 150 years Hungray had been a strategic location for Turks.

In 1541, Suleiman the Magnificent conquered Budin, a place that remained under Ottoman rule until 1686 for 145 years. Some parts of Hungray remained under Ottoman rule for 160 years.

Risale Haber, 25 January 2011

2011-03-25 10:13:14

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