Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 07 March, 2011


Adıyaman Asu TV, 7 March 2011

  • Visiting neighbors is a great pleasure. But then they discontinued these [habits] and ended up completely different. People became alone. Yet that life is so delightful. This is the life that bestows equilibrium on the soul and that people will really enjoy. They will visit one another, pray together, talk and be modest and eat together. Southeast Turkey is lovely, and the Black Sea and Central Anatolia. The hand of the dajjal (antichrist) has not touched those places too much. In other words, the Darwinist, materialist mindset has not much infiltrated there. It has had a much greater effect in the big cities. They are unaware of it, of course, but they have still become part of that system. People living in large apartment blocks and condominiums in particular are totally unaware of one another. Someone dies, but nobody realizes. That is not good. All these good things will be restored in the time of the way of the Mahdi. Love, friendship, brotherhood, neighborly rights. Neighborly rights are a very major issue. It has its own legal framework. But people now have no neighbors, so there cannot be any such rights. That has all gone by the board. There is a detailed law governing neighbor’s rights. Insha’Allah this will all be revived.
  • It is very important to win people over; gradually, using rational and honest language and relying on sound evidence. Because the other side has constantly described matters in a one-sided way, so we have to respond rationally. With books and documentaries. I speak using rational, genuine facts, not in an emotional and romantic way. I begin from the most important places. I do not expand on matters. There is no demagoguery. Demagoguery is the weapon of the other side. I rely on truth and honesty, accurate evidence and easy comprehensibility. It is better to say nothing than to confuse people. People will not understand if we make things too complex in the name of being scientific. We need to simplify things so even a seven-year-old can understand them. That is what I do. So a university professor or a child can both understand them. That is why my material is so successful.
  • Honesty is like a cloud, it glides smoothly overhead. It glides over people like smoke. It needs to be held onto, sincerity. People need to pull themselves together every 10 or 15 minutes if necessary. Because sincerity can easily be forgotten. It can at once turn into superficiality in the man in the street, or artificiality or an unnatural kind of language. But if a person pulls himself together, he will say, “It is Allah Who causes me to talk, and I am a soul of Allah’s who is submitted to Him in destiny.” He will say, “Allah created me from His spirit. I am nothing. Just a helpless servant of Allah.” He will say, “Allah created my destiny. Allah causes me to speak. I have no power of speech. I cannot create my voice nor make that voice heard.” All power is with Allah. I just pass on what Allah tells me, what He inspires me to say.” And in that case he will speak well and truly and influence people’s hearts. It is also Allah Who will create that effect on people’s hearts. If you say anything, the other person will remain unmoved. But since it is Allah Who brings about effects, sincerity is a prayer. Being constantly honest is a form of prayer, an important religious observation. For example, how long does the prayer last? Let us say 10 or 15 minutes, but sincerity is a form of observance that lasts from morning to night. It must constantly be maintained. Allah says that only His genuine servants will be saved. So sincerity must be made the main issue. It must be made the main issue as a religious observance. We need to concentrate on that observance, because sincerity can frequently depart and is easily forgotten. It is therefore a kind of recitation of the name of Allah. Because sincerity persists when one remembers Allah. Remembrance of Allah is an integral part of sincerity. They go together, and are not separate. One cannot be honest without honestly remembering Allah. One can only be sincere by remembering Him. It is therefore a recitation of His name. Constant repetition of His name. Being honest is a most acceptable religious observance. Allah says in one verse that only His sincere servants will be saved. Allah includes them all in sincerity. One single sincerity. An honest person is careful over what is lawful and unlawful and over proper moral values, and over Allah’s commandments, and everything. He submits to Allah and avoids ascribing equals to Him. He is honest, not false. He does not hide the true facts and speaks them openly. He does not lie. He fears Allah and fears to lie. All the prophets were very honest. Allah notes this in the Qur’an. He refers to the purity of one of His honest servants. And that is honesty. There are a number of words, but they all mean the same thing, they are all based on sincerity. If a person is sincere his brain opens up, his strength grows and his wisdom increases. He speaks in a wise and effective manner.
  • The reason why I am so effective is my sincerity, insha’Allah. Other people hold conferences in Europe. Many conferences have been held on the subject of Darwinism. But people do not go to them and they have no impact. They are insincere and artificial. There are conferences held by Darwinists, conferences in favor of Darwinism, and nobody goes to those. They have been held several times in Turkey, and not a soul has attended them. They have been held many times, and nobody has turned up. Listening to lies is the hardest thing to do. Listening to something that is untrue is very upsetting. It hurts to listen to a liar. It is one of the most distressing things of all. It is very hard to listen to someone who is insincere, who tries to win people over in the full knowledge he is not speaking the truth. That is why nobody goes to those conferences. But when we hold one, we produce evidence and speak with sincerity. Our aim is honesty, and our language is honest. We tell people to love one another. Jews, Christians, pagans, Buddhists… we want them all to be Muslims. But not through compulsion. Through love, affection, compassion and friendship – of their own volition. We want the whole world to be happy and to live in peace. We want democracy. We want all nations to be free, to maintain their territorial unity, not to be divided or fragmented and to live in peace and security. That is what we want. We want them to help one another, and for nobody to oppress anyone else. But that scourge cannot be resolved unless Darwinism is sorted out first. There will inevitably be troubles, disasters, pain and suffering wherever there is Darwinism.
2011-03-26 16:45:08

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