President of the Republic of Turkey Abdullah Gul: We will travel visa-free just like our forefathers

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TASCA, 21 November 2008

Adnan Oktar:Actually, in the essence of Islam, there is love, affection, peace, ease of mind, internal tranquility and joy. There is a kind of relief that is felt during religious holidays. It has friendship. Constituting those values among Muslim countries, constituting those values among Turkish countries… Constituting a Turkish Islamic Union under Turkey’s leadership… In order to have those, in order to make good intentions prevail the world, to make sincerity prevail, to have free practices in industry, science, technology and investments;we demand removal of the visa and passport problem. We want this obligation to be removedas we desire a much more easy trade, comfortable ways of investment, a comfortable way of exchanging love and friendship. In other words, just showing the identity card has to be enough to cross the border. Actually, we don’t even need them to show. I mean, I should be able to get my identity card and go to Azerbaijan, to Syria, and to Kazakhistan. I should be able to go to Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. I should get on a boat and arrive inTunisia or Algeria. I could socialize there with my brothers. We’ll dine together, we will remember Allah together. And we come back, the other day. If I need to trade, I’ll trade. We desire a system like that, a unity of love. But, of course when there are steady countries, when there is a running system, there is no need to interfere. The municipalties have already been fullfilling their jobs perfectly, the states have been running their duties perfectly, and they do not allow intemperance. In this atmosphere of love; terror, disorder, fighting and poverty will all come to an end. It is not force, but rather love and sincerity that become fundamental.

Zaman, 12 January 2011


President of the Republic, who spoke in the Turkish-Yemen Business Forum held in Sana,attracted attention to the importance of lifting of visas and said, “Just as our forefathers traveled visa-free, we will also travel likewise in our borders.”

2011-03-30 15:25:09

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