Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 26 March 2011

Aba TV; Kocaeli TV; A9 TV, 26 March 2011

  • The evil eye disturbs people, but the evil eye has no electrical force. It has no destructive power. It cannot hurt a Muslim. But one still should not come face to face with it. Allah says, “[unbelievers] strike you down with their evil looks” in one verse. There is the evil eye, but you escape its effect if you look away. It is important not to look back at it. Allah bestows no such power on unbelief. Allah gives no power to evil people.
  • There is a huge system that denies the existence of Allah. When we look at that system we encounter a religion. The religion of Darwinism. A religion taken very seriously and officially protected in many countries. Ninety-nine percent of countries officially protect this religion. The peculiar nature of that is striking. It is very odd it is under official protection. Because states used to impose ancient pagan faiths on people. It is odd it is now taught in state universities. That as how it was in ancient Egypt and Sumeria. All pagan religions are like that. They impose their beliefs. This pagan religion is today being enforced through imposition. Across the world. This is the first time such a thing had happened. A religion that makes 99% of people irreligious. A religion based on chance. What can be done in the face of it? This religion of chance must first be annihilated intellectually. What am I doing? I am taking the most urgent steps. I am carrying out intellectual activities against the religion of chance, against Darwinism and materialism. But resolving that is not enough. Since people’s brains have been overcooked, we need to present them with evidence of the existence of Allah. To show them the proofs of the intelligence behind bees, birds, the structure of the atom and everything. When they are shown that proof they will conclude that Allah does exist. You tell people of the invalidity of Darwinism and that enters their minds. You tell people of the proofs of Allah’s existence and they conclude He does exist. After that, that doubt about the truth of religion needs to be lifted from people’s minds. People want miracles to admit the truth of the religion. They always wanted miracles from the prophets. So I tell people of the miracles of the Qur’an. But that is not enough for some people. Some people say, “show us a miracle about the truth of our Prophet (saas).” In other words, show us the miracles of our Prophet (saas). All right, I say. I say that 1400 years ago he (our Prophet (saas)) said the waters of the Euphrates would be stopped. I point to the reference for that. Has it been stopped? Yes, it has. He says there will be eclipses of the Sun and Moon 15 days apart in the month of Ramadan. And did that happen? Yes, it did. That curtain of doubt in people’s minds is lifted when they see 150 different portents. They have seen that miracle. That is why people I never expected have come to believe. In Britain and France. Our audience is very large now. When I speak with young people, I see that they believe. We have achieved superb results, and are still continuing to do so.
  • People are hugely affected by visible miracles. Why did our Prophet (saas) describe the miracles regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as)? To enhance people’s faith. The sole aim was not for us simply to recognize Hazrat Mahdi (as). He meant, look at these miracles and believe that I am the true prophet, believe in the existence of Allah. I am the true prophet. Look, all the portents I spoke of have come true. People have tried to cover up our Prophet’s (saas) miracles. They regard that as a special skill.
  • What most hinders people is philosophy; Darwinism and materialism. That has to be done away with. Darwinism has ruined 99% of the world. That is a manifest truth. That is one. The second thing is to show people proofs of the evidence and Oneness of Allah once philosophy has been done away with. And the proving that our Prophet (saas) and the other prophets are absolute prophets means proving that the revelation is true. In order to prove that the revelation is true, we need to show that the reports given by our Prophet (saas) based on secret knowledge are true. What reports did he give based on secret knowledge? He told us things about Hazrat Mahdi (as). These are the most accessible, visible and explicit signs. They can be seen. In the event these are proved and shown, then 1400 years earlier and 1400 years later become one, combined together. And a sure and certain belief then arises in people. This is one of the main reasons for the elevated faith in our audience. The fact that I have demolished Darwinism and tell people of the signs leading to faith, that I set out the proofs of Allah’s existence and scientifically prove the miracles of our Prophet (saas). That is why I achieve such great results.

Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV; Gaziantep Olay TV; A9 TV, 26 March 2011

Those who look carefully at the knowledge from the Mind of Allah in the Qur’an will see.  

He said, ‘Far from it! Your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, He Who brought them into being. I am one of those who bear witness to that.

By Allah, I will devise some scheme against your idols when your backs are turned.’

 (Surat al-Anbiya’, 56-57)

He broke them in pieces, except for the biggest one, so that they would have it to consult!

 (Surat al-Anbiya’, 58)

They said, ‘Did you do this to our gods, Abraham?’

He said, ‘No, this one, the biggest of them, did it. Ask them if they are able to speak!’

(Surat al-Anbiya’, 62-63)


He did not touch the biggest idol. That is also knowledge from the Mind of Allah. He did it, but he said he did not. That was the right thing to do. He did not lie, he did the right thing. As required by that knowledge from the Mind of Allah. “This one, the biggest of them all, did it” he said, pointing to the biggest idol. “Ask them if they are able to speak” he said. And that is also knowledge from the Mind of Allah.

Those who say the Islamic world is in a terrible state should also come up with a solution. They keep complaining about them slaughtering Muslims and everything. But they never once mention Islamic Union. They should loudly declare that the Islamic world has to unite. If there is nothing wrong with the EU uniting, why is it wrong for the Islamic world to? Some people are striving against the Mahdi with all their might. They keep complaining about America, France burning and destroying, they keep weeping about all that, but they never speak of the solution. They should say that the answer is Turkish-Islamic Union, Islamic Union.


It is very easy for Muslims to unite. Let us unite and have peace and love. I am not saying we Muslims should arm ourselves and kill everyone, but that they should unite and teach people love. Islamic Union must be what the European Union is. Conditioning is a crucial issue. People need to be conditioned toward fervor every day in the newspapers and on television. They imagine they are producing a basis on which America will always be in the right. But America is bombing and saying it will liberate the people, and nobody objects. If we had Turkish-Islamic Union it would take just 3 words to calm things down. If Hazrat Mahdi (as) said three words about the events in Libya, it would all calm down at once. Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) weapons are his words. The words that come from Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) mouth are his weapons. He will put an end to it in just 4 or 5 words

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