Prime Minister Erdogan: ''Violence towards women is meanness''

What He Said?What Happened?

Destan TV, 8 March 2009

Adnan Oktar: Look it says in 2006,17 thousand 64 people were exposed to violence by family members. Why should a woman have such an obligation? Why should her nose and jaw be broken every day? Why should she let herself be beaten? [They say] He is your father, he has the right to beat. [They say] She is your mother, she has the right to beat. Is she a beast? This is a human being, this is not acceptable. Then SHE GOES AND MAKES FORMAL APPLICATION, AND TAKES REFUGE IN THE STATE. If she has a friend, a person she loves and trusts, she can go and stay with her, provided that she is protected..




Türkiye, 8 March 2011

Prime Minister Erdogan stated that noone can legitimize violence exerted to woman under the guise of customs, traditions and a matter of honor and added: “Violence against woman is unjustness, ruthlessness and, I say without hesitation, it is meanness.”

2011-04-16 09:57:25

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