The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 52 of Surat ash-Shura ''you are guiding to a Straight Path.'' indicates year 2018


"Accordingly We have revealed to you a Ruh by Our command. You had no idea of what the Book was, nor faith. Nonetheless We have made it a Light by which We guide those of Our slaves We will. Truly you are guiding to a Straight Path" (Surat ash-Shura, 52)


Arabic transliteration: Wakathalika awhayna ilayka roohan min amrina ma kunta tadree ma alkitabu wala al-eemanu walakin jaAAalnahu nooran nahdee bihi man nashao min AAibadina wa-innaka latahdee ila siratin mustaqeemin


latahdee ila siratin mustaqeemin

30 + 419 + 41 +  300  +    650  = 1440 / 2018

Hijri 1440 / Gregorian Calender 2018


Mustafa Altunok

2011-04-18 09:57:58

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