Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 March 2011


Kaçkar TV; A9 TV, 29 March 2011


  • In my opinion, one of the greatest proofs of Allah’s existence is the phenomenon of the image forming in the brain. I cannot think of anything more marvelous. And in color and three dimensions with high quality sound. It has a stereo sound system and there is someone who hears that stereo sound system. Allah has created the soul most wonderfully. One touches with no hand. He sees with no eyes. He hears with no ears. The way the ear converts sound into electricity. The ear does not hear anything. All ears are deaf. The ear is just a machine. It just collects sound waves and converts them into electrical current. The electricity comes to the hearing cortex. That does not do anything. But there is someone that hears. The eye does not do anything, either. The eye does not see. The eye converts the image into an electrical current, and that goes to the perception center. Who is it that sees such a high quality image there? That is the really essential thing, but one that scientists do not concentrate on. The system in the ear can be achieved with electronic equipment. It converts sounds into vibrations. But the question is, who will hear that electrical current? The soul does not enter the laboratory or the test tube. It does not leave the human body. It lives inside everyone’s brain. There is a small chamber inside our brains, and a screen in front of us. We watch the world on that screen. We live in that giant system. The body is beneath us. Imagine a huge machine, and a small office inside that. We live in that office. We see the events in destiny there. That is the really crucial point.
  • The signs leading to faith are lovely and marvelous. In engineering terms, they employ a glorious technology. But the soul cannot be studied. It cannot step outside us to be studied. Outside, it is pitch dark. Because what we call light is a wave. The brain sees a wave arriving in a pitch black environment as light. The brain perceives different light waves as colors. That is the issue. There is no sound on the outside, not a sound. But our bodies perceive certain frequencies as sound. They only interpret certain frequencies as sounds. If our bodies interpreted them all, we would hear them all. In paradise, the system works in such a way as to receive all channels. You see everyone there, you see your friend, you see the Prophet (saas) and you see a Companion. You hear all sounds. You hear our Prophet (saas) speaking, you hear the trees humming tunes, and you hear the sound of the birds. But here, Allah only allows us to hear and see certain frequencies. That is a miracle. We inhabit a colored world within total darkness. The Sun is just a system that manufactures waves. Heat, for instance, is hot because we perceive it as hot, for someone else it may be icy cold. For example, hell does not seem hot to the devils of hell. They are quite comfortable there and it does not affect them at all.
  • “Why are Hazrat Mahdi (as), the Prophet Jesus (as) and Islamic Union so important?” they ask. “There are more important issues,” they say. What they mean by more important is the height of their beard, stuffing themselves with rice and abiding by the Sunnah while eating rice. What could be more important than Islamic Union? How can someone who regards Islamic Union as unimportant have any conception of religion? Those who are against Hazrat Mahdi (as), the Prophet Jesus (as) and Islamic Union will regret it many times over in the Hereafter. They regard being opposed to Islamic Union as a sign of takwa (faithfulness). American troops shoot Afghan civilians. The shoot them for riding bicycles. On the main roads. It makes no difference, they just shoot them. They rip them apart on the streets. Who can our Afghan brother complain to? Is he expected to retain a lawyer? The office he can complain to is staffed by American officials. If they asked why they killed a person and things start getting serious, they just put a gun next to the body and say that he fired at them. They just write a statement saying that is the truth and that is that. And some people wonder why I talk about Islamic Union so much, and ask if it is really that important. How can it not be important when Muslims are weeping blood all over the world? Everywhere is in a terrible state. Love, affection and compassion must rule the world in order for that to stop. They are also oppressing Jews and Christians. We want to save them all. But they have to be a bit rational. Libya has been devastated and they are still sitting by and watching. They say it will happen in 570 years’ time. They have crushed Muslims. How can we wait for 570 years? Love and beauty must reign at once.
  • They sit on the bodies of the people they martyr in Afghanistan and smile happily for the cameras. They rape Afghan girls. They take photos of it and boast about it. These are some of the things they are most proud of. Yet some people still say they recite the prayer beads all night, so what need is there for Islamic Union? Takwa (faithfulness) means wanting Turkish-Islamic Union, peace, brotherhood and friendship.
2011-04-24 14:05:59

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