Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 April 2011


A9 TV; Kocaeli TV; Aba TV, 16 April 2011


  • They bring young people up as Darwinists and materialists in many Islamic countries. So such attitudes become legitimized. Had they given religious education pride of place, had they opposed Darwinism and materialism on the intellectual plane, had they raised young people along those lines, they would not be faced by such events now. Some young people who pour out onto the streets should be demanding Islamic Union. But they do not ask for Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. But if that were proposed they would soon sign up to it. They are intellectual young people. If the number of people proposing it were to rise just a little, if intellectuals proposed it, the matter would be over and done with.
  • Instead, they are trying to produce opportunist young people. They are raising rootless young people. That is so in Syria, Iraq, Tunisia and Algeria. They want to have bars and night clubs. As if happiness is going to a bar. As if they have to go to bars at night. It is someone’s birthday and they feel they have to “celebrate” it. Where shall we go? To a bar. Who with? Anyone. People they do not know. Really dangerous types. Let’s drink some of this and some of that. Their faces go deathly white. They lose their health. There is conflict and tension. They imagine that is happiness. Bars, casinos, places of entertainment. How do you know you are going to be entertained there? People only find pain and suffering in many bars and night clubs. They eat unhealthy food there. The air is thick with cigarette smoke. There is drink everywhere. Stress. Mafia-type people all around. Anyone may be carrying a gun. You go into the kitchen in many places and the plates are all piled up in buckets. Those places may be riddled with STDs or jaundice or AIDS. But they are all piled up together. They dry them with the same cloth. They are all laid out together. They drink out of the same glasses in some bars. Some people will have jaundice or cold sores or herpes, or diseases of all kinds. All the glasses and plates are thrown in together in some places. The germs on one person’s mouth get transferred to all the rest. Someone puts his hand where someone else’s filthy hand has been. He eats filthy food that someone else has touched. These result in all these diseases. And they are unaware of it. Many people pick up infections in such places. Yet they go there to be happy.
  • Many young girls are sick, jaundiced, exhausted and anemic. They constantly instill intense competition in their children. Competition based on cloths, cars and entertainment. And that competition destroys them. They age very fast. They grow old while they are still young. Subsequent generations are unhealthy. We see this everywhere. And they call that happiness. They have many diseases. But they imagine that none of it matters as they smile on the outside. They have herpes viruses, for instance, but go to the swimming pool. A strangely excited environment. They shriek as they leap into the pool. Who dives into the water? Someone with jaundice. Or with hepatitis a, or be or c. Or AIDS. They jump in and climb out. You see them start to cough. They develop sinusitis when they did not have it before. They develop middle ear infections. They jump into the water without washing their swimming costumes. They wash their costumes in the water in the pool. If they have wounds on their bodies, they are also washed in the water in the pool. They lie down on the sun beds and pass highly resistant funguses on to one another. But if you ask them, they are having fun. But people imagine there is nothing wrong as the diseases are under the skin, their bodies do not show them. They use antibiotics, and the microbes become resistant to the antibiotics. They do not get enough calcium, their phosphorus levels go wrong and their skeletal systems start to collapse. They get hernias and circulatory diseases. All their arteries become clogged up while they are still young. Because they eat saturated fats day and night. They regard it as unimportant.
  • They are devastating Muslims. They have ruined their honor and virtue. They humiliate the youngsters in Afghanistan. The squalor and horror in the photos are too horrible to be published. They force kids of 8 or 10 to dance in those filthy houses. Kids of 10 or 12. Thousands of children have been ruined. There are no law, courts, prosecutors or police. It is total disorder and disgrace. Some Muslims adopt a mentality of letting sleeping dogs lie. But we want a solution to that.
  • You must display the moral values you will display in paradise down here, too, in order to be worthy of paradise. People of love and passion will go to paradise.
  • They say one should only read books by a particular. What a narrow world they live in! The book banning mentality in some communities is even worse than under the Nazis. No community or society should ban them. That is a disgrace. It is irrational. It is very common among the majority of Leftist and communist groups. Some Muslim communities say. “You must only read books by Sheikh so-and-so.”  

Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV; Gaziantep Olay TV, 16 April 2011

  • It is the lack of Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union that lies behind the suffering. If we had Islamic Union, Israeli prisons would not be full of Palestinians. They would empty out straight away. Everyone keeps saying, "let us send them drugs and bandages.” But nobody ever demands Islamic Union. Satan does not let them. If just 10% of the Islamic world were to demand it, that would be enough. Nothing else would be needed. But they don’t.
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