Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 April 2011

A9 TV; Kanal Avrupa; Çay TV, 17 April 2011         

  • The events of the End Times may be instrumental in an irreligious person coming to have faith, or in a Christian or a Jew becoming a Muslim, or in increasing a Muslim’s faith. What happens if our Prophet (saas) reveals to us events that will take place tomorrow, and if they them come about, right down to the hour and the second? That is a great sign leading to faith. Our Prophet (saas) has revealed the timing. But many people still ignore it, out of pride and obstinacy. People must see the wondrous nature of the End Times. What harm can come of sincere belief? It can only please them. But they ignore signs that are totally visible and evident, out of stubbornness and immorality. This stems from that aggressive state of mind. Yet it is a great miracle, no matter who says it. They are inventing a belief, a system of belief. They imagine that spreading Islam and the way of the Mahdi is difficult. They look for what they imagine to be a way out. They say that the Day of Reckoning is 700 years away, so you can relax. They eliminate their supporters’ fear of the Day of Reckoning. But fear of the Day of Reckoning brings with it fear of Allah. So the intellectual struggle is suppressed in that way. The way to fervor and Islamic Union is closed. "You are a chosen community, the true Believers,” they say. “You are superior.” "They have no turbans, but you do, so you are superior.” "I have postponed the Day of Reckoning by 700 years” they say.  "All Muslims fear the Day of Reckoning, but you need not fear” the say. There is no need for you to strive for Islamic Union, as it is still 700 years off, they say. "Allah is Almighty and has postponed the Day of Reckoning,” they say. That prevents people from demanding Islamic Union, the essential precondition for Islam.
  • There will be an economic collapse in Europe, and it will become even worse in the days that follow. They will have to cling to religion, faith and spiritual matters. The modern face of the way of the Mahdi, its warm and loving aspect, will have a positive effect on them. Freemasonry will have a great impact on this. European freemasonry will support Islam. The Knights Templar will support Islam. They will realize that Islam is the only salvation and comfort.  They will support Islam because they see that it supports true democracy, peace and brotherhood. They will support it because they see it will bring about a heavenly environment, since they draw that conclusion. Otherwise, Europe is strongly opposed to bigotry. Allah created it like that. Allah has created human beings so as to detest bigotry. Bigotry is a repellent, bloody and wretched system.
  • The center-right is generally always in power in Turkey. The right will be in power until the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Who says so? Bediuzzaman.


Surat al-Qiyamah,

“No, I swear by the Day of Rising.”

The Day of Reckoning. Resurrection.

“No! I swear by the self-reproaching self.”

It is most legitimate for a person to reproach himself. That enables him to be rational. A person becomes sick when he exonerates the self, he loses mental equilibrium, in other words. There are those types who when you criticize they immediately begin praising themselves, denying what you say. But the rational thing is to say, “True. Insha’Allah I will correct my mistakes and be a better person.” Fear of Allah and not exonerating the self. Reproaching the self.

 “Does man imagine We will not reassemble his bones?”

Not those bones in the grave, of course. Not putting them all back together. Allah resurrects us with a new construction. He creates us with a new body. If He does it once, He will do it a million times. He does it all the time. Allah shows what He does. He keeps bringing people into the world. For instance, we come across young people. Some He brought into the world in 1980, and others in 1990.

“On the contrary! We are well able to reshape his fingers.”

Allah notes the details in our finger tips in the Qur’an. Indeed, everyone’s fingerprints are different, and this is most astonishing. Nobody’s fingerprints are the same as anyone else’s. Allah creates them specially.

“Yet man still wants to deny what is ahead of him,”

He says that human nature has a tendency toward debauchery.

“asking, so when is the Day of Rising?”

“when the eyesight is dazzled,

and the moon is eclipsed,

and the sun and moon are fused together,”

These verses refer to eclipses of the Sun and Moon.

They will look for a place to hide on the Day of Reckoning, of course. There will be upheaval everywhere. But there will be no escape for them.


TV Kayseri; A9 TV, 17 April 2011

Surat at-Taghabun,

14- You who have belief! some of your wives and children are an enemy to you, so be wary of them. But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive, Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

15- Your wealth and children are a trial. But with Allah there is an immense reward.

Someone may hate his wife and children. There are people who kill their own mothers. Allah says that such people exist. Allah tells us to forgive their sins if they can be forgiven. Many people think about their property and children from morning to night. If you ask students at high school, young girls, “why are you studying?” they will say they are studying for the nation’s sake. But the majority only study to have the means to eat and drink and find a husband to have children with.

Surat al-Munafiqun,

1- When the hypocrites come to you they say, ‘We bear witness that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah.’                  Allah knows that you are indeed His Messenger and Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are certainly liars.

That means they appear to have faith, and they can appear to be like Muslims with their religious clothing and words. They can forestall their reactions and prevent them from adopting Islamic Union.

2- They have made their oaths into a cloak and barred the Way of Allah.What they have done is truly evil.

3- That is because they have believed and then returned to disbelief. So their hearts have been sealed up and they cannot understand.

So they believe at the outset. They realize that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come and that the moral values of Islam will rule the world. But then they become non-believers. “Their hearts have been sealed up and they cannot understand.” They become fanatical and radical.


Surat as-Saff,

4- Allah loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls.

Muslims will be welded together like concrete blocks. That is Allah’s command.

9-  “It is He Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth” Abjad (numerological) value 1993. “to exalt it over every other religions,” 1990 “though the idolaters hate it.” 2021, including the gemination marks. Global dominion.

Surat ash-Shura,

39- those who, when they are wronged, defend themselves.

Muslims’ rights are being trampled on everywhere, in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and everywhere. Muslims are people who are united and engaged in intellectual resistance. But Muslims do not do that. It is a sin for them not to do it. It is compulsory. Being united in intellectual resistance and establishing Islamic Union is a religious obligation.

38- those who respond to their Lord and establish prayer, and manage their affairs by mutual consultation and give of what We have provided for them;

This means the whole Islamic world must be like a giant rampart. But Muslims are fragmented here and there. There must be an Islamic Parliament like the European Parliament. They must be able to say to America, "You must pull out. There are our brothers there, and we do not want you.” And that will be the end of it. There will be a lovely, warm, democratic environment. It will also be a secular system, because hypocrisy thrives in the absence of a secular system. Believers will live by their faith and non-believers will live as they choose. You cannot compel anyone to religion. That is what secularism is.

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