Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 20 April 2011


A9 TV; TV Kayseri; Samsun AKS, 20 April 2011

  • Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not appear and work miracles. Though, of course, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have miracles. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon. A bloody attack at the Kaaba. The appearance of Halley’s comet and the comet Lulin. The intellectual defeat of Darwinism and materialism is also a miracle of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Because people thought they would never be defeated. The collapse of Darwinism was like the Earth being split right down the middle. But collapse it did. That is a miracle of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The spread of the fame and honor of Hazrat Mahdi (as) as people adhere to him, his indefatigability, the way he never submits in the face of insults and pressure and his heroic struggle are all miracles. The fact he cannot be killed is a miracle. The success of his followers is a miracle. The way a small community achieves great results is a miracle. The way that the most complicated-seeming issues will be resolved in this century and be easily understood by people is a miracle of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The way that Bediuzzaman’s words all come true is also a miracle of Hazrat Mahdi (as).


45- Allah created every animal from water. Some of them go on their bellies, some of them on two legs, and some on four. Allah creates whatever He wills. Allah has power over all things.
Allah creates what He chooses. There is no doubt that Allah is mighty enough to create all things.

Allah says that water lies at the origin of all living things. Water constitutes the greater part of the human body. All living things are largely water.

46- We have sent down Signs making things clear. Allah guides whoever He wills to a straight path.

Abjad (numerological) calculation gives a date of 2044.

47- They say, ‘We have belief in Allah and in the Messenger and we obey.’ Then after that a group of them turn away. Such people are not believers.

People generally believe, but a while later they then abandon prayer and religion. You will probably have seen many people who change their attitudes later on. The Qur’an is referring to that.

48- When they are summoned to Allah and His Messenger, so that he can judge between them, a group of them immediately turn away.

Allah says there will be a group that refuses to accept when it is suggested we all behave according to the moral values of the Qur’an.

49- But if right is on their side, they come to him most submissively!

When something happens, people first of all want their own rights to be protected. But one side will always lose out in justice. I mean, they will regard themselves as losing out. If two people go to court, one will be in the right. But both try to be in the right at the same time.

50- Is there a sickness in their hearts or do they have misgivings or do they fear that Allah and His Messenger will be unjust to them? No, it is simply that they are wrongdoers.

They do not trust in the justice of our Prophet (saas). The Qur’an is referring to that. What must believers do? They must listen and obey. I mean, they must leave justice to our Prophet (saas). And that also applies to the time of the way of the Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will decide on justice. People will fall into doubt or uncertainty. They will not say their rights have been violated. Because there may be depths to the matter they are unaware of. They will have trust, insha’Allah.

37- not distracted by trade or commerce from the remembrance of Allah and the establishment of prayer (salat) and the payment of alms (zakat); fearing a day when all hearts and eyes will be in turmoil –

For example, I say to people, “Why do you not live by religion? Why do you not espouse Islamic Union? Why do you not pray?” And what do they say? "We are busy with our businesses, we look after our families and children, we are very busy. We don’t have time.” People have fallen into this difficulty in the End Times. Checks and IOUs have bounced. Goods have been held up at Customs and the formalities have not been completed. They live their lives along those lines. They have been taken over by passion. Yet Allah says, “They must also pray and give alms. These things are no obstacle to that.” For example, they can still carry on studying at university. They can still work. But Allah says I will give you the time to do what is right and to pray. So long as people are sincere. Honest people will always find time to give alms and pray, to perform their religious observances and to spread Islam. There is a miracle there. A miracle will come about, but only if one is sincere.

The Qur’an describes people’s subconscious immorality, trickery, lack of good conscience and tactics in a most perfect manner. This is also in the Gospel and the Torah. But it is most detailed in the Qur’an. People’s weaknesses, the false techniques employed by hypocrites, and even the effects that arise in their bodies, are all described perfectly in the Qur’an. Like a book of psychiatry. People’s character flaws are described in great detail. That is why people who understand the Qur’an very well are also very rational. A person can be very intelligent but also very stupid. But someone who understands the Qur’an very well and puts it into practice very well can never cause trouble for himself or anyone around. That detail can be seen if one looks at the Qur’an and thinks about the details in it. The Qur’an is the most highly developed book in terms of describing human beings. The Qur’an describes in great detail how we should behave toward other people, the Earth, trees and plants. The Qur’an is like the instructions that come with medicines. "If you live this way, you will be happy. But if you do that, you will be unhappy,” it says. It sets it all out in great detail. That is why people who are busy with this world must also read the Qur’an and learn how the world is to be used. Otherwise society will go wrong, the system will go wrong.


23- There is no doubt that Allah knows what they keep secret and what they make public. He does not love people puffed up with pride.

He does not love people who are full of self-love. The system of ignorance is full of obstinate people who are very pleased with themselves. But an obstinate person will collapse psychologically. But a humble, sincere person will appear attractive to himself and to others.

24- When they are asked, ‘What has your Lord sent down?’ they say, ‘Myths and legends of previous peoples.’

Marxists who interpret the Qur’an say the Qur’an is just an ancient myth. Allah describes their common language in great detail in the Qur’an.

25- So on the Day of Rising they will carry the full weight of their own burdens and some of the burdens of those they misguided without knowledge. What an evil load they bear!

Ignorant people cause themselves and other people to stray.

26- Those before them also plotted, and Allah came at their building from the foundations and the roof caved in on top of them. The punishment came at them from where they did not expect.
There are mendacious systems now, as well. As there were in the past. They never expected science to demolish Darwinism. Allah dealt them a severe blow with proteins. A fundamental blow. The whole Darwinist system has collapsed. What have I done? I used science, and millions of details, to fundamentally demolish Darwinism. The blow came from a direction they never expected. A young man appeared in Istanbul and demolished a system espoused by thousands of universities.

27- Then on the Day of Rising He will disgrace them, and say, ‘Where are My partner gods for whose sake you became so hostile?’ Those given knowledge will say, ‘Today there is disgrace and evil for the unbelievers.’

28-   As for those the angels take in death while they are wronging themselves, they will offer their submission: ‘We did not do any evil.’ Oh yes you did! Allah knows what you were doing.

Allah again gives examples from human psychology. For example, a thief will not say he is a thief. A murderer will not say he is a murderer. It is the same with unbelievers. Were they not the ones who spend their whole lives not believing in Islam and the Qur’an?


A9 TV; Kaçkar TV, 20 April 2011


  • If a person chases after this world, this world will flee from him. But if someone flees this world, the world will come after him.
  • People cannot deceive Allah. They must not try to engage in trickery. A Muslim must be as sincere toward Allah as he can.
  • Marriage is for love of Allah. You are choosing your companion in the hereafter. Some people get married to have someone to cook and do the ironing for them. That is a shameful way of. You are not paralyzed, you can do your own cooking and ironing. That person is a human being, and so are you. Why should she be your servant? You be her servant. Then by marrying you get a servant.
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