Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 April 2011

A9 Tv, Kocaeli TV, 22 April 2011

  • (About the question "Adam and Eve were brother and sister. How can a brother and sister get married?”)

Allah teaches us what is lawful and unlawful. Allah teaches moral values. Moral values stem from what Allah says. What Allah said is lawful at that time is lawful. If He says it is unlawful, then it is unlawful. That is how it is with foods, for instance. When He says a thing is lawful, then it is lawful, and if He says it is unlawful, then it is unlawful. It is what Allah says. In other words, this judgment is not a judgment that comes from outside us. It is Allah’s judgment. It is Allah Who will impose or lift a provision, insha’Allah.

  • (About language that is tense, destructive and will encourage disputation)

People must avoid tensions in Turkey. Human nature has a predisposition toward conflict. Allah described man as “oppressive and ignorant” in a verse. There are many hadiths of our Prophet (saas) on that subject. What do the angels say? They ask whether our Lord will create human beings to shed blood and spread corruption in the world. And Allah says, “You cannot know. But I know.” So there is a tendency toward conflict, rather than peace, in the human soul. Toward war. There are few people who espouse peace right to the end of the line. They always want conflict. They support peace for a while, but then it all goes up. Bruce Lee’s films and that kind of thing are like that. He first speaks of peace and brotherhood, but then he leaves not a man standing. That tendency exists in many people’s souls. We must be very careful. It would be terribly dangerous to try to set whole communities and societies against one another, to encourage that aggressive part of human nature. Europe and America will not just sit back and watch if there is a civil war in Turkey. The UN and NATO and all of them would get involved. They would tear Turkey apart, may Allah forbid. They would crush both sides. That is how it has always been. It happened in Iraq and Libya. It has always been like that in other countries. America, NATO and the UN say, “Since you are fighting among yourselves, we will get involved and save you both.” Then they drop tens of thousands of tons of bombs. They use up all their bomb stocks and then place order for more from the factories and encourage new production. And they try out new weapons. It is those poor countries that pay the price. Both sides are devastated. They both regret their actions, but by then it is too late.

  • Allah says that if believers fall out, He will inflict tragedies on them. “If you cannot be friends, there will be terrible strife and corruption,” He says. In other words, I will inflict foreign countries on you. I will destroy you and smash your power, purity and honor. So He says we must love and protect one another. The verse is quite explicit. We must scrupulously avoid any language that misuses feelings of heroism and valor under various pretexts and hints at civil war by setting parts of the nation against one another. That is a terrible sin. Strife. Allah says that strife is worse than murder. There would be terrible strife then. The result would be a tendency toward civil war. Everyone would want to get involved. Fifty people would fight another fifty. Then the 25 survivors would fight another 25, and so on, until nobody is left. That is the policy of disbelief. That is corruption, not heroism. We must scrupulously avoid it. 
  • They have also resorted to force (in Libya). They told both sides they shared their cause. Both sides claimed to be braver than the other. They devastated everywhere. Muslims are busy digging hundreds or thousands of graves from morning to night. They are burying one another. This side and that are constantly burying people. Factories are being flattened. France is using its weapons in this way. It is dropping tons of bombs. Of course it will recoup the costs from them. So it is important to clearly see the danger.  
  • The spirit of aggression is very dangerous. Muslims cannot be aggressive toward one another. They cannot attack disbelief, using intelligence and science and intellectual means. Not with sticks and stones, insha’Allah. We have seen what happens to countries that attack others. The Iraqi Army used to be called the third largest in the world. But overnight the USA turned it into the weakest and most wretched army in the world. They fell to their knees and disappeared into the desert sand. That is what happens to aggression. But if they had loved the nation, if they had not been divided and if they had obeyed Allah and the Qur’an, the USA could not have done the slightest thing there. Everyone knows that. Libya is now heading toward death. It is now is a state of coma. It is riddled with cancer. Anyone who so pleases can strike at it. Europe will make a profit out of it. And France and the USA. It is just what U.S. banks wanted. U.S. banks have quickly begun recovering since the fighting in Libya. Money is pouring into their coffers. They have begun raking in the money for those bombs and everything else. Their economies have begun coming round. Now they will drop many tons of bombs more. Then it will be other countries’ turn. They have set the Syrians against one another. There is a spirit of heroism and aggression there, too. The same in Palestine. They are setting al Fatah against our other Muslim brothers. Then Israel comes along and smashes them all. They are fighting and shooting at one another. Brother against brother. If you are so heroic, fight against disbelief instead. Yet Muslims are passive and feeble in the face of disbelief in so many places. They cannot lift a finger against it. But they all become great heroes when it comes to fighting one another.
  • Metaphysical tension will increase in the days ahead. There will be huge confusion in the world. Allah will make His power felt to a much greater extent. People will have to remember and be close to Allah more. They will see the importance of the way of the Mahdi more clearly. Hazrat Jesus the Messiah will appear when there is severe metaphysical tension. I mean, it will be totally evident. Metaphysical tensions will be felt in the days ahead. People will feel it. And religion will then rule the world. Religion is a fact. Allah is a fact. The hereafter is a fact. People’s minds will clear as the hypnotic spell on them is lifted. They will see that the things going on are the trickery of the dajjal (antichrist). That is where people will really feel the might of Allah. They will see and be amazed how they fell for satan’s trickery, the dajjal’s trickery. Because satan convinces them they came into being by chance. That is a shocking, astonishing state of affairs.
  • It is very hard to espouse peace right to the end of the line. Only prophets can espouse it to the bitter end. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also espouse peace. But most people are not strong enough for peace and eventually desire conflict instead. Peace bores and wearies them. They let off steam through conflict. If they can black someone’s eye they can relax. Satan makes them unhappy with peace. That is why it is so hard for those people who espouse peace. It takes will power. Espousing peace right to the bitter end is a sign of fear of Allah and calls for deep faith. It is very hard to spouse peace for a lifetime. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is someone who will espouse peace all his life. It is very hard to master one’s anger. It damages the body and requires deep faith. The immediate desire for vengeance is human nature. One’s earthly passions find it very hard to forgive. But Allah tells us to forgive and cling to what is good and turn our backs on the ignorant. It is very important to turn one’s back on evil people, as well.

Kaçkar TV; A9 TV, 22 April 2011

  • It is not proper to speak of toleration between faiths. That is not the right word. That is not toleration, but a religious obligation. We have a duty to strive to prevent any harm coming to them. A Muslim who does that has fulfilled a religious obligation.
  • Very few people know that the image is in the brain. The same with sound. And many people ignore it. The soul hears things in the brain, without ears. There is no light or color in the outside world. There is a special system in our bodies for color. It distinguished different light waves as colors, and the brain interprets them as colors. It interprets them one by one as red, blue, green and the rest.

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