Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 April 2011

Kanal Avrupa; Çay TV; A9 TV, 24 April 2011

  • Do you see how Syria is putting down its own people? But when it comes to Israel it is quiet as a mouse. Israel is a danger. Their blood runs cold and they immediately step back. But when it comes to innocent Muslims they are very brave. They fire on Muslims. How can you fire on Muslims? You should embrace and talk to them, explain things and say we are all brothers. Gaddafi was also brave and ruthless toward Muslims. But he pulled back when they started bombing him. So what happened to all that bravery? Saddam was a real despot in Iraq and said he would deal with anyone who tried to stop him. Then he ended up hiding like a rat in a hole in the ground. So much for his bravery and heroism. Saddam said that his army was terrifying. But his whole army vanished entirely in one night. Our Prophet (saas) reveals in the hadiths how an army will disappear and vanish in the desert. And that happened, word for word. It is the first time in history that a whole army just vanished. They could not find any soldiers to take prisoners. The third largest army in the world vanished overnight. Nobody still knows where all those tanks and guns and planes are. They have only found a very few under the sand. It is a metaphysical state of affairs. Because they had tens of thousands of cannon and thousands of tanks.
  • People must talk about Islamic Union every day. Instead of wasting time on empty chat, they should talk about Islamic Union, day and night. They must talk about Muslims all being brothers. They treat immaculate Muslims like unbelievers for not growing beards. Why do they say that about immaculate Muslims? They are determined to put Muslim women down and humiliate them. I cannot understand why they do that. They insist on them covering their heads. Let them uncover their heads. Be reasonable. Let things be as they were in the Age of Felicity. Look at the fervor in the time of our Prophet (saas) or the Prophet Jesus (as). There was a great danger. But there was great fervor and loyalty and purity.
  •  All the prophets lived by Islamic Union. No prophet ever lived without Islamic Union. The prophets Moses (as), Abraham (as), Jacob (as), Izaac (as), Aaron (as), Ishmael (as) and all of them implemented Islamic Union. No prophet behaved in a way that violated Islamic Union. They spent their lives espousing Islamic Union. Why did the Prophet Moses (as) call his followers away from Pharaoh? To espouse Islamic Union. Why did they go to the desert? In order to live by Islamic Union, even in the desert. Because they could not live by Islamic Union where they were. The Prophet Jesus (as) lived by Islamic Union. The Prophet Jesus (as) said, “you will have problems when you defend me and the faith. You will be arrested and taken to court.” Nobody failed to espouse Islamic Union. “Do not be concerned with what to say when you go to court. Leave it to Allah, and He will make you speak.” That is what it says in the Gospel. Men with a cause are like that. No prophet ever failed to espouse Islamic Union. No religion ever failed to. It exists in all faiths and sharia. Sharia means path, insha’Allah. The path of virtue, insha’Allah. There can be no religion without Islamic Union.
  • They put a Star of David on my forehead in a piece criticizing me on the internet. In the hadiths our Prophet (saas) says, “The dabbat al-ardh will place a six-pointed star on believers’ heads.” And they have gone and put the seal of the Prophet Solomon (as) on my head. They are just proving I am a believer. That is in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas. They have put the seal of the Prophet Solomon (as) on my forehead everywhere. Alhamdulillah. They are just producing a sign. A sign of a believer. There is a star on the Turkish flag, too. It is also a masonic symbol, but you also see it on the Turkish flag. The crescent is also a masonic symbol, but it is also on the Turkish flag. Nimrod used it in the time of the Prophet Abraham (as). The seal of the Moon and the star. But the Prophet Solomon (as) also used it. Allah describes the Moon as sacred in the Qur’an. He portrays the stars as good things. So the Moon and star on the Turkish flag are sacred things. The masons also use them. And other people. That is no concern of ours.
  • Islam is a lovely, fragrant religion. Islam is flawless for one who has faith. The Gospel have been largely corrupted. Why should anyone obey a corrupt book? If someone loves the Gospels, he will find the original of the Gospel in the Qur’an. If he loves the Prophet Jesus (as), love of the Prophet Jesus (as) is described perfectly in the Qur’an. The hereafter and devotion to Allah are described flawlessly. If you want to love Hazrat Maryam, the Qur’an says she is the most superior of women. You cannot find that in the Gospel, but it is in the Qur’an.

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