Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 27 April 2011

A9 TV; Kaçkar TV, 27 April 2011

  • Trees only absorb 13 ions from the soil, they do not absorb the others. If a tiny cell can say, “these atoms are good for me” then they must be millions of times superior to the human mind. They talk about grass, but the mind of grass is million times powerful than that of humans. If you ask a human being to separate the iron in it, but without the mercury, take the magnesium and leave the lead out, nobody could do it. But they choose atoms one by one. They say, this is iron, I can use that. This is lead, lead is poisonous, I must leave that out. I must leave that mercury out, as well, they say. That is potassium, I need plenty of that, they say. For example, bananas contain high levels of potassium. All bananas are like that genetically. Bananas are recommended to meet our daily potassium needs. There is also high potassium in potatoes. The cell issues an instruction. It says, there is a strong need for potassium. That is bananas are genetically. So it says, in that case I had best absorb a lot of it. Once the appropriate level has been reached after absorption, it then issues a command not to absorb any more. And no more is absorbed. There is a decision made to absorb no more once that level of potassium has been taken up. There is also a specific quantity of magnesium in bananas. Once enough has been absorbed, it says, enough. It does not allow any more to be transported. It absorbs just the right level. Books tell us that bananas contain this much potassium and magnesium, and that much water. And specific quantities of vitamins. Neither more nor less. It makes just the right amount of vitamins. Vitamin B is very complex, but it makes it perfectly. There is a need for Vitamin C. Human beings strive really hard to obtain it. But it produces just the right amount of Vitamin C, and does not permit any more. The proteins it will produce are all determined in advance, and that is what it produces. Take barley. The protein in barley is only in barley, not in the other cereals. For example, there is one type of protein in maize, but not in other cereals. Only it makes it. Wherever you may go in the world, only it knows that.
  • Muslims must wage an intellectual campaign against the dajjals (antichrists). They must be full of love toward one another. There has to be a scientific struggle against the dajjals. By producing evidence, the facts, using reason, knowledge and love. That is one of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) names. Hazrat Mahdi (as) produced such evidence that the other side is paralyzed. He will produce such evidence against Darwinism and materialism that people will be immobilized. They will have no response to give. There will be nothing that disbelief, madness, Darwinists, materialists, atheists and Marxists can do. Allah has given him power. That is why he is known as the Hujjat (Proof), because of his bringing forth powerful evidence.  

2011-05-11 16:21:26

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