Superior structure and order in living beings set an example for useful products

Generating designs and products that imitate the examples of Creation in nature has been a special interest of science since the latter part of the 20th century. Hundreds of people studying at departments specializing in genetic engineering, material engineering and molecular bio-simulation in many universities are working with special projects on this subject. They are trying to study the living structures found in nature and manufacture useful products by taking the superior structure and order of living beings as an example.

Bacteria Acting Like a Biological Compass

Scientists are planning to manufacture nano-sized magnetic particles and use them in many fields, especially in medicine, by taking bacteria living in water and mud talus as an example. Scientists who studied how these bacteria navigate, found that these bacteria produce minerals with magnetic abilities (magnetite) using proteins. These magnetites, which are 50 nanometers (one in a millionth of a meter) in size and have a smooth structure like diamonds, are lined up next to one another and enable the being to find its way by acting as a compass. For a bacteria to manufacture magnetite by using proteins,



-What a protein is,

-The content of the protein structure,

-How to produce a protein,

-What magnetic ability means,

-How to produce a mineral with magnetic propensities.


Those who try to acquire this knowledge (which a being that cannot even be seen with the naked eye has) in laboratories built with millions of dollars of investment and by using highly advanced equipment have to realize the extraordinary aspect of this situation. Allah creates many evidences, even in a single bacterium, for people to see the Fact of Creation. These evidences are of course very valuable for those who look without prejudice and assess what they see with their minds and conscience: the whole universe is the work of Allah, the All-Powerful, the All-Mighty, All-Knowing.

Sponge Thorns Even More Effective Than Fiber Optic Cables

One creature scientists have been studying lately is the marine sponge…

A sponge species called rosella racovitzea lives at a depth of almost 200 meters. There are green algae that lead a symbiotic life inside sponges. Sunlight is little, if any, at this depth. Despite this, these sponges can obtain food via photosynthesis using this extremely limited amount of light. So how does this extraordinary process take place?

The surface of sponges is covered with thorns made up of silicon oxide and called spicules. Silicon oxide is a substance used in window glass and well known by everyone. When these thorns are examined with electron microscopes in detail, it is found that it has star-like structures acting like lenses on its tips. The little light that reaches 200 meters deep is focused inside the thorn with the help of this lens-like structure and reach the green algae that live inside the sponge just like with fiber optic cables. Green algae helps acquire food for sponges. Additionally, studies by scientists have revealed that sponge thorns transmit light much more effectively than fiber optic cables due to their mechanical and optical qualities.

Now, in the advanced laboratories of the 21st century, a counterpart of this extraordinary quality, that a sponge has had for millions of years, is being produced. Scores of scientists and researchers are trying to imitate a mechanism found inside a small thorn on a sponge by spending millions of dollars and using very advanced technical materials and research infrastructures. Of course, all these details are a clear evidence of Creation. A person with an open mind and reason can easily see the existence of a superior Might and Power Who created the sponge, its thorns, the amazing structures of these thorns, the algae that lead a symbiotic life with the sponges and the photosynthesis system of these algae. The Owner of this unique might and matchless intelligence is Almighty Allah.

Scientist Are Trying to Produce Armor Stronger Than the Scales of Predatory Fish

American researchers are examining the scales of the polypterus senegalus fish that live in the muddy waters of Africa. They think that they can produce armor stronger and lighter than the fish’s scales.

It's common knowledge that in the era we live in, scientists benefit from the models in nature when working on technological products. In recent years, many tools, systems and mechanisms produced by using the systems found in nature as an example, are being offered to the service of humanity. It is possible to give many examples of technological products developed by imitating the models found in nature. One of these is the strong armor system. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have taken inspiration from the structures of fish scales in order to produce light and strong armors.

During their research, MIT engineers discovered that the scales of the 40 centimeter- long fish called polypterus senegalus act as a highly resistant armor against external impacts.

The MIT team took samples of the fish scales, and began to study this “armor” made up of four layers in a computer environment.

The researchers discovered that every one of these four layers has perfect geometric structures and observed that the way that the layers are added to one another has made the scales very resistant. Christine Ortiz, a member of the MIT team, explains what can be accomplished by using the scale structure as an example; “Its junction points, strong as rock, and energy dispersing mechanisms can be applied to armor systems”.

Our Almighty Lord, the All-Knowing, is the One Who has created nature and all that dwells within, from which scientists take inspiration for their technological studies, with great harmony and flawlessness. Our Lord, Allah, has created all of these details in the world for us humans to be able to live in comfort.

Allah reveals as such in one verse:


Mankind! remember Allah’s blessing to you. Is there any creator other than Allah providing for you from heaven and earth? There is no god but Him. So how have you been perverted? (Surah Fatir, 3)

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