Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 May 2011

13 May 2011 A9 TV

  • It is essential for the whole Muslim world to unite. That is when there will be real happiness. Otherwise, it is not enough for a region to be free and independent. The whole Islamic world must be free and at ease. We therefore want them all to be at ease, including Israel and the Armenians. And Christians, Catholics, the Orthodox and Protestants. We want them all to live in peace. But the moral values of Islam must rule the world. And that is impossible without a leader. Otherwise, it would already have happened. But it has not happened, and there is no happiness. There has to be someone in charge. And that is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus the Messiah (as).
  • Is it easy for people to live in peace, as brothers? Or is it easy to kill and slay and bomb other people? That is disgusting, a disgrace, to kill and slay others. The finest thing is to live in peace. What is hard about that?
  • People are helpless, but they ignore the fact. It is important to tell them that from time to time and encourage them to think. That is a commandment of the Qur’an. Our Prophet (saas) also says, “Remember death very often.” There can be no maturity in someone who does not think of death. Such is person is as if half mad. He becomes unbalanced if he does not think of Allah, religion and the truths of the Qur’an.
  • It is foolish to allow oneself to be caught up in this world. The worst problem in the world is how people let themselves become obsessed. We must rescue such people from getting caught up in this world.
  • Brothers are fighting brothers in Yemen, for instance. There is the Shiite-Sunni gulf. What difference does it make? They are all radiant Muslims, even if they belong to different sects. Someone who kills people who say “La Ilaha IllAllah Mohammadan Rasulullah” (There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger) will also kill Jews, won’t he? And communists and everyone. The way of the Mahdi is a movement that emphasized the right to life. It is based on people being high quality, good, happy and healthy. It even provides a good life for pagans. It protects and watches over irreligious people. The Syrian people pay taxes. And the government manufactures bombs. Money they give in taxes comes back to them in the form of bombs. Their taxes go to buy jet planes. The people are being bombed with their own taxes. Everyone, Shiites and Sunnis, pays taxes, and these are used to bomb the public.


11- Everyone has a succession of angels in front of him and behind him, guarding him by Allah’s command.

There are angels around Hazrat Mahdi (as). Mikhail (as) and Jibrail (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) is under their protection.

“…Allah never changes a people’s state until they change what is in themselves.

In other words, Allah is saying, “I will not spoil a people’s blessing so long as they are not spoiled.”

”…When Allah desires evil for a people,…” When He desires anarchy, division and fragmentation,

 “…there is no averting it. They have no protector apart from Him.” In other words, Allah says, “I will create an economic crisis there, and they cannot stop me.”


those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, whom they find written down with them in the Torah and the Gospel;

So there is a book called the Torah, and one called the Gospels. Allah says these exist.

They will find it written in the Gospels;

“It is written”, Allah says.


In other words, he cannot read or write

those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet,

Everything that is good, brotherhood, peace and love and good intentions.

Forbidding them to do wrong,

Killing, oppression and suffering. Wrongs of all kinds.

making good things lawful (halal) for them and bad things unlawful (haram) for them,

There are many clean things and few unlawful ones. Pork, wine, meat not slaughtered in Allah’s name. The foods set out as unlawful by our Prophet (saas). Set out in the Qur’an.

Making bad things unlawful for them;

Blood is also unlawful, for instance.

relieving them of their heavy loads and the chains which were around them.Look, this is very important. Because the pagans at that time brought all kinds of laws out. Everything is banned. Laughing is banned, sitting down is banned, all is banned.

relieving them of their heavy loads and the chains which were around them.The chains of prohibition around them. Because everything you can imagine was prohibited then. If you slaughter an animal, “you cannot eat this part” they say. You can eat the right leg, but not the left. You can eat this part of its back, but not that. There were hundreds of prohibitions. Almighty Allah has done away with them all.

Those who believe in him and honor him,

They will take care that no harm befalls him. To believe and honor. His supporters will speak in his favor. They will take care that no harm comes to him, even at the cost of their own lives.

And help him,

Those who help him with all things.

and follow the Light that has been sent down with him,

Those who follow the Qur’an, all together.

They are the ones who are successful.

For people to be at ease, at peace, free from oppression, for them to be virtuous and enjoy peace of. But what do people do? They produce vast numbers of prohibitions. They create a difficult environment, a climate of war. They shed blood. Allah prohibits these. He tells us to live well. Bombs and bloodshed are difficult things. Suffering is very difficult. 


34- He has given you everything you have asked Him for.

He gives eyes and ears and fingers. Bowls and light and electricity … The list goes on for ever.

If you tried to number Allah’s blessings, you could never count them. Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful.

Allah says they pay no heed. Even though I bestow all these blessings and they live in a tiny space inside their brains. Allah constantly shows them images and sounds and bestows blessings and feelings. But they are heedless. They are ungrateful, that is what Allah is saying.

  • We see images and hear sounds in an area the size of a lentil in our brains; in the place called consciousness, that is where we live. Allah shows us fresh air and the sounds of cars and the people selling things in the street and people fighting. Allah gives us images in this world, but heedless people still insist on not reflecting on them. They refuse with all their might. Allah constantly gives them things to think about, but they do not. That is when Allah sends down afflictions, disease, to make them think. And still they do not. Allah creates death. They soon see death, but still do not wish to think. Allah produces a terrible end in death, so they will think. The smell that arises with death is horrible, the most disgusting in the world. The sight of death is terrifying. The body’s eyes pop out, the intestines gape out of its mouth, women’s wombs come out, their eyes turn into jelly and their hair turns into filthy wool, their flesh and bones fall apart. That happens very fast.

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