Mr. Ayoub Kara's speech at the joint press conference with Mr. Adnan Oktar (May 12nd, 2011, Istanbul)

MR. AYOOB KARA: Thank you very much my brother. We are not like brothers; we are like a family with you, all of us. We respect you very much, Sheikh Adnan Oktar. I think for all the people we must give you respect, [since] all the time you are trying to do steps to make this area very quiet; more quietly. And my God keep you forever.

And as you know I am non-Jew but I am the deputy minister in Israel and I have a very important political duty in the party of Likud, that is leading in Israel now. And what I want to say is that my family comes from Turkey. 400 years ago the regime in Turkey sent my grandfather to lead the area around Haifa. And before 400 years ago. Turkey and Israel, two states were going along for long years, and of course their relationship was very excellent and I think Israel and Turkey need each other. It is very important to continue this relationship. And what happened last year; that was accident, nobody needed it. Now it is important to come back to the same relationship and to continue to be brothers, as publics. More and more to come with peace and to influence the peace in all the Middle East. From [the point of] my state, from [the point of] my government it is important for them to continue this relationship. I think everything about this relationship was good for long years and I am coming here from my state to say that Turkey and Israel must go together forever. I think, if anything Turkey wants to do to help other publics, other states around Israel, we support it. We could give the Red Crescent to bring everything that Turkey need to send to Gaza, to other places, if it is from the side of the human rights. We could give them everything. But this is the way we need it. We are looking at any action from the side of the human and we are supporting everything from the side of human rights. This is message from Israel. We need all of our area to be in peace with us. We don't want war; we don't need war around Israel. We need people like Sheikh Adnan Oktar who want us to live like brothers forever.

I am not a Jewish but I am thinking that I am feeling more Israeli than all the Jews here because this is the one area that I believe in democracy and liberalism. We are here [as] Jews and non-Jews. All of us feel the same thing in Israel. I was an officer in the army of Israel because I had to keep my state and my state was democratic. That does not mean that I like war because two of my brothers were killed in the wars with Israel. And in this meeting I want to ask Mr. Oktar and Mr. Erdoğan and everyone in Turkey to come and visit Israel and influence to make around Israel peace. Israel needs peace; Israel does not like war. It is important for us also to help us in the case, Mr. Sheikh Adnan Oktar, with Gilad Shalit. You began helping us one year ago with this case; we want you to make more influence in this case to bring Gilad Shalit back to Israel because we need it. This will make a good environment with other states around Israel. I also want to thank all the people from Turkey who came by plane to help us during the big fire in the Carmel, near Haifa. I want to thank them in this meeting. Thank you very much. 

2011-06-01 23:57:24

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