Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 May 2011

A9 TV, Kanal Avrupa , Çay TV, 29 May 2011 Sunday

  • A hypocrite comes to a Muslim community. There is an incubation period, like insects. Like weevils. During the incubation period, they observe. To see what he can do and use against Muslims; to see where Muslims’ weak spots are, how he can strike at them. He is a parasitical entity. The hypocrite cannot live without a Muslim community. He will go and infest another one. This time he enters that body. He acts as an informant and cheats and behaves badly. As he imagines he strikes at Muslims, he also thinks he is collecting information against them and tries to find new courses of action to take. Once the incubation period is over, he will lash out there, as well. Hypocrites do not enjoy music or art. They have no love of women or children. They love only satan. All they worry about doing from morning till night is telling tales, spreading vice, cheating, laying traps, threatening people and collaborating with disbelief. Bediuzzaman says that the hypocrite is a cheating satan and very clever. That is why it is impossible to combat hypocrisy. Our Prophet (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will weed them out as if clearing worms out that have infested wheat, insha’Allah. A woodworm entered the Prophet Solomon’s (as) staff, as you know. It was there, invisible, in the staff. It is the same with the hypocrite. He cannot be seen. He is only identified afterward, the more he gnaws away. He nibbles away very, very slowly. So Muslims must be on their guard and alert against hypocrisy.

  • Turkish-Islamic Union is a system that protects everyone. It will protect Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists and everyone. But Christians and Jews will also protect Muslims under this system. It does not mean that only Muslims will do the protecting. Those moral values will prevail under Islamic justice. Otherwise, of course the Jews will protect people who go to Israel and the people there. Christians will protect people when they visit them. That is a custom among the Circassians. A guest is escorted right back to his own home. In that sense. It does not mean that they are helpless and Muslims will watch out for them. Everyone is weak. It is dishonest to misinterpret this. One must be honest. For example, if you visit a Christian’s home, you are under his protection. Allah makes him His instrument. Of course Allah does the protecting. Why does Allah use armies? Our Prophet (saas) had an army. The Prophet Dawud (as) had an army. The Prophet Dawud (as) said Allah would protect him, but he also looked to natural causes. Allah makes people His instruments. When we say that Allah will protect, He will do so using His servants. If the Turkish-Islamic Union has an (spiritual) army of 30 million of course it will put a stop to anarchy and terror. But who will really do that? Allah. Allah stops it, but using the army of Islam as His instrument.

2011-06-10 14:11:49

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