Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 June 2011



  • (Regarding troops shooting Muslims in Afghanistan)

The reason they shoot them is because they regard Muslims as poor and helpless. Could they shoot a European there, a Dutch tourist for instance? No. Could they shoot an American? No. But they shoot Muslims. Because Muslims are regarded as of little worth. They regard them as weak, crushed, needing to be killed and even, may Allah forbid, as the people of Gog and Magog. Muslims hate Muslims. But they are much more respectful toward irreligious people.

  • The way of the Mahdi is in full view. Blind eyes will get used to seeing it. There is no question of the way of the Mahdi announcing its presence itself. Eyes that were blind to the way of the Mahdi have begun seeing it. It is very hard to see a light in a dark environment when it comes from somewhere bright. It dazzles the eyes. It is the same with the way of the Mahdi. They cannot see Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the darkness, when once their eyes grow accustomed they will clearly see that radiance. People have an inability to see. But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will reveal himself very clearly. People cannot see if they are heedless and crazed. Or if they are ignorant. They cannot see if their veils are not fully lifted. But they will see when those veils are lifted.
  • Those who say that Allah is One must unite around that Oneness of Allah. Otherwise you are just making things easier for the dajjal (antichrist). People first deny Allah. The greatest danger is denial of Allah. Once belief in Allah has been established, the rest is easy. But the way of the Mahdi will prepare the climate for Hazrat Mahdi (as), so it will be as if he is coming to a ready home. Jesus the Messiah (as) will only open the home to use. Muslims have a great responsibility. Jesus the Messiah (as) is already among us (Allah knows best).
  • I have been describing the Qur’an for the last 30 years, and I will lose none of my fervor if I continue to do so for the next 30. Indeed, I will talk about it with even greater fervor. Fortitude is one of Muslims’ most fundamental characteristics. They must be patient, with good moral values and behavior and with love. One must not confuse fortitude with endurance. Fortitude is steadiness on continuous religious observance performed with the fervor of observance. One continues with one’s religious observance with patience. It does not imply suffering and feeling pain. It does not mean endurance. Allah says ‘Be patient’.         It means determination in religious observance. Determination in moral virtue, respect and cleanliness. Being always clean, generous and forgiving, always preaching the word and always being protective. Someone may say, “I have always been generous for the last 10 years.” That is no good. He must continue till the end of his life. “I have been forgiving for 10 years” he says. But he must continue to be so. If that religious observance is stable, then it is valuable; if not then it is no good, insha’Allah.
  • People will see very interesting evidence of the way of the Mahdi. But the use of free will is never going to be done away with. The Mahdi will not declare himself to be that, it is the people who will acclaim him as the Mahdi. As the number of those who see, and their wisdom and understanding grow, so the way of the Mahdi will be better seen. For example, the Sun is unclear when it first rises. A white line appears. Most people cannot see that. Then it gradually grows darker, and most people see it. As it climbs higher, the more visible it becomes. The Sun is only just rising now. That is why eyes have only just begun to make things out. The Sun has no need to show itself. But people need to see the Sun. The Sun does not tell us to see it. It comes up, and we see it.
  • If I gave up, if I did not demonstrate this modern, quality, rational, honest and secular aspect of Islam, the AK Party would never have come to power and Muslims could not have acted in one direction. They would have attacked religious communities and a great many people. Religious communities have had to leave Turkey for that reason. Because of the ferocity of events. They were literally terrified. But I stood my ground and kept people where they were, with ideas, knowledge and science. And I have made things much easier for Muslims. The AK Party and Muslims have become able to act very easily. Because in philosophical terms I have laid a most agreeable foundation, like a rose garden, nice and flat. I have closed off all the thorny paths. People are now ashamed to say they are Darwinists. They are looking for places to hide away. They can no longer proudly make television programs. They are growing weaker and weaker. Sounds of whimpering can be heard. Allah made me His instrument, masha’Allah.
2011-06-27 12:47:38

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