Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 June 2011

A9 TV, 16 June 2011

  • One must be on one’s guard against summer lethargy. People relax in hot weather. As if one should just retire to one’s summer house and chase flies. They imagine one should either be holding a fly swatter or a slice of water melon. Not so. In the Qur’an, the hypocrites say, “How can one strive in this heat? How can one go out preaching? How can one spread the religion? It is far too hot.” So the heat has a deterrent effect. It can affect people whose earthly desires are strong. Almighty Allah refers to that in the Qur’an. Look at people in the summer, and they are much more relaxed. Whereas they should use their free will and be the exact opposite. They should be more enthusiastic, more determined, more fervent and more active. In other words, we cannot be guided by the weather. Muslims do not act according to that. But it does affect the soul. For example, Allah says people have become sleepy, so He sends the rain. Cool weather livens people up, but what really matters is reason, will and faith.
  • The dajjal (antichrist) works magic, but this is quite apparent. The magic worked against Muslims can be felt. In states such as lethargy, fatigue, sloth and weakness in Muslims. It also affects a Muslim’s brain. That is why they must pray against the sorcery of the dajjal. It can be dispersed through prayer. The sorcery will have no effect. Because it is Allah Who produces the effect of sorcery. If people pray, its impact on Muslims can be completely eliminated. But they must pray very intensely.
  • People may not grasp the importance of prayer. Prayer is a vital matter. Some people want things at once when they pray. Prayer is in any case heeded. It is accepted as an act of worship. But Allah may sometimes wisely delay acting on it. Sometimes He brings it about in a more auspicious way. That is why people sometimes fail to realize their prayers have been heeded. They must be aware that prayer is accepted as an act of worship. Every prayer is accepted. But Allah acts on it if it is for the best. If not, He will act on it in some other auspicious way. Someone says he wants to go abroad, for instance. Allah will not permit him if it is not for the best. Because he will be killed abroad. Allah prevents him. That is for the best. But prayer is always accepted as an act of worship.
  • Turkish-Islamic Union must be established at once. They are all getting together in and concentrating on Palestine; founding a Palestinian state, improving things in Palestine. What about Iraq? And Somalia? Or Chad? They never mention them. That is wrong. They must talk about everywhere as a single whole. It is unfortunate and dishonest to only include certain parts; one must include everywhere and persistently repeat the same thing. Anything else is selfish. Like saying, “as long as I’m all right, who cares about anyone else?” What do you want? “The embargo to be lifted.” What else? “To live at ease.” Anything else? “No, thank you, that is all.” That is no good. The important things are Turkish-Islamic Union, Islamic Union, the liberation of all these places. That is what people should talk about. The same thing must be talked about in Iraq, and Afghanistan and everywhere else. We must talk with a single voice.
  • Muslims must pray for the success of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as). They must pray for protection against the evil of the dajjal. That is one important duty of Muslims, day and night; one, to pray for Hazrat Mahdi (as). Two, to pray for the Prophet Jesus (as). It is very important to Muslims to pray to Allah for the dominion of Islamic moral values and for Allah to protect them against all forms of assault by the dajjal. And they must pray for the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as), insha’Allah; they must pray at every prayer. And for protection against the evil of the dajjal. Muslims must lower their hands when they pray; they must seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the dajjal. They must turn their hands over when the name of the dajjal occurs in prayer, insha’Allah. They must pray at every prayer, for protection against the evil of the dajjal. Who is it who strives against the dajjal? Hazrat Mahdi (as). They must pray for Hazrat Mahdi (as), for Allah to protect him and grant him success, for Allah to curse the dajjal and destroy and neutralize him. It is the same with Jesus the Messiah and his followers. They must pray for Almighty Allah to grant them success, health and strength, insha’Allah.
  • The life of bees alone is breathtaking. Marvel upon marvel upon marvel. The bee is enough, hundreds or thousands of times enough, all by itself, for a rational person to have faith. Just the bee. Every detail is stunning, amazing. Yet people just listen quietly and move on. But when examined with care we encounter a breathtaking splendor. We see the wondrous intelligence of Allah, a manifestation of His Omniscience.
  • The days of giving money to hospitals and doctors and the pharmacy will come to an end. That is a very wrong thing to do. How can you demand money from a sick man? That is a duty all Muslims have toward one another. One should not demand money from the sick. It will be as I described in the time of the way of the Mahdi, insha’Allah.










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