The hood mechanism of the cobra has once again refuted the claims of evolutionary biology

According to a paper published in the journal “Experimental Biology,” scientists have uncovered the mechanism behind the threatening hood that the cobra uses as a defensive display.

Kenneth Kardong, a professor of zoology at Washington State University, described their examination of the cobra hood to BBC News in these words:

“In the cobra, both the [rib bones] and the muscles that work them are deployed to erect this visual display. We wanted to examine the way in which the ribs were 'freed up' to rotate into this presentation position, and to understand how the muscles were able to accomplish that and return them to a relaxed position.”

In order to be able to perform that examination, scientists anesthetized the cobra and installed mini-electrodes in its neck. Once  the electrodes were in place the researchers first waited for the snake to regain consciousness before recording muscle activity as it expanded its hood. They encountered something remarkable and quite surprising in their measurements of electrical activity in the muscles once the snake had recovered consciousness: a flawless muscle group. Cobras use this muscle group in order to open their hoods for defensive purposes when threatened. Kenneth Kardong investigated the mechanism between the cobra’s ribs and the hood and said, in stark contrast to all those scientists who try to account for the immaculate features of living things in terms of evolution, that the cobra’s hood was “an intriguing problem in evolutionary biology.”

As we have seen, this feature of the cobra, the ribs that make that feature possible, and the perfect harmony between its nervous and muscular systems exhibit the infinite knowledge and sublime creation of Almighty Allah. Our Lord has created all the systems in every living thing within a specific arrangement, and He created all of this out of nothing. Our Lord’s creative knowledge is revealed as follows in one verse:


“…He has no partner in the Kingdom. He created everything and determined it most exactly...” (Surat al-Furqan, 2)

2011-07-06 12:17:05

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