Sensitive antennae of the mosquito

The sense of hearing of mosquitoes is very advanced. There are two antennae on the top of the mosquito’s head; these antennas are very sensitive detectors with rich sensory cells.

The sound produced by the female mosquito’s wings can be easily distinguished by the male. The particular wing sounds of the female causes the receptors cells of the male’s antennae to vibrate and sends electrical signals to the mosquito’s brain. The male mosquito recognizes the female’s flapping frequency among thousands of other sounds thanks to its sensitive antennae.

The male mosquito’s antennae are much more sensitive with respect to females. There is an organ, which is composed of a number of sensory cells, on the two tiny and hairy antennae emerging from the male’s head. This system, called the “Johnston organ”, receives the vibrations of sound waves and distinguishes between them. These detectors are sensitive to sound vibrations only when in a straight position.

Many circumstances, which seem to be impossible for human beings, can be easily accomplished by animals with a miraculous ease. For example, a human female cannot prolong her duration of pregnancy, but some animals can do this; mosquitoes are among these creatures. Some species of mosquitoes ovulate not after the first rain, but following the second or even the third, even though their ovulation period has come. Thanks to this precaution, the mosquito species is under a sort of protection.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs either in summer or in the fall. The ambient temperature of the location where they lay their eggs is an important factor for mosquito larva to develop. When the temperature reaches to a certain degree (at least 100C, at most 300C) development can accelerate, but when these limits are exceeded, development either slows down or the larva dies.



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