Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 June 2011


A9 TV, Kocaeli TV, 24 June 2011

  • Let us have a good look at history. The Turks built larger pyramids in China. They have never been entered. Who knows what is written or inside them? I guess there will be very important documents regarding Turkish history. An agreement with China on that subject is essential. Open it up and let’s go in and have a look. Everywhere is being investigated, so why not there, as well? I think fascinating information about Turkish history will be turned up. We still know almost nothing about history. They don’t let history be written. World history is shaped by just 10 or 15 historians. It should be turned over to scientists. There are archeological findings, but they cover them up. That concealment will come to an end in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Who knows what secrets there are in the world? There are chambers inside the sphinxes. They have never been entered. The world is waiting for the way of the Mahdi in all regards. America, Russia and the Turkish-Islamic world all need it. There needs to be an honest, sincere and rational person in charge. There is a stone in Çemberlitaş in Istanbul. Something will be found under that. Istanbul is packed full to bursting. The stones in Sultan Ahmet. It is full under them, too. It is full underneath Haghia Sofia. These all need to be identified. And the original of the Torah will be found. Not just one or two, but many copies of the original of the Torah. And the original version of the Injil (Gospel) will be found. But these are expensive and difficult tasks, needing to be undertaken by States. There are the stone ruins on Mount Nemrut. Everything lies under them. But that stone cannot be brought down. The mountain will collapse if they start digging. It should be done technically, it is only possible by digging down from the top. Because the builders made it so cunningly that it will collapse it you go in from underneath. And they made it in such a way the top will collapse if you go in from there. They piled all those rocks on the top. That is a miracle. All the masonic symbols are there on the top of the mountain. There are 19 stars above a lion, eagles and a great many masonic symbols. They also used it as a masonic temple. Noah’s Ark has been found, but none of the rooms have been entered. Nobody has taken any interest. But the boat is there, with a great many rooms, not just one or two. One could only get in with State backing. But they will enter it in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) insha’Allah. Maybe the book that came to the Prophet Noah (as) is there, and his personal effects.
  • All eternity also has a destiny. For example, our lives in 70 trillion years will be in paradise, insha’Allah, if Allah so pleases. Everything, what we eat and drink and whom we talk to, is all appointed. And in 700 trillion years it is still all appointed in the Sight of Allah. Allah is very great. We may be inside an electron, or a proton, or maybe a neutron. Maybe the whole world is inside a proton. We must appreciate the greatness of that. Allah sends us here to appreciate Him as we should. We remember and speak of Allah, and we have to expand on that. We must describe Him technically and not give up. We need to expand and broaden the matter. He is boundless. We must be stunned by Him. Let us give thanks to Allah. Almighty Allah has built a wondrous system. Satan says, “they will not serve You.” So you were completely wrong on that, satan. Look, we are serving Him, and you cannot stop us. So much for you conquering the whole world with Darwinism. Look, I have brought that down around your ears. What about all your teachers and professors and universities? I have brought the whole system down with just my few colleagues.          
  • Some people are unaware of Allah's delightful equilibrium. I like coffee, but it would be meaningless without the test. This cup would also be meaningless, the gold lead would be meaningless, nothing would have any meaning. Life would be flat and colorless. Nobody teaches Allah compassion, may He forbid! Allah teaches compassion to us. No child suffers in death. No pious believer suffers in death. But they do suffer before then, as they are tested.    
  • Almighty Allah says they were unable to properly appreciate His might. Allay is most great, but people still imagine He is only powerful to a certain extent. But He is infinitely mighty. Allah regards the test as important. But people regard themselves as important. Someone says he is suffering and asks who this body belongs to. Not to me, he says. It belongs to Allah. It cannot belong to himself. He has no power to create it. You receive your soul readymade. One just has memories. And Allah creates those, too. So why talk about you suffering? That body is not yours at all, and neither is the soul yours. And your memories are not yours. But you assume they are. That is why people suffer. They should not, and there is a metaphysical secret in that. The more they assume ownership and thus ascribe equals to Allah, the more they suffer. If they abandon ascribing equals to Him, their suffering will ease, to be replaced by ease and relaxation. Very few people give thanks, for instance. I was speaking to an acquaintance the other day. He kept talking about blessings. I said alhamdulillah, but he never did. He just kept on talking. I told him it is very important to give thanks. I told him to give thanks for all the things he had described. Allah speaks of giving thanks in the Qur’an. He says He will increase our blessings if we give thanks. People do not realize. But of course He will. There would be wealth and plenty all over Turkey. But He does not increase blessings because people are not grateful. People expect it an hour later. But it may not happen for a month or a year. But blessings will be increased. It is essential to give thanks. Alhamdulillah.
  • The important thing is the hereafter. This world is just an image. We cannot see the original of it, only an image.
  • The most important subject is Islamic Union. When we have Turkish-Islamic Union and Islamic Union, everything will be resolved. Some people dig around underground. They should come to the surface and rule over it (intellectual). They scurry around under the feet of disbelief like ants. That is no good. They are wasting their time. The essential thing is Islamic Union. Turkish-Islamic Union. Social issues will be resolved then, and political ones and everything. A morally excellent order will then arise in politics, too. Since Islamic moral values will prevail. Everything will fall into place in medicine and everything else. The economy will be sorted out. Because proper moral values will have a very positive impact on everything. My brothers must think on these things. 
  • They must abandon nonsense and strive for the global dominion of Qur’anic moral values. They must demand Islamic Union. They imagine that is very hard, but it is easy. It is not happening because you are not demanding it. If you did, it would happen at once, or in a week. Guests do not come where they are not wanted. And Islam does not come where it is not wanted, either it comes if it is invited, by Allah’s leave. It will come if 10% of the Islamic world wants it. But it is not coming as it is not being called. Allah is not sending it. Otherwise we would long since have had Islamic Union. They are all wrapped up in their own problems and thinking of themselves. They are all thinking selfishly. They say they want to be at ease. But they never say a word about Islamic Union. They want to be at ease, but Allah will send you afflictions, rather than ease. You did not come to this world to relax. You came to serve Allah. And Allah bestows no ease on people who not wish for Islamic Union. There can be no peace anywhere in the world. But if they demanded Islamic Union, then peace and ease would follow at once.
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