Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 06 July 2011

Gaziantep Olay TV; A9 TV; TV Kayseri; Samsun Aks TV, 6 July 2011


Surah Hud, 109

So be in no doubt about what these people worship.” Allah says they have very different beliefs. They ascribe equals to Him, He says

They only worship as their forebears worshipped previously.”

They were polytheists and sick in mind, “They worship as their forebears worshipped.” He says they have the same character and system. “We will pay them their portion in full, with no rebate!.” Allah says He will give them their just desserts. “We gave Moses the book,”The Torah. “and people differed concerning it.”What do they do? They make additions to the Torah and give it a totally different form. had it not been for a prior Word from your Lord, it would already have been decided between them.”Allah says He will punish them. But there is also a promise. He says He is in no hurry. “They are indeed in grave doubt about it (the Qur’an).”They are undecided one way or the other, He says. Do the People of the Book have a responsibility toward the Qur’an? The verse makes it quite clear. Allah says it is wrong for the People of the Book to doubt the Qur’an. Some people say they have no responsibility toward the Qur’an, that Christians and Jews have no such responsibility. But Allah says they do. Allah regards it as wrong for them to be skeptical and tells us to have sincere belief, insha’Allah.

Red tape should be lifted from the families of martyrs. No money should be taken from a martyr’s relative when they go to a shop. How can you take money from the family of a martyr? He dies to protect your faith, honor, country and nation.For Allah’s approval. Yet you cannot bear to hand over a tiny thing from the shop. He gave up his life on Allah’s path. You must give him something small in return.With kindness, and without giving offense. If the whole area where you live collects money you can put an extension on their house or repair it, or you can give them a home if they lack one. A martyr’s home must be a happy one. Why let them remain in a wretched house? We have money, and we must spend it on that kind of thing. A martyr’s brother says, “I need a job.” “What is so special about you?” “My brother is a martyr.” And that is an end to it. You must hire him at once, and it will be good for your business. Forget about qualifications. Martyr’s families must be hired at once in official posts. But the nation must also embrace them. I do not want to see any martyrs’ families weeping. I want them to be happy and strong, insha’Allah.

Islam is an easy faith, and that is vitally important.Because that deals a heavy blow to polytheism. Religion is a manifestation of the beauty of Allah, Who enfolds all places and bestows happiness. It means ease and goodness and abundance. The Qur’an is the instruction leaflet accompanying medicine, that shows us how to use this world. It is a manifestation of Allah, Who gives blessings to all. Religion adds color to my life, and meaning. I could not think without religion. Everything would be meaningless, may Allah forbid!The sea would be meaningless, and children and everything. Religion is light and beauty. But some bigots make it into a source of misery, may Allah forbid! They come up with everything that inflicts pain and suffering, with all kinds of bans, with whatever restricts human liberties. 

(About violence against women)

Protect and watch out for women when they go out. The press must constantly report on these aggressors. They must clean up their districts and tell the local officials. Aggressors must be kept under constant surveillance. Hundreds of eyes must watch them. They must watch their every move. Such aggressors are people who must be kept under control all their lives. It is a lovely thing to protect someone else. It is a great delight to protect a woman. A lovely thing. It is lovely to bring them peace of mind. Women police, we can pay them ourselves if need be. There must be more police. How many police are needed? Well, more than 2000 women are under threat. So let them recruit 4000 police. The State needs more money? We will provide it. We will eat a bit less, and that will be good for us. Or instead of taking flowers to someone, we won’t bother. Just so long as these women are safe.

Surat ash-Shu’ara’

144- “So have fear of Allah and obey me”

Fearing Allah is not like fearing a gun or something like that. Fear of Allah is a pleasurable, lovely fear. It is a noble fear. Obey the commands of Allah that came in that time, and the Qur’an that came in this time.

145- “I do not ask you for any wage for it”

This means that people who preach and tell others of Allah ask no reward. They do it for Allah’s approval.

146-151- Are you going to be left secure amid what is here,

amid gardens and clear springs,

and cultivated fields and palms with supple spathes?

Will you continue hewing houses from the mountains with exultant skill?

So have fear of Allah and obey me.

Do not obey the orders of the profligate,

This is aimed at immoral people. You must not obey immoral people.

152- those who corrupt the earth and do not put things right.

Whoever distresses and hurts Muslims, Christians, Jews or anyone.

153- They said, ‘You are merely someone bewitched.

These words are always spoken to prophets and those who strive on Allah’s path.

154- You are nothing but a human being like ourselves, so produce a Sign if you are telling the truth.

You are a normal person, they say, there is nothing special about you.

so produce a Sign if you are telling the truth.’

And let’s see it. Insha’Allah, these people will soon being seeing what they wanted.

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