Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 July 2011

KanalAvrupa; Çay TV; A9 TV, 10 July 2011

  • Protein puts an end to the matter. It ends right with from the start. No bricks can come about by chance, let alone a palace. They cannot even account for the bricks in the palace. It is a clear miracle, the formation of proteins. In fact, Darwinists were long ago crushed intellectually, but some people are weak in faith. That is what underlies all the troubles going on. For example, that is what lies at the root of the fragmentation of the followers of the Nur. Weakness of faith lies behind the disappearance of certain communities. Weakness of faith is also why they are not active. That also happens on the Left. The Left used to have a powerful belief in disbelief. They went about everything to the death. They easily sacrificed their lives. But then they lost their faith. Why? Because I appeared, that is why. They lost their faith when the Atlas of Creation came out. They were only able to maintain the old, ignorant system. The exact opposite happened with Muslims. Darwin brought out his Origin of Species. Many Ottoman scholars just fell apart. Only the ignorant people who never read a book were able to survive. They had no rank or influence, and so the Ottoman Empire collapsed.
  • Some women and young people collapse very fast. They smoke and drink a lot. The third thing is that they eat a lot of fast food. They should just eat natural foods, not smoke and get plenty of sleep. They suffer the worst lack of love. A woman will be devastated and ruined without love, even though she takes vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C or whatever. But a woman who lives with love never falls apart or grows old. A woman who lives with true love never collapses. The cells need passion. A cell needs water, protein and oxygen. But above all else, the cells of the body need love. With love, the skin becomes luminous. The brain and mind and soul come to life. Depression stems from lack of love. The vertebrae collapse, hernias develop, and they all stem from lack of love, from tension. Anemia is due to lack of love. Children are generally exhausted.
  • When I go out, I see no joy in most people. Lovelessness is a national tragedy. An earthquake happens and they talk about an earthquake zone. But lovelessness is a far worse disaster than an earthquake. There is an attack and martial law is declared. Satan is assaulting the world now. That is a thousand times worse than a human attack. People die from that and go to paradise. But when satan attacks they are utterly ruined. That is the cause of all unhappiness. Attacks from the way of the dajjal (antichrist) and the sufyan. The way of the sufyan has devastated the Muslim world, and the way of the dajjal has devastated the world. Some people sit and look on. There is a vampire on them, sucking their blood, and they need to tear it off. But they don’t. They just live with it. They are unhappy and dejected and joyless. They should seek shelter in Allah and the Qur’an. Pray to Allah, seek shelter in Him, surrender to Him, and Allah will protect you. The Prophet (saas) talks about the coming of the way of the dajjal. Read Surat al-Kahf. Surat al-Kahf talks of a civilization. What does that mean? The way of the Mahdi is the solution to the way of the dajjal. All Muslims must be a mahdi. What does Almighty Allah say?“Struggle with them until there is no more corruption and the religion belongs to Allah alone.” How can corruption be lifted? Can corruption be lifted without the dominion of Qur’anic moral values? What does that mean? Strive until Qur’anic moral values prevail. To whom does Allah say that? To all Muslims. The name of the person who will bring that about is Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah will bestow that on him alone, and on the Prophet Jesus (as). But can any Muslim say that this verse refers to Hazrat Mahdi (as) and so is no concern of mine? Every Muslim has a religious obligation to act on it. Verse 5 of Surat an-Nur speaks of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) task. Everyone has to be a mahdi in that respect. The person referred to as the Mahdi is anyone who fully acts in the light of these verses of the Qur’an. The dajjal is raising copies of himself. The Mahdi (as) will also produce his own copies. There is a huge conflict of ideas going on in the world. There is a huge, silent struggle between the way of the sufyan and the way of the Mahdi. The spirit, soul and philosophy of the way of the sufyan, communist, materialist and Darwinist thinking, led by Hafez Assad, have ruined the whole Islamic. Almost 90% of the Islamic world is in the hands of the way of the sufyan. Muslims are constantly being persecuted in Syria. We must line up with the way of the Mahdi to oppose this. The copies of the Mahdi (as) are coming about naturally. People are unaware of this. The Mahdi (as) is like the sun, always shining. The darkness of the way of the dajjal attracts the appropriate types of people. The dajjal is also always producing copies of. The copies of the dajjal are killing young girls, slaughtering and shedding blood and persecuting people.
  •  Having complexes is a major problem. They regard being modern as something very important in themselves. They regard it as a system that compensates for their complexes.
  • Turkish-Islamic Union will have come about within the next 10 years. Everywhere will be happy, well-off and joyful.

2011-07-18 11:34:40

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