Defense methods of the body that becomes active in case of emergency

The human body has been created with a flawless defense system. Our bodily reactions such as fainting, sneezing, having a fever, tanning and  hiccupping, which seem to us as quite ordinary are actually some of the protective mechanisms Allah created in our body.

In the human body, there is a magnificent system, every detail of which is planned and established on very sensitive balances. Millions of processes occur, reactions take place, cells die and are replaced by new ones every single second without us ever realizing it. This functionality in our body continues even when we sleep. These special defense mechanisms step in to protect the body when confronted with unusual or extraordinary conditions. Every organ, every cell, and every system in our body has a specific task. When there is even the slightest disturbance in this system, coordination is disrupted. Therefore, whether a person is aware of it or not, these special defense mechanisms protect the human body much like an army in case of emergencies. This mechanism known as the “defense system” is the most disciplined, the most complex and the most successful army in  the world. The defense system, which is composed of infantries, armored heavy task forces, intelligence units and even an “information technology” center that keeps track of enemies, fights off microbes and repairs the disruptions in the body throughout our lives.

In this case, the human body is in a sense like a “besieged castle.” There is no doubt that the protection of a castle surrounded on all sides by countless enemies has to be complete and meticulously planned. A human being is created with this perfect protection which he needs in order to not be  defenseless against these so-called enemies.

Every person can clearly see that an Owner of strength without precedent and a superior intelligence has created his body when he understands the order inside the systems of his body and the superior creation displayed at every point. Allah revealed this truth in the Qur’an:


“That is Allah, your Lord, there is no god but He; the Creator of all things, therefore serve Him, and He has charge of all things.” (Surat al-An’am, 102)

Examples of the Incredible  Defense Mechanisms in Our Body

The special defense mechanisms that step in according to urgent needs in our body amaze every individual who learns about them. Some of these special defense mechanisms, every part of which operates according to a precise plan, are as follows:


The Natural Protection Method That Cleans Air Passages: Sneezing

Why Do People Sneeze?

Sneezing is a reflex that occurs when there is a need to eject a substance that is found in the nasal passages and may cause disturbances to the person. By sneezing, air comes out of the nose strongly so it is cleaned via air passage. The nose is where the breathing process begins. Substances that may settle here and restrict or prevent the normal passage of air, or that could cause damage are cleaned out by means of the sneezing reflex. This reflex occurs without the individual’s own will and in a sudden way. Thus, even when we are unaware of it, our body is protected every single second by Almighty Allah’s inspiration and defends itself against enemies, much like an army.

How Does One Sneeze?

The  substance which is causing a disturbance inside the nasal mucous membranes  sends a signal to  the nerves that reside here. By means of the message sent to the brain, the command to sneeze is given by the reflex centers in the brain.

The Effect of Sneezing on the Human Body

During sneezing, most of the muscles in the face, chest and trunk are contracted. These contractions occur with splendid harmony, and by means of this harmony realized by the brain and the spinal cord, it is almost impossible for an  individual to prevent the sneeze. Since the pressure it would cause in the human body would lead to damage in the capillary vessels, doctors do not recommend preventing a sneeze. The nerves responsible for the sneezing process are also connected to the cornea, which is  found on the outer surface of the eye. Therefore, when we sneeze, our eyes get wet as well and it is not possible to hold the eyes open.

The Method to Empty the Air That Enters the Digestive System: The Hiccup

Why Do We  Hiccup?

When we eat food or drink water, air sometimes enters the stomach during swallowing. A hiccup is the reaction shown by the digestive system to remove this air that goes inside the digestive system.

How Do We  Hiccup?

At the moment when we swallow air, the diaphragm instantly shrivels and enables rapid breathing. Simultaneously, a closure occurs in the area where the larynx is located and the air that normally passes through here is blocked for a single moment.; this causes a sound to come out of our throat. The relationship between the stomach and the diaphragm occurs because the nerve groups of these two organs are very close to, even jumbled into, one another. Therefore, people generally hiccup after they eat a meal or drink water. After the digestion process is over, there is no hiccup.

The Effects of Hiccuping on a Human Being

If there were no hiccup reflexes in our bodies, then we would be unaware of the air that comes into our digestive system. Even if we felt a disturbance in our stomach, we would not know that we need to make a reflex like a hiccup to push this air out, and even if we knew that, we would be unable to accomplish that; if we tried to do this by our own freewill, our disturbance would increase even more. However, by means of this reflex placed in our body by Almighty Allah’s inspiration, possible disturbances are prevented without any need for action on our part. Undoubtedly, it is out of the question that such a system could ever come into existence by coincidence as claimed by evolutionists. Every detail in the human body is a manifestation of our Almighty Lord’s flawless art of Creation.

The Command to Rest That Comes From Our Body: Fever

Why Do We Get a Fever?

A fever is a sign of the immune system fighting against diseases in the human body. When the immune system is attacking microbes or diseases, the metabolism increases dramatically, and as a result, a person's body temperature increases correspondingly. Therefore, a person is forced to rest, so the energy required by the body to fight against microbes is not used for tasks like walking, traveling and working. Thus, a fever is not a side effect caused by the disease, but rather a special security precaution created to force a person to take a rest.

How Does Our Body Temperature  Increase?

Our body temperature is increased by the “fever center” of the brain. The fever center of the brain, in turn, is activated by a substance called “IL-1.” However, when the fever reaches to dangerous levels, a miraculous effect of the cortisol hormone normally secreted in our body emerges. The cortisol hormone is created to stop the fever as well as its different effects. In situations where a person is faced with the danger of dying of high fever, the cortisol hormone steps in and decreases fever by stopping the production of the IL-1 substance that initially activated the fever center.

The Effect of High Fever on the Human Body

High fever is a mechanism that prevents the body from being damaged by microbial diseases. At high body temperatures, amounts of iron, zinc and copper that prevents bacteria decrease. In addition, lyzozomes, which are the digestive organelles of the cell, are more easily divided. The digestive enzymes coming out of lyzozomes kill the cells together with the viruses inside them. A high body temperature also ensures that the number of defensive cells, known as lyphocytes, increases. At the same time, the production of interferons that kill viruses increases. If we stop and reflect on this for a moment, we can understand that using this system for the body to rest itself and to store energy is created in a very detailed manner. There is no doubt that Almighty Allah created all the systems in our body in complete and perfect harmony and in line with our needs. The intelligence and consciousness that manifests itself in every cell in the human body reflects the infinite knowledge of Allah Who created all things out of nothingness.

Tanning is in Fact a Defense Mechanism of the Body

Tanning is a chemical reaction of the color cells in the layer of our skin called the ‘derma.’ When these cells are subjected to UV rays in the sunlight, they increase the amount of the dark color pigments called ‘melanin.’ Melanin is the dark colored hair and skin pigments on the upper layer of the skin called the 'epidermis'. Specialized cells, which produce these color particles, are named melanocyte. Melanocytes carry melanin (color particles) to the upper layers of the skin by means of these extensions. The sun stimulates the production of these cells. At first, there is a thickening of the skin, and then the skin produces more color pigments to protect itself and begins to grow darker. So the melanin pigment prevents UV rays from reaching the outer layers of the skin to the inner layers, and so provides a natural sunblock for the skin.

The Human Body’s “System Crash”: Fainting

Why Do We Faint?

The temporary loss of consciousness, which occurs when cardiovascular and respiratory activities literally come to a temporary halt is what we call “fainting”. Fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness that takes place involuntarily, just like other reflexes. It takes place in order to provide energy when the body, for whatever reason, cannot hold on anymore, to avoid a sense of pain that it cannot endure, or to provide more blood for the brain. This process is somewhat analogous to a “system crash” in computers. Fainting can also be a sign of other problems in the body as well. Fainting occurs with greater frequency in people with excessively sensitive nervous systems. Conditions such as extreme enthusiasm, intense fear, severe stress, heatstroke, bad smells, gum disease, the sight of blood, severe pain or aches can also cause fainting.

How Do We Faint?

Before a person faints, he first feels dizzy, and typically feels his ears burning. As a result of this, his face goes pale and his pulse begins to slow down until it is it no longer audible. The hands become cold and the color drains from the face. The forehead and the face begin to exude cold sweat. At the end, the person blacks out and faints.

The Effects of Fainting on the Human Body

The person who faints regains consciousness slowly in a couple of minutes and subsequently revives. First, his facial color is restored, his heartbeat becomes stronger and the pulse begins to be heard. The person regains his consciousness as if he were awakening from a deep sleep.

Allah is the One Who Creates Flawlessly

When we examine our body, we find amazing systems that belong to our various organs, which protect and cure themselves and that these processes occur without error. It is clear that skills such as developing various methods of communication, cooperation, planning and acting via perfect organization in line with these plans cannot be expected from mere defense cells or organs. Even a community of the most knowledgeable people cannot duplicate such a flawless organization nor accomplish such tasks without hindrance, forgetfulness, confusion or disorder. Almighty Allah Who controls all systems through His Mercy in a flawless manner also created His servants in a perfect order. Every bit  of information we learn about is one of the evidences of creation that prove to us Allah’s Might and Superior Power. In one verse of the Qur’an, our Lord reveals His Art of Creation as follows:


“And He it is Who made for you the ears and the eyes and the hearts; little is it that you give you thanks. And He it is Who multiplied you in the earth, and to Him you shall be gathered. And He it is Who gives life and causes death, and (in) His (control) is the alternation of the night and the day; do you not then understand?” (Surat al-Muminun, 78-80)

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