Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 July 2011

Samsun AKS; TV Kayseri; A9 TV, 13 July 2011

Bediüzzaman says that “hypocrites have a satanic, snake-like intelligence, and are tricksters.” That is why the counter-offensive must be highly rational and Qur’anic. The subject that hypocrites are most sensitive on is that of Islamic Union. Because hypocrites are proud and dislike the idea of anyone being above them. That is what they do not want Hazrat Mahdi (as) or the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Of course they say that the Mahdi (as) will come. When? They say they do not want him to come in their time, that they want him to come in 500 years’ time. They do not want their own children to see him either, and that is a characteristic of the hypocrite. Or else they say he is a collective personality.

Because a collective personality cannot give them orders or be superior to them. So they can then live at ease in their pride. Or they say the Mahdi (as) is a spirit, and invisible. That makes it easier for them to live in their pride and with their feelings of superiority. The satanic character is a major element among hypocrites, and they want to be the only one and most important. That is why they do not want the way of the Mahdi and do not want to see Islamic Union in their time. You can tell them from that. The Companions sought the Mahdi (as) from among themselves immediately after the death of the Prophet (saas). Love of the Mahdi (as) enfolded their hearts, and they were not proud.

They wanted the Mahdi (as) to be their leader. Then the pendulum swung the other way and a huge counter-reaction against the way of the Mahdi began. So ask those who appear to be the most pious whether or not they expect the Mahdi (as) to appear this century. They begin wriggling and writhing like snakes. Ask a hypocrite "Do you want the Mahdi (as) to appear in this century? Do you want to see Jesus the Messiah (as) return in this century?” They will always reject the idea.

They do not want to see Islamic Union this century and will make no efforts toward it. If there is no Islamic Union, then there is no Qur’an and no Islam. Islamic Union is a must. You can see how little people live by Islamic moral values these days. Concentrate on that when you identify a hypocrite. That is the crystal clear criterion. The hypocritical movement emerges as the opposite of the Mahdi. The hypocrite does not want anyone above him and wants to be the greatest himself. They imagine they will be the most important person in a community. They want to take over, and that is a characteristic of theirs. The hypocrites are like fuel for Muslims. You can get sloth or disbelief in the absence of hypocrisy. But we will have Islamic Union, no matter what the hypocrites do.

2011-07-28 10:03:20

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