Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 July 2011



  • The Armenians are very dear to us. Let them come. Let Greeks and Armenians settle as they wish. In the same way we lived side by side in Ottoman times. We can live as friends and brothers in the same way. There is no hatred or enmity among us, insha’Allah. They are servants of Allah and we are servants of Allah, and we are brothers in this world. They are also religious believers in their own terms. Of course we will protect and watch over one another, but there has to be a climate of friendship and brotherhood. Mr. Davutoğlu [Turkish Foreign Minister] is a blessed and most excellent person. But he is also a manifestation of the way of the Mahdi. He is also a sign that the Mahdi has come, insha’Allah. He is giving very good service. May Allah preserve him and smooth his path and give him well-being.
  • There is no peace under communism or fascism. For example, when there is a fascist administration, they are joking if they say they came to bring peace. Fascism sheds blood. It is aggressive and constantly seeks conflict. The same with communism. There is no peace under communism, only conflict. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Constant upheaval. Everything is in conflict, matter and society and life. They believe everywhere is full of conflict. And they therefore believe that war and upheaval and revolution are inevitable. That is their idea of revolution. But communism ends when bloodshed ends. But communism persists when bloodshed persists. The dictatorship of the proletariat is founded on bloodshed. Look, they say that themselves, “A great red Sun will rise over the horizon of this sea of blood.” They cannot make it any clearer than that. “A great red Sun will rise over the horizon of this sea of blood.” A communist Sun. Communism will be born, it says. They say they will shed whole rivers of blood. What more need they say? It is in their slogans and all their writings and everywhere. Two steps forward, one step back for progress. That is how communists work. But that is out of the question. They need time. They need to make progress. That is the issue. They imagine that when they establish an independent state, may Allah forbid, they will be equipped with heavy weapons, weapons made in China, and that they will then take over the remaining regions and impose the dictatorship of the proletariat of the world. Those who talk about peace are either ignorant of communism or else are using that tactic to deceive people. There is no peace under communism.
  • Let us hear them say what I have been saying for years about communist thinking. They have never spoken the word communism. I am amazed by that. Is there not a communist, Stalinist uprising there? Yes, there is. So we need anticommunist activities. Talk about that, too. You can see the problem cannot be resolved by arms alone. I mean, you have an ideology on one side but none on the other. There is a belief on one side but none on the other. That is unacceptable. An opposed belief needs to be developed. If there is a communist belief, then we need an anticommunist belief. If there is an evolutionary belief, then we need a Creationist one. We must always have an antithesis, a counter-belief. Then that counter-belief can easily make progress. Bediüzzaman also says: “the more indoctrination and conditioning and propaganda grow, the more materialism grows.” And that is indeed so. It progresses step by step. Some of our brothers and I are engaged in counter-activity. But it is not enough. The State needs to do it. It needs to be wide-ranging. And the first thing is for the State to admit there is a communist uprising going on. Then it has to express the need for scientific, anticommunist activity. For example, they say, “psychological solutions are also essential.”  They should say what the psychological solutions are. What is the psychological solution? Are we going to take those people off to kindergarten? Are we going to indoctrinate them with doctors? Are we expected to take them all off to the psychiatrist? The psychological solution is anticommunist activity. Anti-Darwinist and anticommunist activity. They really must say that out loud.
  • They come forward with an ideology and guns. You have no ideology or ideas and so cannot counter-attack them. You don’t say you are anti-Darwinist or anti-communist, you don’t tell. Can you develop any critique against Stalinism or Leninism? You can’t. You say nothing. And when you are silent their ideology grows ever stronger. The other side regard you as ignorant. As pacifists, as reactionaries. In other words, the communists will not listen to you. Communism has just 5% or 10% mass support for ruling, meaning there is no need for everyone to be communist; 10% is more than enough to turn a country communist. That applies to many countries. Ten percent is a crushing majority for them. Lenin says this too. There are statements about that by Lenin and Stalin. Ten percent who fully understand the concept is quite enough. The strong must fight the weak. They say there is a conflict of opposites. They say they represent the oppressed, the working class. And that the other are exploiting them. They say there is a huge conflict between them. They say there is a conflict going on. They say that history shows they will inevitably emerge victorious. That is an ideology, a faith, a religion. That is a belief. It is a satanic ideology, the result of taking a belief from the Torah and the Injil and turned it into a dajjal-type belief. And that idea will win if no counter-idea is produced. That applies everywhere. That activity must go on and must be called anti-communist, anti-Marxist and anti-Leninist and anti-Darwinist activity.
  • Lenin says this in daily Pravda on 29 October, 1918, “Some people say that our cruelty is a disgrace” and complain how we are killing people, and murdering troops and setting bombs and carrying out robberies, but these are revolutionary activities. “When some people say that our cruelty is a disgrace, we are amazed at the way they forget the most basic Marxist principles.” How can you forget them? He asks in amazement. Then Lenin says: “Social democrats proudly say they are not anarchists, thief or burglars, they say they are above this. They reject guerrilla warfare. When I see them say that I ask myself whether these people realize what they are saying.” He says they are asleep. “There are armed conflict and clashes between the dark faces and the government and the people all over the country.” Terror. “The present state of affairs is an inevitable one in the course of the revolution.” He says they have no alternative but to do what they do. The other day, a municipal mayor told Abdullah Ocalan “we are going to abandon the armed struggle.” Abdullah Ocalan said “are you mad?” He said they had come so far with their guns. By shedding blood and terror. And he said that is how they were able to enforce their will. That is why we will never abandon our guns, as that would mean losing all our strength, he says. We will continue down that line, he says. He also says he want to be released and live in a place like a villa somewhere and enjoy fresh air. Then, he says, conditions will improve. He says he will manage affairs better and things can then be resolved. He is self-obsessed. Those people have no need of him.
  • They talk about peace and brotherhood while they are unaware of this fact. Ask them what their ideology that espouses peace and brotherhood is, and they say they have none. They say that flowers open up and butterflies emerge in spring and doves fly about and that is enough. They say it is enough for people to eat their mothers’ soup. They say time will bring prosperity. And thus you are defeated. You have to give a true and scientific response if they produce a false, unscientific claim. If you cannot do that, you will go down to defeat.
  • (About the torture of a young Uighur child in China)

We talk about the way of the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus (as), and they ask what we mean by the Mahdi and Jesus (as). What need is there for Islamic Union, they ask? What need is there for Turkish-Islamic Union? And autonomy? Ah, that we need right away. They say the Kurdish region must be set up straight away. But if we had Turkish-Islamic Union it would be even stronger than NATO. The whole world would abandon that depravity. The countries that engage in depraved behavior. The result would be an excellent peace force. The army that results will not be an oppressive one, but a deterrent force. Because there will be no bloodshed, since this is the time of the Mahdi. Is the PKK strong enough to impose its will in that way? No. So it is not that hard a task. Books and activities espousing Turkish-Islamic Union, faith-related activities, are very important. For example, the A9 TV channel is doing very good work on that subject, insha’Allah. The channel needs to be supported as it spreads. People should be encouraged to watch it all over the world. Books espousing Turkish-Islamic Union can be read en masse. Conferences can be held. Presentations can be arranged. There is no question of one not having the means. Everything is possible. If people use their intelligence and will. How do I do it? I was alone when I came from Ankara in 1979. And look at the results. Look where Turkey is now. Islam has grown wonderfully strong. Materialism and Darwinism have been intellectually annihilated in Turkey. And intellectually annihilated in Europe. The other side cannot open their mouths any more. They brought the rabbis together as a last resort. Religious teachers and Christian priests. They got them all to sign a piece of paper saying they are Darwinists. It is like a comedy film. Why bother with all these last, desperate measures? With all this wretchedness? The important thing is you have been annihilated intellectually. No signatures are going to change that. Look at that final move and see how wretched it is.

  • You cannot issue commandments to a person with no faith. They must have a powerful faith. By which I mean a deep love of Allah in their hearts. They must fear Allah. To which end one must concentrate on the signs leading to faith. You can then suggest things to a person raised in that way, saying that this is lawful and this is not. But if you tell someone who has no perfection of faith, no belief, that this is banned but this is fine, that is in fact harmful. There is no point. Some of our brothers want to continue with the old madrassa style. But they already have communities of believers. They told them what is lawful and what not. But how can you explain the concept of lawful and unlawful to someone with no faith? To someone with no fear of Allah? You first have to have a solid faith. And if people have solid faith, there is no need to tell them as they will find these things out for themselves, what is lawful or unlawful. That is why Bediüzzaman says that the most important thing is the signs leading to faith. To reinforce people’s faith. For them to believe in the existence and oneness of Allah.
  • People who know about the signs leading to faith, think. They begin grasping the existence and oneness of Allah. They love and fear Allah. Then they will also abide by His commandments. That is easy, yet they still do not want Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. But they are scrupulous when it comes to things that meet their earthly desires. Like getting married and circumcision.  They worry about their stomachs or what they hear. But that is wrong. First comes Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, signs leading to faith. Everything will be resolved if you have Islamic Union. But without Islamic Union you will be miserable and suffer. You see the predicament of the Turkish-Islamic world – all fragmented. The Islamic world is fragmented. All Turks and the Islamic world must be united.
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