Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 July 2011


  • (In response to those who say Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not appear and the Prophet Jesus (as) will never come)

How can you deny Hazrat Mahdi (as)? It is the truth according to the four schools, Hanafi, Maliqi, Hanbali and Sha’afi. Imam Hanbal, Imam Maliq, Imam Sha’afi and Imam Hanafi all say Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come. But you say he will not come? That means you deny all the schools. So you have come to deny all belief. Because the Mahdi exists in Jaferism, and Shiism, and Bektashism and Alawism. He is in Christianity and Judaism and all. So on what basis do you say he will not come?

The coming of Jesus the Messiah is enshrined in verses of the Qur’an. Belief in the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as) is dogma in the Hanafi, Maliqi, Hanbali and Sha’afi schools. It is obligatory, in other words. According to the four schools. Should we go along with the imams of the four schools or with your way of thinking?

Some people’s mentality is one of “sit at home and pray.” That is out of the question. The Qur’an refers to Islamic Union. What does Islamic Union mean? It means the way of the Mahdi. What do we call the person at its head when Islamic Union comes about? The Mahdi.

Rabbis have a leader. They have a chief rabbi. Christians have the Pope. Masons have their Grand Lodge. Everyone has a leader. Ask whether Muslims should have a leader and some people will say “No.” They will say no, en masse. Ask if there is any need for Islamic Union and for Muslims to unite and they will say there is no need for that, either.

It has happened, it has come about. What difference does it make if you deny it? All the portents of the coming of the Mahdi have come about. You say he will not come, but the signs are there. All of them have happened. What you say will not happen has happened. It is all over, and Turkey is rapidly heading for Islamic Union.

The reason for this activity and tension in Turkey is the way of the Mahdi. These things are happening as it is heading toward the way of the Mahdi. Take the economic crisis. Two waves of economic crisis are coming. But by Allah’s leave, there will be abundance where Hazrat Mahdi (as) is. The crisis will largely pass Turkey by, but it will still do damage. It will ruin Italy and the rest. That is how it is looking. The economic crisis is no laughing matter. Terror will also rise considerably in Turkey. You will see in the days that follow. And people will eventually see the only solution is the way of the Mahdi.

People say they take medicines when they have a headache and it goes away. Not so. Medicine is an instrument. One must regard it as a prayer. They may say it will go if they put in a written request. No way. They must regard that as an instrument. Or if I pay money, they say. No. They are all instruments. They must know it is Allah Who creates all things, insha’Allah. In that way they are protected against hidden polytheism. 

  • (Regarding a report that Kim Kardashian has psoriasis but is keeping it quiet out of embarrassment)

Kardashian is very humane. One can tell from her face. She has the warmth of Anatolia. Psoriasis generally stems from stress or tension. She really stresses herself. The poor thing is normally very happy and bright and extroverted, but it is clear she cannot trust anyone and lives a very tense life. Psoriasis is the result of that stress. Or it can cause hernia or anemia. It may cause heart spasms. Or spasms in the brain. It can cause everything. That is why one must fully submit to Islam, the Qur’an and Allah. One must spend one’s time with people who live by moral virtues, with people who best understand love and passion and vivacity. With rational people. Being with unbalanced, contrary, loveless, soulless and irrational people blights the soul. It blights the mind. It tautens the nerves, and living in a stressful environment can have all kinds of consequences. May Allah forbid. So what Kardashian needs to do is go somewhere peaceful, to live in a peaceful environment. With good and intelligent people, people who are full of love. She is like a child on an island of wolves. Living amid that tension, stress, competition and danger will of course lead to sickness in that fragile body. It leads to diseases like that, and other diseases can also arise. That applies to others as well as to her. Some people kill themselves, some are poisoned and other die from drugs. Young people are ruined. They are all very lovely and sweet, but they see selfishness, competition, pain and suffering everywhere. They see decay and cruelty and eventually take their own lives, or else their bodies rebel and they contract serious diseases. But the rule of the way of the Mahdi will do away with all these afflictions and scourges. Our Prophet (saas) says that diseases and scourges will cease. There will be economic easing and easing of the soul and perfection in art and science and everything, insha’Allah. By Allah’s leave, there will be a lovely world. Nobody will kill themselves then. There will be no more such stress-related diseases, diseases associated with psychological problems, insha’Allah. 

Making life hard for Muslims inflicts scourges on oneself, disasters and bad luck. They lose their perceptive powers and foresight. Allah trips them up. But treating guides and scholars properly, with justice, in the manner they deserve, will bestow plenty and abundance, beauty, goodness, order and health, insha’Allah. Allah uses these as His instrument.

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