Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 28 July 2011


A9 TV; 28 July 2011


  • (On the visit to a mosque by the heir to the Norwegian throne and State representatives)

These things are all reflections of the activities of Jesus the Messiah and the way of the Mahdi. We will see many more of these in the next 8-10 years. The results will be superb. These meetings in mosques, these events will keep on increasing and bring great beauty with them.

When our Prophet (saas) speaks of “my Ummah or my Community,” he means the whole world. Christians, Jews and irreligious people are all the community of our Prophet (saas). Muslims are the community who heed the call of the Prophet. The others are also the community, though not the community who heed the call of the Prophet.

If the Qur’an is applied in an unsullied manner, as in the time of the Companions, we will have a wonderful world. The desired justice will come about. There will be love, peace and brotherhood. If the bigots’ system is applied then the Qur’an cannot be applied, and nonsense will be implemented. There will be oppression, strife, ill fortune, darkness, hostility toward art and science and enmity toward people everywhere. That is exceedingly ugly. But if the Qur’an is applied in an unsullied manner, with no nonsense added, it will be wonderful. That can only happen with the way of the Mahdi.

Every person receives revelation, inspiration from Allah, but all unaware. The ant also acts under inspiration from Allah, and the bee and human beings. Conscience is a reflection in people of Allah’s inspiration. Allah inspires us and makes us speak. Then there is revelation from the prophets, to which we are responsible. No revelation will come to Hazrat Mahdi (as) in that sense. But otherwise revelation comes to everyone, though they do not realize it. Allah makes people respond by using their consciences, He uses their consciences as His. That is inspiration. But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not receive revelation. He is not like the prophets. We have no responsibility to the revelation he receives. He will not claim to receive revelation, and will be unaware of the revelation he receives.

  • (Regarding a web site set up to estimate when the singer Amy Winehouse would die before she passed away)

This is part of the brutality of the End Times, of Darwinist and materialist brutality. They literally drove a poor, innocent person insane. Immoral people surrounded her. She was an innocent young thing. Why drive such an immaculate person insane? Her death is a mystery, maybe she was murdered. If she was a drug addict, they should have helped her. Why egg her on? Betting on it will just depress her. She will assume that thousands of people want her to die. She saw Darwinists and materialists and communists wherever she looked. That world terrified her. So what sense was left in staying alive? She must have thought the best thing was to die. Why ruin that young girl and spoil her life? That is a terrible lack of conscience. She would have been a lovely person had she been shown love, affection, friendship and compassion. And there are other people in line. Fine young boys and girls. They are all in a state of mass excitement. There are flash news reports about then. They place bets and make money. Who could write saying when such and such an innocent person is going to die? That is a terribly disgraceful thing to do. People see how terrifying Darwinism and materialism are everywhere they look.

  • I feel affection for everyone, masons, Jews, Knights Templar, irreligious people and atheists as servants of Allah. I harbor no hatred or anger toward anyone. I affectionately want them to be saved and to be good people. I meet with all sections of society. I speak to people whom some others have cursed and I show them affection. And I strive for their salvation.
  • Jaferis, Alawites, Bektashis, Shiites and Sunnis are all my brothers. I love them all very dearly. I love people, whether they cover their heads or not. They are all 100% Muslim. I respect them all. They all live together in brotherhood. 
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