The most important drop for man: The tear

•    Tears, which some people think of as merely salty water, is actually a very powerful defense weapon for one of the most precious organs of our body.

•    It is secreted with the help of small sacs in the inner parts of our eye.

•    There are three types of tears.

•    The first tear is always the essential tear that protects our eyes from dust and bacteria.

•    The second tear is secreted when there is an effect that harms the eye, such as teargas.

•    The third tear is secreted when the nervous system is triggered by sensations such as fear.

•    The air being too hot, too dry or too windy also triggers the secretion of tears.

•    98.2% of a tear is water. The rest is composed of urea, little bit of glucose, organic matter and lysozyme.
Thus, tears are a very special liquid that contains different amounts of different matters.

•    Lysozyme is the essential factor that protects our eyes from all sorts of outside effects. In this way, we can easily see without the negative effects of dust and bacteria.

•    The lysozyme enzyme is even more effective than the strongest cleaning substances that are used to clean buildings . It is a great miracle that it does not harm the eye even though it is so strong.

•    No other cleaner as strong as this can be used in the eyes, and no other cleaner can clean the eye so well.

•    There are no veins in the cornea layer of our eye, but this area also needs air and nutrients. In a miraculous way, these needs are met with the help of tears.


“Say: ‘It is He Who brought you into being and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show!’" (Surat al-Mulk, 23)

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