Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 2 August 2011

A9 TV, 2 August 2011

  • Every day of the month of Ramadan is a festival. Ramadan is an important opportunity to earn Allah’s approval.
  • (About the slaughter perpetrated by the Syrian army in Hama)

These things are a classic measure of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. This is a mindset that hates and despises the people, that literally regards them as insects. It is a Baathist, communist, Darwinist mindset, the regime of the Sufyan. Those who are doing these things in Syria are an arm of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. It is a system that loathes Muslims. Founded on ruthlessness, sadism and psychopathy. They oppress Muslims with all their force. Trying to impose their rule with the mindset of the collective personality, the idea that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not be coming for centuries yet, and saying “but at least we pray,” has brought Muslims to this state. This would not happen with Islamic Union. Everyone who does not espouse Islamic Union bears a spiritual responsibility for these events. But it is a religious obligation for Muslims to protect and watch over one another. But some people say there is nothing they can do, and others never say a word about it.

If we ask our Muslims brothers on the street what they think about Islamic Union, they do not say much. If you ask the followers of the Nur there, you won’t hear much from them. Everyone wants to do something different. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is a community in its own right. They regard themselves as on the true path, and insha’Allah they are indeed on Allah’s path. But they believe they can get results by themselves. Yet it is impossible for Muslims to get results without union and unity. Allah explicitly says as much in the Qur’an. You see here how they are doing something separate. The Muslim Brotherhood is one community, the Jaferis another, Sunnis another and the followers of the Nur another still. The followers of the Nur are also divided among themselves. They all think they are on the true path. That is normal. They may think they are on the true path. But we have an obligation to demand Islamic Union and coalesce around a single leader. One may think he is on the true path, but we all have a religious obligation to gather round a single person and seek to establish Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. Any doubt regarding that is inappropriate. It is wrong to postpone it. When you have the idea of the collective personality the way of the Mahdi falls apart, brains fall apart and bodies fall apart. They are all ruined. It is a grave responsibility for everyone to keep thinking they are on the right path. Their consciences must not permit that. They must all act together. Communities may regard themselves as right, but they must make no concessions regarding union. Gathering round a single person is a fact we constantly see in the entire Qur’an.

Muslims must pray for Islamic Union as one during Ramadan.

Extraordinary things are happening in the region. There are extraordinary developments. They will see what these things mean in about 10 years’ time, insha’Allah. We do not see such events during the course of history. Volcanoes erupting, earthquakes one after the other, regimes collapsing in succession; changes are coming one after the other. Extraordinary things are happening. But extraordinary things are also happening in Israel. Our whole nation will see what these things mean all together in approximately 10 years’ time, insha’Allah.

It is very thought provoking how all political events in the world are working in favor of Islam. No political movement has turned out not to favor Islam. They are all in favor of Muslims. There is something wondrous in that.

It is the Syrian people that feed the Syrian army. But money is paid to Syrian troops through taxes collected from the poor. The jackals there are making weapons and bullets and feeding their troops with the money they take from those people. They are attacking Muslims like rabid curs. They spend their money and feed off them. They live fine lives but despise the people, looking down their noses at them, while obeying the commands of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon like dogs. They are tearing Muslims apart. They have shattered Muslims. But it is Muslims that give them food to eat and clothes to wear and homes to live in and everything. And they eat and drink and then attack Muslims and look down their noses at them. Their souls are filled with hatred toward Muslims. Because they are given a communist, Stalinist education. We can only eliminate that mindset through education. It is very hard to eliminate it apart from through education. But we have a duty to cling to natural causes, and we will strive to the best of our abilities. At the end of the day, victory will go to those who espouse goodness and beauty, insha’Allah.

Muslims are facing difficulties in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Chad, Southeast Turkey and everywhere. Everyone must constantly talk about Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union during Ramadan. The imams must make Muslims pray for that in the mosques. It must be on everyone’s lips. Everyone must demand it. You know it will happen if everyone keeps demanding it. For example, our Religious Affairs Department says let us help such and such a country. But I say since the permanent solution is there and everyone knows that Turkish-Islamic Union is the urgent solution to all problems, why do they not talk about that? 

People’s views of Islam and the Qur’an have completely changed. People have clearly seen that what Islam says is true and that Islam is essential to life and moral virtue to the world. I have worked hard and been useful in telling people of this, insha’Allah.

  • Necmettin Erbakan was a very heroic person, who feared Allah alone. He fearlessly talked about things nobody else could mention. The late Adnan Menderes was very timid. There are still people like that in Turkey today. Timid and fearful and frightened. They are terrified of supporting Muslims. They fear being known and exposed. What are they afraid of? If you are a Muslim or follower of the Nur you must be openly known as such. If you love Fethullah Gulen, let that be known. What are you scared of? Do you think it will not be known if you conceal it? Are you ashamed? Be proud of it. You have already come to that station. People like your ideas and thoughts. So they find you honest and trust you. They come to meet you. But you say, oh dear, let us not greet them or speak of Allah and religion or anything. Please, we must not defend Muslims even if they are in the right. If we defend their rights, we will be exposed. And the people saying that are Muslims! We will be exposed. You cannot give any service with that mentality, and you can be of no use at all. Some people spend their whole lives afraid. They are terrified, terrified to give a greeting, scared to turn right or left. Let us imagine a Muslim in the right. They say, I don’t want to be exposed, so I had better give a wrong decision and put an end to the matter. That kind of logic. That happened with Bediüzzaman, too. Many people knew he was innocent. Adnan Menderes knew it, too. But while they were worried about reactions and this and that, Allah hurt them in a terrible way.
  • There may be nuances among Muslims. But there is goodness in all of them. We must respect them all. We must value them all. Our brothers must keep their distance from those devilish types who want to set Muslims against one another. They must not put any faith in them. Muslims must love, respect, value and protect one another. Muslims must keep away from satans that want to set them at one another’s throats. Those who call on them to unite and unify and love one another are the followers of the Mahdi. Those who try to set them against one another are the followers of the dajjal (antichrist).
  • Some of our brothers tell me, “When you lay the A9 [TV] emblem on its side it becomes like the sign you can see Pharaoh’s palace or freemasonry.” So Allah inspired the system that would tear them down in them three or four thousand years ago. He inspired in the idea that A9 would crush them and eliminate the way of Pharaoh and the way of the dajjal. He showed it in their own monuments and illustrations 4000 years ago. It really does resemble them. So they depicted the system that would destroy them. It is highly significant in that sense.
  • The Messenger of Allah (saas) is the light. Almighty Allah says “I created the entire universe out of your light.” The whole world will recognize his prophethood, insha’Allah.
  • A9 TV is closely linked to the way of the Mahdi. Hazrat Ali made the sign 9 when speaking of the Mahdi. I have also been an instrument in A9, through the wisdom of Allah. That means he referred to a channel, A9, that the followers of the Mahdi would make use of. There really is no channel like it. It is packed full, and there are no empty words in it. It is always positive, rational, hopeful, inclusive and auspicious.
  • People sometimes write in, saying they want to get married. OK, you want to get married, but what qualities have you? Can you say you have given up everything for Allah? That you strive day and night to spread His religion? Let us hear it then. Do you say, let Allah show me Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as)? Let us hear it. That young girl has a duty to seek the person with the greatest piety. What would a woman have done in the time of our Prophet (saas)? She would have chosen our Prophet (saas). Because a young girl does not get married so the man can find relief. That is hugely annoying and belittling. It is an insult for a young Muslim girl. The duty of a Muslim woman is not to show the man a good time, but to spend all eternity with someone whose piety enjoys the greatest level of Allah’s approval, who has the best qualities to earn the greatest extent of Allah’s good pleasure in this world. A young girl wonders what kind of marriage she must make to ensure the greatest amount of Allah’s approval. Women wondered in the time of our Prophet (saas). How can I best serve Allah’s religion? How can I earn most of Allah’s approval in this world and the hereafter? Who is there as a spouse? The Messenger of Allah (saas). He is the most pious, has the best moral values and the most learning, and it is he who can most spread Allah’s religion. Why should she reject him? Someone else say, I want to take it easy. You cannot say that to a Muslim woman. That is very ugly. A Muslim woman’s duty is to earn as much of Allah’s approval as possible. Nobody can use anyone else as a servant in that sense. She cannot be there just for his comfort. That is to see women as cheap and worthless. Pay up and take her away – that kind of mentality. No pious woman would ever agree. What does a Muslim woman look for? She looks for the most pious man. In the same way that women chose our Prophet (saas) in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). And she wishes to marry him and serve Allah’s religion with him. She does not seek wealth, or comfort, or food and drink, or youth or anything to keep her parents entertained. Her sole aim is to earn as much of Allah’s approval as possible. And so long as she does not abandon that mindset, other people will see they are on the wrong path. A Muslim woman bears the spirit of Allah. A modest person who has come here for a brief test. The life of paradise does not end even after one quadrillion, quadrillion years. Even then, it has only just begun. It is right at the beginning. The life of paradise is that long. Why should a woman look for someone who will be a scourge for that length of time? Why should she choose something so belittling?

For that reason, what a Muslim man must seek most is as much as possible of Allah’s approval. In seeking the most of Allah’s approval he will accept wherever Allah takes him. He will do what the Prophet Solomon (as) and the Prophet Moses (as) did. What did the Prophet Moses (as) say? “My Lord, I am truly in need of any good You have in store for me.” It means seeking the most of Allah’s approval. Whatever happens in destiny. One cannot seek marriage in particular, one’s own pleasure. Let them look at the lives of the prophets. When did they seek their own pleasure and self-interest? Allah sent them blessings. They did not seek those blessings out. Marriage came to them. They did not look for marriage. The women who loved them came to them. They did not look for property or possessions. Property and possessions came to them. They fled the world, but the world followed them. That is why a Muslim must seek only as much of Allah’s approval as possible. What eases a Muslims heart? Repetition of the name of Allah, our Lord says. The heart of someone who repeats the name of Allah finds ease. That is a very infuriating kind of language. One cannot say I want to marry a woman to take things easy. A Muslim has but one aim, to seek the most of Allah’s approval. Some people may say, “I am always travelling about.” They then say there is a verse of the Qur’an about it. Does Allah tell you to go on your travels when Muslims are dying?  There is a time for everything. If one does not seek the most of Allah’s approval, the result is a very off mindset. That is why it is key, vital to seek Allah’s approval. Someone may say, Allah, I must get married and become rich. OK, but in what order? In that case, you are abandoning Allah’s approval. Do people not want as much merit as possible? Muslims want as much merit as possible. If you seek little of Allah’s approval, then that is a complete rejection. Allah may approve of one thing once, but of something else a thousand times. You must seek that which He approves of a thousand times.

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