Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 6 August 2011

A9 TV; 6 August 2011

  • (On the reports regarding the unrest in Syria)

Everyone knows what Syria is doing is unconscionable. What should be done is to reflect with a normal conscience. They say so many children have died of hunger and thirst. They collect aid for them. Some give 1 billion, and others 2. Money is fine, give that, but nobody says a word about wanting Turkish-Islamic Union. You give money, but what is wrong with saying that, too? You must say that Turkish-Islamic Union must rule, but the wickedness in Egypt and Syria will not end throughcollecting money alone. China is preparing another major plan for our brothers in East Turkestan. Everywhere will be lovely and calm if we have Turkish-Islamic Union. China could not perpetrate that oppression in East Turkestan. They are intimidating people for nothing on this. Turkish-Islamic Union means people being peaceful and happy, and end to arms and the dominion of brotherhood. They say America would oppose it. But everyone wants such one, America and Russia. It is not a fascist-type union, but one based on friendship and brotherhood. They seek a solution to terror and the PKK. There are 100 diseases but the cure is the same. The whole world is now sick. They can all be treated with a single drug. All 100 diseases will disappear when we have Turkish-Islamic Union. Sick people will leave their beds and start running around. They are trying to treat all patients, who are seriously sick each in a separate way. But under Turkish-Islamic Union the sick will rise up, happy and laughing, and that will be that. That is what I want.

  • (About Reports regarding Natural Disasters)

There is nothing else to worry about. There is nothing complex here. They talk about the variety of disasters all day long. Think of a fire zone. You have 10 tons of water. Pour that over it and the fire will go out. Turkish-Islamic Union is like water. It both cleans and extinguishes. Simple as that.

  • (A Response to a Report in Greece Headed “If Only We Had an Erdoğan”)

They imagine it comes from Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan alone. It stems from the way of the Mahdi. Mr. Erdoğan is a normal guy from Anatolia. He knows that himself. The real cause is the way of the Mahdi. There is a special grace in Turkey. Allah protects it. That is the fact of the matter. Otherwise, even the richest countries in the world are heading for bankruptcy. They have geniuses working for them, but they are still collapsing. But ours is the prosperity of being a devout nation and the way of the Mahdi.

All systems will change. People imagine it will always stay the same. No. They will all change in a manner pleasing to people. The religion of Muhammad (saas) will rule the world, insha’Allah.

America, Russia, China and the rest are in an arms race. When we have Turkish-Islamic Union it will say, “Stop this arms race. We have excellent weapons and an excellent army. An army of 30 million. We can do anything if we so wish. But we do not. You must not, and neither will we. The bloodshed must cease. This arms race must stop. Let us agree to give the money you would spend on arms to the poor and hungry in the world. Let us pay for drugs, food, shelter, hygiene and all their needs from these funds. First we will reduce it by half, then by half again.” That will be that. Then we will have paradise on earth. Otherwise, this evil will never stop. Look, America is on the verge of bankruptcy. They invest 60% of the money they receive in arms. How can you invest in killing people? Invest in keeping them alive, instead! Invest your money in love, brotherhood, happiness, festivals, art and science. How can you invest it in oppression? Let’s build a bomb to evaporate people! Then someone else says, instead of evaporating them, let’s make a bomb to ionize them! Let’s build a bomb that explodes inside the building and pulls their lungs out! Instead of spending time on cruelty like that, build a system that will keep people alive, that will ensure people’s happiness, ease and joy and the approval of Allah. They do whatever satan says. Islamic Union is essential to put an end to satan’s dominion. The way of the Mahdi is essential. Jesus the Messiah is essential. They must not try and resist them. They must surrender themselves to the way of the Mahdi, to Jesus the Messiah, and that will be an end of it. Is it up to them? No, it will happen anyway. I am saying this to make a historical point. But it will happen whether they want it or not. But it is important to add a footnote to history, because my words are recorded. You will see that what I say happens. We will leave no arms in this world. All materials for shedding blood will be eradicated. We will abolish all systems intended for killing.

  • (About the A9 advertising posters)

These will gradually accumulate and produce a superb image, insha’Allah; it will turn into an excellent force, an excellent impact. We want A9 to be the biggest and strongest TV channel, insha’Allah. Our brothers must work hard. It will appear as an excellent manifestation. People will see what I mean in 5-10 years’ time, with no need for me to describe it.

  • (About the famine in Africa)

Pick up the phone, press the button and send 7 lira, it says. That is no good. It will not do it. Do you know how long it will take to resolve it when we have Turkish-Islamic Union? Three days at most. Nowhere will be without food within 72 hours. Everywhere will be full of plenty. Give money from here and there, load it onto boats… some of it will get there and some won’t; it cannot be resolved like that. Who are you going to send it to? Afghanistan is wretched, Pakistan is wretched, many places in southeast Turkey are wretched. Many places in Turkey are wretched.

Look at the price of a Katushya rocket, a missile. They spend millions. A powerful rocket costs trillions. That money should go to the poor instead. Simple as that. A family could eat for a month on the money it costs to buy a rifle. Or a week. The money spent on bullets, mines, ground to air missiles and bombs should go to them, instead. If they really love their weapons, let’s reduce it by half to start with. Let us hand out the other half. Take America; imagine it has set aside $1000; it can give $500 to the poor and spend the other $500 on arms. If it insists on weapons. Russia can halve the spending, as well. Halve it to start with. Then we can reduce it to a quarter and then do away with it entirely. Why do we need guns to kill people? You kill them by starvation on one hand and with weapons on the. Let us hand out food aplenty, love and beauty. We can even hand toys out to children, can’t we? We can build lovely homes there, and whole districts. Let us turn Africa and Asia into a paradise. Why all this wretchedness? Is it so hard to say I want Turkish-Islamic Union? Would it take so much energy? Even if you find it hard, other people will do it. It is just one sentence; the Islamic community must say it. The Islamic world must say Turkish-Islamic Union. When they do, it will all be over.



71- Have they not seen how We created for them, by Our own handiwork, livestock which are under their control?

Allah says He created animals.

72- We have made them tame for them and some they ride and some they eat.

Allah says He has placed those animals at their command.

They ride them. And eat some of them.

73- And they have other uses for them, and milk to drink. So will they not be thankful?

Allah wants them to give thanks. How? By giving, by being grateful, by loving people, by stopping oppression and not inflicting suffering.

74- They have taken gods besides Allah so that perhaps they may be helped.

 They take their earthly desires as gods, their own interests as gods.

75- They cannot help them [those deities] even though they are an army mobilised in their support.

For example, people make a god out of America. It will never allow it, they say. But I say Allah wants it. So do what Allah. What is America to you? Allah created America. “Will America allow it?” What matters is whether Allah wants it. So what if America wants it or not, if Allah desires it? Do it and don’t worry about the rest. It is Allah Who created America. But they have made an idol out of it.

76-77 So do not let their words distress you. We know what they keep secret and what they divulge.

Does not man see that We created him from a drop yet there he is, an open antagonist!

They attack Muslims and other people, spreading persecution and terror.

Bediüzzaman had the same accent as our brothers in the southeast. He spoke very slowly and found it hard to express himself. He even had an assistant. But his language and dialect and speech all changed when he dictated. He dictated very fluently. He stopped when he said the curtain had lifted. Then he read it with amazement. Bediüzzaman was a metaphysical individual, not an ordinary human being.

One beautiful aspect of the End Times is that Muslims will love one another, help one another and be allied together. Muslims loving one another, protecting and watching out for one another, our struggle against materialism and Darwinism becoming irresistibly powerful, the kindness Muslims show us and we show our brothers… and our crushing superiority in the face of Marxism, Leninism, Darwinism and materialism are devastating the hypocrites. Allah is making them suffer. They are burning up, so awful is the pain. Thanks be to Allah, Muslims are coming to enjoy, ease, goodness, joy and beauty. Insha’Allah, it will be very good.

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