Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 August 2011

Mr. Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV (7 August 2011; 13:00)

  • Allah is installing ease, strength, foresight and understanding in the hearts of Muslims in the End Times. Our brothers on daily Yeni Asya were trying to manage the situation by constantly referring to a collective personality. But my insistence was instrumental in our keeping Islamic Union constantly on the agenda and they are now loudly talking about Islamic Union and are very optimistic. They were not optimistic before.
  • Islamic Union is a Merciful force. It is the force of Allah, the force of the people of Allah and nobody can defeat it. And the way of the Mahdi therefore represents it. They are hypnotized, bewitched in the face of the way of the Mahdi. A force they can never overcome.

Some people say, “Is the timing right in Syria? How can you kill people during Ramadan?” So which month is it all right to kill people, then? In which month can you cut their heads off? What nonsense is that! They have taken people’s heads off with shells and rockets. But they say, “You cannot do that in Ramadan.” So when can you, in that case? They are suggesting they should have held off until December. That is out of the question. There must be no bloodshed whatsoever. There can be no justification for bloodshed. Bloodshed is savagery. Something unique to animals. People have to be won over with words. May Allah forbid, arms can be used only in self-defense. They cannot be used otherwise. Bloodshed is something satan desires. We must scrupulously avoid it. Satan always wants bloodshed. Good people avoid bloodshed. That is why the way of the Mahdi will never shed blood.

"Why do you keep bringing up Islamic Union?” they ask. Well, why are you so wretched now? Because there is no Islamic Union. Why is the Islamic world fragmented? Why this suffering? Why do we have the PKK [terror organization] problem? Why the Syrian problem? Why are people being blown to bits in Syria? Why are Muslims in Egypt being martyred en masse? Why is Afghanistan in a state of captivity? Or Iraq? Why is East Turkestan so wretched? Hundreds or thousands of people are being slaughtered every day. Because we have no Islamic Union. Because this commandment of the Qur’an is ignored. That is why Islamic Union is so essential.

  • It is good to speak of the way of the Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not spoken of anywhere. He is only spoken of here. He must be much spoken of here for these deficiencies to be made good. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not on the agenda anywhere in the Islamic world. It is unique to this century. They used to discuss Hazrat Mahdi (as) five times a day in the time of the Companions. They used to speak of the dajjal (antichrist). And they always asked our Prophet (saas) about them. The way of the Mahdi was always being discussed. But for the first time, in this century, in the End Times, nobody is speaking of the way of the Mahdi. I am striving very hard to make good that lack. But only I am talking about it. There is goodness and beauty in it. I and the people with me are talking about it, insha’Allah.
  • Allah is greater than everyone and everything. Man is a feeble entity. A person may serve as head of state in a space the size of a lentil in his brain. Allah shows him this in a space the size of a pinhead. There is no room for pride or arrogance. People then just fall to piece in the grave. Their intestines protrude from their mouths. One must be loving and compassionate and good natured. People do not expect pride or arrogance. People like others who are modest and loving. Arrogant people upset them. Eventually, everyone becomes one with the soil, and that is that. Even their bones rot away and everyone will appear in the Presence of Allah. Nobody has any rank in the grave. One must be humble and modest. Allah shows us things as an image. There is a soundless, colorless world, that Allah creates in full color in our brains. All words are spoken in our destinies. If someone becomes head of state, it is Allah Who places him. He was in that post in destiny before his parents even existed. There is nothing for any rational person to be proud or arrogant about.

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