Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 August 2011


  • Regarding the Daily Vatan Headline Report on “Adnan Hodja’s Army”;

This is the coming about of what Bediüzzaman said. “In the End Times, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will form an alliance with Christians and wage a great campaign against irreligion and the way of the Mahdi (as).” And since we are the followers, the vanguard of Hazrat Mahdi (as), they will also, insha’Allah, be the followers of Jesus the Messiah (as). We will form an alliance against irreligion, anarchy and terror and ruthless people, and will tell fanaticism and oppression of all kinds to cease, insha’Allah. This is the coming about of the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). This is a great miracle in the End Times, insha’Allah. The alliance with the Christian and Judaic worlds will become stronger and stronger. And we will enjoy an eventual scientific victory over godlessness, Darwinism and materialism, insha’Allah.

  • We like the American people, and the British, Europeans, the Russians and the Chinese. We want them all to be happy and well. We do not want to see any nation or state collapse. We want them all to enjoy plenty, abundance, goodness and beauty. We want them to be followers of Muhammad (saas). We want to see drugs, terror, suffering and starvation abolished. We are striving to that end. That is why the Prophet (saas) commands us to form an alliance with Christians against this great corruption of the way of the dajjal (antichrist). We are obeying that fine command.
  • Daily Vatan carrying that headline shows that various leftist groups in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Darwinists, materialists and atheists, are absolutely terrified. Allah is creating a total panic, insha’Allah. Because Turkish-Islamic Union, Islamic Union is coming. They did not believe me when I first said that. But now they see it is really happening. Really. And they will see it becoming even more serious. And Islam will rule the whole world. They will see Jesus the Messiah (as) and Muhammad the Mahdi (as), insha’Allah. We are just their weak and feeble servants, insha’Allah.
  • Islamic moral values will come to reign through ideas, thoughts, love, reason, art and science. With not a drop of blood being shed. By when? By the last times. Islam, Christianity and Judaism will vanish for a time. But after that there will be no bloodshed. The Day of Reckoning will come when there is no more Islam, Christianity and Judaism. But at the end, of course the moral values of Islam will rule the world. No other faith will remain. Islam will rule. Christians will have become genuine Christians. Jews will have become genuine Jews. And Muslims will have become genuine followers of Muhammad. There will be no more ascribing equals to Allah or fanaticism among Muslims. The Christian world will also taste the joy of following Muhammad. They will see the beauty of being true Christians. Jews will enjoy the delight of being true Jews, insha’Allah.
  • About the video images of the torture inflicted by the Syrian Army

Let them see the excesses, the rabidity of the sufyan. This is the way of the sufyan. They are godless, bookless, without religion and cruel, they despise the ordinary people, feed on their money, dress themselves with the people’s money and live in luxury homes through their money. Then they despise Muslim. They do not respect them. They regard themselves as being far above them. They are proud and arrogant. Since they know no god and no book, they are quite rabid, but we are now in the final stage of the way of the sufyan, insha’Allah.

  • It is not “Adnan Hodja’s Army,” but Allah’s army. All armies will be the armies of Allah. The U.S. Army and all of them will be the armies of Allah. Every single one. They will serve Allah and the Qur’an. There will be no more oppression, torture or suffering. They will all come under the command of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Wars, arms, bombs, rifles, pistols and everything else used to kill and maim will disappear from the face of the earth. Then there will be no more bloodshed. Jesus the Messiah (as) will also “cause no blood to be shed nor waken the sleeper.” Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also not allow a drop of blood to be shed nor waken the sleeper. It is the way of the dajjal, not the Mahdi, that sheds blood. False mahdis may appear, but it is the dajjal who sheds blood. One of the distinguishing features of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is that he sheds no blood. Until when? Until he dies. Will Jesus the Messiah (as) shed blood? No. Until when? Until he dies. This is one of their signs. The fact is that they are radiant, strong, able, wise, peaceful and full of love. They will embrace Christians and Muslims and everyone. And they will strive for the happiness of them all. Christianity will end up as a true faith, insha’Allah, and since they become followers of Muhammad, they will also be true Christians, insha’Allah.
  • This means the way of the dajjal has suffered a huge intellectual blow. It means that Darwinism cannot take America captive. It has been unable to. The greatest number of people who reject Darwinism is in America. By whose means? Mine and that of my colleagues, alhamdulillah. America is now the country with the fewest believers in Darwinism. We have finished Darwinism and materialism off in America. It used to be the bastion of Darwinism. But we have intellectually demolished it, alhamdulillah. Americans and Russians and Chinese are all very dear to us. I want them all to become Muslims. May Allah make their states powerful. May He make their nations strong and wealthy. May their peoples be even better. May everyone be even better.
  • The light of Allah is spreading across the world. Allah is manifesting His title of the al-Hadi [The Guide]. And the moral values of Islam will rule everywhere. Nowhere will you hear any bloodshed, you will hear no pain or suffering. Peace will come to all places. There will be no more people starving to death, spreading terror, oppressing others, suffering or anything else, insha’Allah.
  • The American Army will soon become dominated by love and affection. Bloodshed will come to a total end. There will be no more cutting people’s fingers off, cutting ears off and making necklaces out of them or wicked things like that. A profound love and fear of Allah will reign everywhere. Everywhere in the world will be filled with love, brotherhood and unity. Art, science and democracy will reach the highest levels. Living standard will rise to the highest levels. There will be elegant people, fine houses and lovely gardens, just like paradise, insha’Allah.
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