Continuation of good deeds and worship

“Spare time” is an alien concept to the believer who abides by the principles of the Qur’an.

Allah has commissioned believers to spend their lives struggling with both their own selves and intellectually with the unbelievers. In so doing, they engage in endless tasks that are geared to earning Allah’s good pleasure. Therefore, accomplishment is not a reason to take a break, but marks the beginning of further activity. In the Qur’an, Allah commands:

So when you have finished, work on, and make your Lord your goal! (Surat al-Inshirah; 7-8 )

In compliance with the verses, once a Muslim completes a task for the good pleasure of Allah, he should immediately start a serious effort toward another. The only exception would be taking a rest in order to regain strength to struggle again for the cause of Allah. Benefit from the blessings granted by Allah within legitimate limits causes a believer to be thankful to Him and to feel more energetic.

There is no similarity between the intellectual struggle of a Muslim to spread the Qur’an’s moral teachings and that of an unbeliever’s difficulties, hardship, distress and despair that he refers to as “struggle in life.” The exhaustion and anguish an unbeliever experiences in this world is but a slight preview of never-ending grief in the Hereafter, which they cannot escape unless it is Allah’s will. In contrast, the efforts of a believer who loves Allah above everything else with great loyalty and zeal will bring him great spiritual joy similar to that in Paradise. Meanwhile, his efforts will earn great and infinite rewards in the Hereafter, Allah willing.

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