Not spending to show off

Another attitude displeasing to Allah is to turn what was meant to be an act of worship into showing off. Spending for the purpose of earning praise or other worldly benefits is an attitude peculiar to unbelievers and hypocrites, as described in the Qur’an:

... And [We have prepared a humiliating punishment] also for those who spend their wealth to show off to people, not believing in Allah and the Last Day. Anyone who has made satan his comrade, what an evil comrade he is!  (Surat an-Nisa’; 37-38)

While spending for the cause of Allah, a believer should pay attention not to expect to do anything other than earning the acceptance of Allah. He must not be vulnerable to satan’s suggestions like “They should never say that I did not contribute,” or “They should see I have great fear of Allah,” or “They should respect and love me more,” and “They should provide me status and rank” and thereby turn his good deed into idolatry or shirk, which would endanger his life in the Hereafter.

2011-09-30 23:29:44

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