Statements by Tony Blair encouraging religious faith after becoming a Catholic

Ever since the global dissemination of the Atlas of Creation and the refutation, with full supporting evidence, of the theory of evolution, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, like French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has constantly encouraged faith in Allah (God) and issued statements praising Him. Blair, a recent convert to Catholicism, formerly made no mention of religious matters in his speeches, but in the wake of the declaration of the fact of Creation by the Atlas he has made it clear that he intends to devote the rest of his life to the faith.

BBC News / 3 April 2008
(from Tony Blair's first faith speech since converting to Catholicism)

Blair urges bigger role for faith:

Former prime minister Tony Blair has called for faith to be given a central role in tackling the world's problems.

Agence France-Press / 8 April 2008

Blair to dedicate his life to religion:

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says the rest of his “life’s work” will be to enhance inter-faith dialogue. 

The Times / 3 April 2008

Tony Blair to call on faith leaders to 'awaken the world's conscience'

The Guardian / 4 April 2008

Save religion and help it become a force for good, urges Blair

The Scotsman / 4 April 2008

In the address, on faith and globalisation, Mr Blair called for religious faith to be rescued from extremism and put at the centre of solving the world's problems. He said that in an increasingly globalised world, the role of faith was "especially important". Religion could "awaken the world's conscience" and help achieve the "millennium development goals" of eradicating poverty and hunger.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, founded by Tony Blair, says on its web site:

The issue of religious faith will be of the same significance to the 21st Century
as political ideology was to the 20th Century. In an era of globalisation, there is nothing more important than getting people of different faiths and therefore cultures to understand each other better and live in peace and mutual respect; and to give faith itself its proper place in the future.

2008-08-24 00:59:02

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