Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 September 2011


A9 TV, 4 September 2011

The signs leading to faith are crucial for the whole Islamic world. Bediüzzaman revealed that 80-90 years ago; he described it most excellently and convinced a whole mass of people on the subject, masha’Allah. In the past people used to be told only how to pray, or how to fast. But do you ask whether someone has faith? No. Do you enquire what kind of faith in Allah he has? No. Does he believe in the hereafter, in paradise and hell, in the scriptures, in the prophets of the past and in angels and djinn? How can someone who knows his faith is weak concentrate on things like how to perform the night namaz, the details of the prayer between night and morning or the fine points of ritual ablution without looking at these first? Someone may have weak, or no faith. They abandon prayer. He is unwilling to get up in the morning to pray. “I am tired,” he says. “I will do it this afternoon.” They invent that kind of formulae for themselves. That is why the signs leading to faith are so vital and important.

(About the Harun Yahya messages on London busses saying “God exists.”)

Masha’Allah. The nation’s eyes and hearts have opened up. A response to the dajjal [antichrist] in his own country. The dajjal came from there, Darwin. He is finally being refuted after 100 years, insha’Allah. We have obtained excellent results, insha’Allah.

Masha’Allah. Allah has created this. I am just a helpless, weak and wretched servant of Allah. But nobody preaches the word to greater perfection than we do. If there is anyone better, they should say that “so and so is better.” I will then go and kiss the soles of his feet. I will first kiss the soles of his feet, and then his socks. No, alhamdulillah, we are the only one. Thanks be to Allah. And we are Muslims’ pride and pivot. The sharp sword of knowledge. By Allah’s leave, once Muslims draw that sword they totally annihilate disbelief, using knowledge and learning. Even those most opposed to me secretly read my books. Even those most unlike me use my books to preach with. Otherwise there is nothing they can do. How else can they do anything? The people in front of them are materialists and Darwinists. What answer is he supposed to give? The other person does not believe in Allah. So read about it from Harun Yahya first. And once they say, “Read,” the matter is finished.

There is no reincarnation in the Qur’an. Allah says there is no return. That a screen comes down and they can no longer return. And what logic could there be to reincarnation? A person is tested now. How can there be reincarnation when he is being tested? For example, let us imagine I do something as a child. I try to do better. I try to do it better when I am 20 and 30. I gain experience. Because there is a rise in knowledge and experience. But in reincarnation they say, “You were a man in India, and now you have been reborn in this body.” We ask, “How do you know?” and the other person says, “I vaguely remember it.” In order for that to be of any use, all that man’s memories would also have to enter the new body. Then one could acquire experience and grow by acquiring new experiences. But since they are all gone they say, “I cannot remember anything.” Since there can be no new growth, since one cannot expect any moral improvement or superiority, and since no experience is acquired, what is the point? “My soul will be perfected,” they say. But how can the soul be perfected if no new knowledge or experience is acquired? Reincarnation is therefore totally illogical. A hollow belief. I talked this over with the Knights Templar who came here and convinced some of them. It is illogical.

(About Hazrat Khidr (as) Being Involved in the Events of September 11)

The logic of Hazrat Khidr (as) and that of ordinary people are not the same. They are very different. Hazrat Khidr (as) makes very fine calculations. He throws a stone into the water. The ripples reach the shore and pull an insect back into the water. A frog in the water catches the insect. The frog makes a leap to do so, and frightens a horse. He has the most amazing systems. Hazrat Khidr (as) makes plans in chain form, by Allah’s leave. September 11 is also an event that led to a powerful growth in both Islam and religious belief. There has been a huge rise in religious belief. And a huge turning toward Islam. He led to the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is a portent of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)? Hazrat Khidr (as) read it in the book, didn’t he? It is in the hadiths. Let me say that Hazrat Khidr (as) makes highly detailed plans. He has also made a very fine plan for Libya and in Egypt. He is making a highly detailed plan for Turkey. He shapes politics and directs armies and events. I said that the truth of the matter is that they placed an atom bomb in those buildings. They set up a similar arrangement. But it is not an atom bomb in the sense we are familiar with. It is the kind of bomb used in the destruction of the people of Lot. The same bomb was used there, too. Someone put the bomb in the bottom of the building. It is something that results from the combination of two very simple substances. It is something people would never think of. When they arrive there, they say, “We will destroy whoever is in there. You must leave early in the morning.” The Prophet Abraham (as) says, “Lot (as) is there.” “We know all about it, so relax,” they say. “Only his wife will be one of those left. Nobody must look back,” they say. In other words, this bomb or weapon or substance has a different impact. I don’t know whether any further detail is required.

For example, Azerbaijan was invaded. That is in the hadiths. What happened when Azerbaijan was invaded? Azerbaijan became very religious. It embarked on a desire to unite with Turkey. What happened in Turkey when PKK terror declined? There was a huge tendency toward Turkish-Islamic Union and a turning to Islam and the Qur’an. What happened in Bosnia after the slaughter? The entire region became Muslim and highly devout. Was there any such thing before? No. Hazrat Khidr (as) is involved in all these things. He shapes events, with wisdom and a purpose. He directs and designs the course of history. By Allah’s will. Hazrat Khidr (as) is a writer of history. He produces history and is an instrument in it. He is again shaping history now. He is clearing the way for Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus the Messiah (as) and is directing the course of history. That is his duty. Then he will clear the way for the Day of Reckoning and directing its course. He will withdraw at the final moment of the Reckoning, because his work will be finished. If you ask Hazrat Khidr (as), he will regard his activities as perfectly normal. But they seem wondrous to us, relative, in other words. For example, Jesus the Messiah (as) will regard himself as an ordinary Muslim. If we speak with Hazrat Mahdi (as), he will believe that he is just a sinful servant of Allah. He will have no great majesty. They also possess the chacateristics of Hazrat Khidr (as). They will also direct the course of history, with Allah’s encouragement. And each one is a student of Hazrat Khidr (as). In the same way that the Prophet Moses (as) was a student of Hazrat Khidr (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) is also a student of Hazrat Khidr, and Jesus the Messiah is his student, too.

We are saying, “The freemasons demolished the building.” Looking beneath the surface of events we come across Hazrat Khidr (as). Go a bit deeper and you come across angels. Then there is the unsullied power of Allah. We relate the natural cause in a line of progression. In other words, they have all come about for the best. They are not inauspicious. Rasulullah (saas) speaks of a corruption of dust and smoke.” That is inescapable. It is Hazrat Khidr (as) who is at work. He will shape the course of and make history. That is destined. For example, our Prophet (saas) saw what Hazrat Khidr (as) would do in his own time. He describes things to be done by Hazrat Khidr (as), 1400 years beforehand. He described them because he was outside time. He steps outside time. The atom bomb used was not the classic kind we are familiar with. “A cry was enough,” Allah says in several places in the Qur’an. Angels will come to the region and say “Salamun Alaykum. We are here. We are at work.” “You must leave, and so and so. They can remain behind. There is nothing wrong with that,” they say. They generally use the morning. When it is getting light. That is the time when Hazrat Khidr (as) and the angels come to them. Hazrat Khidr (as) also has other features. You would be amazed by them. And, by Allah’s leave, events that appear very complicated due to the chain of natural events but that are really very simple also come about.

The issue lies in the atom bomb, doesn’t it? A reaction takes place when two substances react. There are similar systems in the world. But people are unaware of them. I mean that science has not yet discovered them. And it cannot do so, by Allah’s will. Very simple systems. There are the technologies used in the times of the Prophet Moses (as) and the Prophet Solomon (as), for instance. For example, electricity was widely used in Pharaoh’s time. Building technology was widely employed in the palaces. They used a laser-like system to cut stone and metal. But we do not know how. In other words, there is very vague information. What we can establish now is that this substance inside a thick block of lead. They also speak of a green stone placed inside the lead in granule form. A green, light-emitting rock. We do not know what it was. I will write a book about in and set out the details in due course, insha’Allah. These things can be established from here and there as one looks at history. When one looks at photographs from the time, photographs of those rocks and reliefs, for example, we can see some of these things.

Global Publishing, the firm known as Global that seels these books, is a company well known to me and set up by our Muslim brothers for Allah’s approval. It is not a company established for profit-making purposes. It is a firm established to produce and sell books at cost. Its owners are also well known to us. They are humble and devout people who act solely for Allah’s approval. I would not allow it if they had profit-making motives. I guarantee that. I stand as surety for Global Publishing. They engage in most excellent activities. The books they produce are excellent and superbly printed. They also distribute them. May Allah preserve them. They genuinely make no profits. I know that. Their proceeds merely go to meet ink and paper and printing costs. That is how I signed up with them. And that is how they are still working, insha’Allah.

(An answer to the question “Since Allah knows the future and determines destiny, why did He create satan?”)

Allah does not like to be alone.He wants there to be conscious entities and human beings. He wants entities that appreciate Him and His creations, that are good and know all things and that are pleased with Him. But when human beings are created directly… You know He created the Prophet Adam (as) and Hazrat Eve (as) in paradise. That desired excitement, depth and submission do not form. Hazrat Adam (as) was a great prophet, but those things did not come about. But in the face of satan, earthly desires and hell, then human beings acquire a wonderful depth. Everything acquires a significance after that. A cup has a significance, and a mug, and life acquires a wondrous richness, and beauty acquires significance. There is no testing without satan. And without testing, the meaning of life largely fades away. In other words, it becomes unclear. Imagine a plain white wall, nothing else. That is where you end up. For instance, why do we like this cup? We like it in comparison to other cups. The only reason is that comparison. This pen of mine is attractive. Why? Because we compare it to other pens. Otherwise we would think it very ordinary. But it becomes a blessing when compared to other objects.

For example, what could we strive against in the absence of satan? We need to strive. Maybe I could not preach like this without satan. These things need to be described because of the existence of earthly desires and satan. When these things are described, one becomes a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as), and that is delightful. There is an excitement, and you become brave and passionate, don’t you? You smash disbelief with your mind and ideas. That is a delight, a beauty and real excitement. But without those you destroy the beauty and excitement of life. Allah creates satan, and earthly desires and the dajjal in order to add excitement to life. He creates Hazrat Mahdi (as) against the dajjal. He sends back Jesus the Messiah and creates Hazrat Khidr (as). Allah gives rise to events. The result is excitement and beauty. Life acquires meaning. Monotony and dullness are eliminated. There are the angels, for instance. Allah loves human beings with faitfulness much more than the angels. An angel is not enough for Allah. He wants human beings. Allah greatly prefers human beings. Because they strive against satan and earthly desires and have faith in Allah without seeing Him.  Allah much loves this aspect of human beings, of human beings with piety. For example, Allah tells our Prophet (saas) that He created the universe from his light. He loves our Prophet (saas) very much. Allah refers to the Prophet Abraham (as) as “Khalil al-Allah, My Khalil”, meaning ‘Friend of Allah’. He also loves him very much. Allah delights in beauty. He loves all beauty. He loves attractive people and lovely views. He loves attractive speech and wants us to delight in all these. He loves them Himself. But we are of course weak. There is no weakness in Allah. For example, Allah sends His verses in a musical, majestic and harmonious form. If He wished, He could send them in a completely bland form. There might be no harmony. He might just have written them article by article. Allah produces Abu Lahab and Abu Jahil for our Prophet (saas) to strive against. Allah inflicts Hazrat Wahshi on Hazrat Hamza. He causes him to be martyred. It is also Almighty Allah Who causes Hazrat Wahshi to eat his liver. A fervent spirit of zeal arises among Muslims then. Hazrat Hamza feels no pain, as he is in paradise. There is no pain of martyrdom. He feels nothing at all. His soul has long since been taken. The aim there is to give rise to a feeling of zeal among Muslims. For example, Allah had Afghanistan invaded, in order to inspire feelings of zeal. He had Iraq invaded. It is also Allah Who allows children to be hungry and wretched. It is also Allah Who creates them. And feelings of zeal arise in us. Otherwise no child would suffer. A martyred child would feel nothing. But Allah shows us these things in our minds, to test us. We cannot know their state in the outside world. That is between them and Allah. But you must know that no innocent entity will suffer in any way. But that is how Allah shows it to us in our brains. In order to encourage and excite us and to hold us to account. “Allah does not oppress people,” says Allah in one verse. That is impossible. He may appear to die in agony; but he does not really suffer. His soul has long since been taken. There is a verse that says that Allah places no greater burden on any person than he can bear.

I am 55 years old. I cannot remember any burden I was unable to bear. They put me in a mental hospital, for example, among the most crazed lunatics. I thought of the verse, and I was not distressed at all. I was perfectly comfortable there. They put me in a ward with mad people in the hospital. I was perfectly comfortable there, too. Nothing happened. Everyone where I was held had killed someone. They brought people who had killed while in prison to that ward. They were all around me. But I made friends with them and talked to them. The prison colonel even said “I am sending them all to the master.” In other words, the people on my ward were people who had killed many times over; not just one or two, either, it was full of them. “They have become unable to even hurt a fly and filled with love alongside the master,” he used to say, insha’Allah. You can ask. The colonel is still around. He is young. The prison colonel used to tell everyone. These are part of the test. It is Allah Who creates them. Fights start over nothing in prison, anything can happen. But nothing did. For example, the mental patients broke down my door and they killed seven people during my time there. But nothing happened to me, alhamdulillah. I was not even uneasy. I was perfectly relaxed. Allah makes difficult conditions pleasant. The lunatics there thought I was a doctor. They were astonished. Wondering what I was doing there. Most of them were on another planet, shouting and screaming. They were unaware of how to meet their natural needs. But I lived quite comnfortably there. Doctors and nurses used to appear and they would be amazed. That stems from the frightening atmosphere in the place. Why does this all happen? The test, so one can have a fine pass. I have always encountered difficulties right from childhood, alhamdulillah, and that has strengthened and honed me. Otherwise, who knows how I might have turned out? One stops growing. These difficulties are also the reason why I am so joyful and full of love. They are instrumental in one thinking deeply, becoming a person who reflects deeply. Allah likes such things. And finally, He bestows paradise as a reward and causes one to live there for all time. Only then can paradise seem delightful. The other way, one will not enjoy it at all, paradise. If you put someone into one of the masions of paradise he will look around baffled if Allah so wishes. He will not appreciate the foods in paradise. But if he has suffered troubles here, and difficulties, if he has fought against satan and the dajjal and his own earthly desires, then they acquire a huge significance. Even a small in paradise will amaze one. Allah speaks of an “fine silk and rich brocade” worked with fine pearl. But one needs a profound soul and mind to appreciate such fine work. Otherwise, one will not even see it. Someone who is unable to see the details in insects, ants or the cell here on earth will be unable to see the details in paradise. We look at a bee in this world and it takes our breath away. So our breath will be taken away when we see a bee of paradise, insha’Allah. There are animals there, too. No animals are missing from there, they are all there in the Presence of Allah. Not one will cease to exist until the end of time. When we ask it of Allah, Allah will produce whichever one we wish for us. A cat or dog or horse, whatever one loves. Not even an insect will cease to exist in any way. It is impossible for anything that has once existed in the Sight of Allah to cease existing thereafter. May Allah forbid, He Himself would have to cease to exist for that to happen. And since it is impossible for Allah to cease to exist, they cannot do so, either.

Surat al-Alaq,

Recite: In the Name of your Lord Who created,

created man from clots of blood.

Recite: And your Lord is the Most Generous,

He Who taught by the pen,

taught man what he did not know.

No indeed! Truly man is unbridled

seeing himself as self-sufficient.”

 “…seeing himself as self-sufficient”it says.

Truly it is to your Lord that you will return.

Have you seen him who prevents

a servant when he goes to pray?”

To prevent him reading the Qur’an or praying or meeting with other Muslims. They are all covered by this, insha’Allah.

Do you think he is rightly guided

or enjoins righteousness?”

If he serves Islam and the Qur’an and strives for Allah’s approval.

If he tells people to be the best they can and seek the best for Allah’s approval.

Or do you see how he has denied and turned away?”

He who denies the sufficiency of the Qur’an and turns his back on Muslims.

“Does he not know that Allah sees?”

Pagans do not realize that Allah sees. They act according to their own lights. They would not do that if they knew that He sees.

No indeed! If he does not desist, We will grab him by the forelock, a lying, sinful forelock.”

Allah says that He will seize him, even if he is wearing a turban or anything, insha’Allah. If he has a head covering, He will seize him by that.

“Let him call his attendants.”

“Let him call on his community, people, brothers or anyone” says Almighty Allah.

“We will call the Guards of Hell,”

In His words, do not allow him to prevent you. Do not submit to his refusal to allow you to read or discuss the Qur’an, to pray or to speak with other Muslims.

 “No indeed! Do not obey him, but prostrate and draw near.”

You must continue to pray and strive to serve Islam and the Qur’an. “…and draw near” says Almighty Allah.

“Truly, Man is unbridled.”

Bediüzzaman says this here; “it refers to the person of the dajjal and his sorcery and to his attacking the believers.” It refers to the way of the dajjal. The abjad [numerological] value of this verse gives the date of the death of Darwin. This is how Bediüzzaman interprets this verse, “Truly, Man is unbridled.” “It refers to him since Darwinism and materialism are opposed to people of faith, since he produces materialist, Darwinist and Leninist thinking against people of faith, together with an aggressive ideology.”

Surat al-Fatiha,

This was revealed in Mecca and consists of seven verses.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.”

Look, the Lord of the Worlds. That means there is more than one world. Not just the Earth, the Milky Way and the world we see.

the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful,

He is always protective and loving, and always does good for people.

“The King of the Day of Judgment.” That means the Day of Reckoning, and the dominion of Islam, insha’Allah. Allah is the Lord of the Day of Reckoning and He Who brings it into being.

“You alone we worship,”

With no polytheism or bigotry. There can be no polytheism for the global dominion of Islam. Does fanaticism consist of worship of Allah alone? No. No, under bigotry people worship all kinds of nonsense. They worship the sources of nonsense. What does the verse say? You alone we worship. You alone we ask for help.”

Not from anyone else. Only from Allah. Almighty Allah does not seek the help of the superstitious.

Guide us on the Straight Path,”

On the path of the Qur’an, the life of a Companion.

the Path of those You have blessed,”

Whom has Almighty Allah blessed? People like Imam Rabbani, Abdulkadir Geylani and the 12 imams.

not of those with anger on them, nor of the misguided.”Not to the path of Darwinists, materialists, atheists and bigots. Because these have been punished and have strayed. Allah has punished them, and they have gone wrong. Not to the path of the dajjal. Surat al-Fatiha refers to both the way of the Mahdi and the way of the dajjal here.

We must seek shelter in Allah as we read these verses. One characteristic of satan is that he causes one to forget. But that effect vanishes the moment one remembers Allah. The dajjal detests the Qur’an. The believer is a huge admirer of the Qur’an. Hypocrites and hypocrisy may appear to espouse the Qur’an on the surface. But they do not want people to read the Qur’an.

Surat al-Fatiha is one that harbors many secrets. Bediüzzaman estimated from Surat al-Fatiha, using abjad, how long the activities of the followers of the Nur would last and thus produced a date for the Day of Reckoning from the Surah and also from the hadiths of our Prophet (saas).

Fanaticism is a huge threat. It spreads like filth and germs. It is amazing how it ruins lovely people. It turns their hands and faces into those of monkeys. Fanaticism takes away their humanity. You may as well throw acid into their faces. They both ruin people. That is why the whole world trembles in the face of fanaticism. It is a terrible scourge. Fanatics are utterly ruthless. For one thing it causes corruption. Someone who falls into that filth inevitably becomes immoral. He becomes gossipy. He spread slander and corruption. He becomes loveless and full of hate. He cunningly commits crimes. He no longer loves anyone. These immoral types first become inimical to Allah. Then to the Prophet (saas). Then these vile types invent a religion all their own. They encourage others to follow it. But they do not follow it themselves. Fanaticism is that kind of devilish trickery. It is satan’s filth. It ruins the world. It is one of the two horns of satan. One is Darwinist thinking and communism, and the other is fanaticism. Bigotry is the filth of satan. Satan is ruining and devastating the world with these two weapons of his, these two horns on his head. He is also ruining the Jews. There are Jewish bigots, too. And Christian bigots. He ruins them, as well as Muslim bigots. It was the fanatical spirit set up by satan that brought down the Ottoman Empire. He entered the Ottoman Empire through Darwinism and bigotry. That tore down the whole mighty Ottoman Empire. He drowned the Ottoman Empire in those two pools; fanaticism and Darwinist, materialist thinking. They were crushed between satan’s two horns. What is the Mahdi doing? He is using knowledge to tear out those two horns of satan’s. And as a follower of the Mahdi I am striving to break those horns with ideas, scholarship and science. These people are full of hate. But Muslims are excellent people, and full of love.

May Allah inflict no troubles on Azerbaijan, insha’Allah. Pray to the heads of state. “O Lord, inspire their hearts. Increase their faith. Lift the corruption of the bigots from them,” you must say. “Noble Aliyev, we are with you. We are opposed to communism and Darwinism and bigotry. Let us purify the state together. Let us raise it to the finest level,” you must say. What can he say to that? Simply, “May Allah be pleased.” But if they blatantly try to impose bigotry then the state will automatically start to defend itself with violence, as a reflex action. Everyone will then suffer, may Allah forbid. It is very hard to distinguish between the true and false. Muslims will always defend the state. They will repair the state. The state will not be brought down. You must pray, and help and support it. You must protect the state. There are two ways of doing that, openly or in secret. The state is made up of the nation. It cannot be left to its own devices. The state is inseparable from the nation. You have to love and defend the nation for the state to survive. What can the state do if the nation opposes it? It will collapse, may Allah forbid. The state cannot be abandoned to satan and the dajjal. Or to the fanatics. Iblis and his path, the pagan and paganism and the hypocrite and hypocrisy all spread ruin and devastation. They are scourges. We will always support truth and the righteous. We will carry out repairs and support those who make repairs, insha’Alla.

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