Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 September 2011


A9 TV, September 17, 2011

The reason why sudden developments related to the Unity of Islam has begun is the blessing of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah currently makes the morality of Islam dominate the world for the sake of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

Otherwise it did not appear as if it would dominate. For instance Allah demolished the regimes, the abnormal systems. It advances step by step. They even do not want to express the words, “The system of Hazrat Mahdi (as)." Allah makes everything happen in favor of Muslims. It proceeds step by step. They do not want to express it, but the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is instrumental in all these. After a certain while they will see this clearly. They will accept it very late. For this reason some will feel ashamed of it. It is very awkward not to be able to see it for ten or fifteen  years. Our Prophet (saas) says it; the Qur’an indicates it. Bediuzzaman gives the date, the place and what he will do. They cover it in an incredible way.

Why does the Unity of Islam happen?Why is the Day of Judgment stopped?Allah stops the Day of Judgment. Why? They do not seek to know why.Why does the Islamic World dominate? Allah makes Hazrat Mahdi (as) instrumental for it. Just as how Allah had made our Prophet (saas) instrumental in the domination of the world, now He makes  Hazrat Mahdi (as) instrumental in the domination of Islam in the world. Insha'Allah.

Secularism is a precaution and a blessing against hypocricy. There is secularism in the Qur’an’s spirit. That is to say, you feel respect to a Christian, to a Jew, to an atheist, idolator.You live by your religion in the most beautiful form. You interfere in no-one’s affairs. And no-one can interfere in your religion. That is it.

Whatever Almighty does, He does it for good. Watch it from the windows, do not enter inside.” says Bediuzzaman. “Watch it from the windows, do not enter inside.” This is a concise explanation related to imagination and illusion, the the real essence of matter. “Watch it from the windows.” These words of Bediuzzaman have two different meanings. They are very important.

 “… Abu Abdullah (Imam Jafar Sadiq) said: ‘”O Hisham, how many senses do you have?” He said: “Which one is smaller?” He answered: “The sense of seeing.’” Then what is the diameter of the sense of seeing?” He answered: “The size of a lentil or smaller than that.”

This is amazing, a great miracle. It is accurate that the center of consciousness in the brain is somewhere the size of a lentil, but in the medical sense that was unknown then. People then did not know where consciousness was, how could they know? Allah related it to our Prophet (saas) by way of revelation and this information was conveyed to Jafar Sadiq.

He said: “O Hisham! Look above and what is in front of you and explain to me what you see.” He answered: “I see the heavens, the earth, houses, palaces, lands, mountains and rivers.” He said: “Allah, Who is mighty to put all these beings that you see into a lentil or in something smaller than that, is able to put all the world into an egg, without downsizing the world or amplifying that egg.”

Such a perfect explanation; he concisely spoke of  the issues we have been relating. A perfect explanation. He explained the truth of the matter in a great way.

Hisham immediatly embraced Imam and tried to kiss his hands, head and feet. Then he said: “This is enough for me!”  (Usul Qafi, Al Qulayni, page 104-105)

Its wisdom, the power of understanding is a seperate matter. How nice was that time, masha’Allah. Alhamdullilah.

Surah Al Imran, 102

 “You who have faith! Have piety of Allah with the piety due to Him and do not die except as Muslims.”

Insha'Allah, Allah grants such an honor to all our brothers.

Let’s assume that there is an Atlas of Creation at home and one has Marxist guests at his home. If they explain it for twenty years, Allah knows the truth, they can not convey the information he receives in twenty minutes from that book. Let him look at that book for twenty minutes, he will abandon his former thinking. There is even no need to read it; even looking at the pictures will suffice. It has such an impact masha’Allah. That is how a book saves a whole house, by Allah’s leave. It is, by Allah’s leave, a wall against the system of dajjal, masha’Allah.

Surah Yasin, 81;

Does He Who created the heavens and earth not have the power to create the same again? Yes indeed! He is the Creator, the All-Knowing.

That is to say, it does not happen by way of evolution. Allah creates everything all of a sudden. If he wants, He can create by evolution, but He creates all of a sudden.

Surat an-Nur, 55:

Allah has promised those of you who have faith and do right actions that He will make them successors in the land as He made those before them successors, and will firmly establish for them their religion with which He is pleased and give them, in place of their fear, security. ‘They worship Me, not associating anything with Me.’ Any who are disbelievers after that, such people are deviators.

This is the outline of the system of Mahdi (as).

They worship Me, not associating anything with Me..

They do not commit bigotry and hypocricy, right? They do not make supplementations to the Qur’an.

Any who are disbelievers after that, such people are deviators.”

Allah says, “I will not grant this to the bigots.” He says, “I will grant this blessing to those who fully live by the Qur’an.”

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