The constant renewal and copying of DNA

God has hidden all a human being’s features in his DNA. All the information about a person, the colour of his eyes, his complexion, his bone structure and everything else that could possibly come to mind all exist in his DNA before he is even aware of his own existence. God has created DNA so as to constantly multiply itself and has thus ensured its survival. Cells mutliply independent of the will of their owner, and continuity of information takes place. Millions of details regarding the human body are perfectly copied and pass on to DNA. If a human being were to try to perform this function carried out, by God’s will, by the cell it would be very difficult to avoid mistakes in this extraordinarily complex system. Any mistake would, of course, mean the death of the cell. It is obvious that the existence and copying of DNA is one of the many facts proving the infinite might of God. The immaculate creation of God is described in the following verse:

 It is He Who gives life and causes to die. When He decides on something, He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is. (Surah Ghafir, 68)

2008-10-20 19:03:16

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